Surge in sex

The V-Y-plastic method has recently been distributed as a method of surgical elongation of a sexual member. The method is to create a skin cut in the lobby in the form of the letter "V" followed by a defect in the form of the letter "Y," which makes it possible to see the elongation of a member compared to the moshone level. V-Y plastics were often combined with legamentotomy.

It's obvious that "dealing" after the V-Y plastics is merely a manifestation of the scrotum of a penis, a mosco, honey, i.e., scrotum on the floorboard. A half member is surrounded by mosquito from all sides.

It is clear that such an operation is only cosmetic and does not extend the sexual member, and there is a serious question as to whether it should be applied.

Typical complications of V-Y plastics are:

  • Cut shirts
  • Decreasing sex differential
  • Post-operative injection
  • Dog ears on mosses

Operation to increase sex Member, one of the most popular in the field of intimate males plastic surgery. There are now technologies to help. solve the overwhelming majority of problems in this area by allowing a man Enjoy your life feeling strong and confident. Increase in penis size through surgical intervention is possible in length, elongation of penis and width, respectively He's drowning. It's two different techniques, different technologies. operations.

The most common way to increase sex is now is the surgical curve of his connections. It is. The operation is called legamentotomy. There is an elongation. penis (depending on individual patient characteristics) between 1.5 and Six centimeters.

After the surgical extension of the penis over the course of A special device must be used for several months. Extender.

The sexual penetration is shown to men who are not satisfied with the length of the penis. Speculations for the operation are defined A doctor after a conversation and an in-patient examination.

Extension is legamentotomy. During surgery, the surgeon cuts bundles by which the penis is attached to frontal bones, allows for the release of the body part of the sex A member. Bodies are released to the point of entry of the deep arteries and fixed at the level of circumcised supporting links in the new position. To prevent the bundles from growing again, it's necessary for time For months, wear a special device, a stretcher whose The task is to perform a retractive function. Correct application Stretcher and qualitatively completed operation can be achieved the desired result.

How is the operation to increase man ' s dignity?

Operation lasts 30 to 40 minutes and is performed using Special micro-surgery technology, for visualization nerves and vessels. The patient stays for 24 hours in the hospital.

No stitch removal is required when the stitch is scattered.

It is recommended that sexual contact be refrained within two weeks of intervention.

The result can be assessed at least a few months after the operation.

Which is the result of the increase in the length of the member

Application Stretcher makes the effect of intervention much more pronounced. However, in order to achieve the best result, consideration must be given to the relevant factors.

  • The initial length of the penis is more, the greater the effect.
  • The anatomy of the fallos, whether the stretcher is well placed, depends on its effectiveness.
  • Normal hormonal background - some patients might be hormonal therapy is recommended.

The result of increased male dignity by surgical means All recommendations remain in good faith.

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