Psycho-visual increase of sex

What role does self-defense play to increase membership?

In 1974, it was clearly demonstrated that the size of male and female saddles could be increased by self-defense.

In carrying out this unprecedented study, 19 women volunteers were divided into two groups, research and monitoring. At the beginning of the experiment, their breasts were measured (in exhalation and inhalation) and then such comparative measurements were carried out continuously for a period of six to twelve weeks.

Between 5 and 13 per cent of doctors and psychiatrists are believed to have sex with their patients.

During the first six weeks, the entities were practically trained in clinical conditions once a week. With the help of the tape record, they explained how to think about a warm wet towel on their chest, an electrical lamp that adds heat and stimulates an increase in sadness. After they were able to cause a sense of heat in the chest tissues, they were asked to focus on the heartbeat, which resulted in additional blood flow to cells producing material to increase breast size. They were doing this every day at home. Different exercises were used to enhance visualization, with a view to relaxing, entering a self-sustaining hypnotic trance.

What results have they achieved? At the end of the twelfth week, 28 per cent of women attained the desired size and agreed to continue the experiment to further increase their sadness. In addition, 85 per cent of the experiment ' s participants felt a marked increase in their breast size and 46 per cent changed their bras to a larger size. After 12 weeks of the experiment, the average increase in the thoracic iron was 3.5 cm (the details of the Sexual Research Journal, 10 c. 316-326, and the American Clinical Hypnosis magazine, 19, pp. 195-20). That's how Dr. Richard Willard of the Institute of Behaviour and Psychiatrics commented on this experiment:

" The preliminary report clearly shows that, thanks to hypothesis and visual imagination, it is possible to influence a separate body in human body and to increase its size, as shown in the experiment. "

As a follow-up to this experiment, a hypnotherapist from Florida state, Michael Stevere, has developed a self-destructive method to increase the brass. In 1992, he struck literally everyone when he showed up on a telecom with his patients. They all stated that they had been able to significantly increase their breasts through its programme. On 6 August 1992, Stevere provided a general outline of his programme and showed how his patients had achieved an average increase of 5 to 10 cm. He also argued that this practice was suitable for any other body.

Those men who want to brag their anatomy booth between their legs know that white, gray and yellow brown trousers are the most suitable for this. They don't wear dark flowers.

Methods of mentally visually increasing sexual membership include the use of hypnosis, self-intention and the use of force of imagination to increase the size of male sex.

Don't swing your head in confidence sooner. The power of imagination, the mental health of a person is a powerful factor in the control of diseases, such as depression, various physical disabilities. In our existing book, "Presponse of All Head," the late Norman Cazinz is releasing the history of his patients ' illnesses, which clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of visualization and self-defenses to resolutely alter the currents of a number of recurrent diseases.

Mostly, thanks to Norman Kazinza's efforts, a new field of medicine has emerged - psychoneur-immunology. Her course started reading at a medical school at the University of California in Los Angeles.

This new science is exploring the connection between the mental health of a person and the physical condition of his body.

Psychological visual imaginationThe first results are very encouraging, all of which suggest that future treatment of diseases will be done through both medicine and self-defense.

Until his death in 1991, Mr. Kazinz spent a lot of time on individual consultations of patients who had not even been assisted by the latest medicines. These patients have long lost all hope and prepared for imminent death. The basket was primarily designed to prove to such patients that they could control their disease themselves. Applying the technique of the warm hands, which he described in detail in his book, "Another than head," he showed these patients that they could arbitrarily raise their temperatures by five or more degrees. Thanks to the ingenuity of faith, they have reinforced their own energy reserve by conducting a series of self-incrimination and visualization under Kazinza. In many cases, there has been a noticeable, rapid improvement, which could not be explained.

Dr. Dipak Chopre, one of the author ' s most readable authors, re-established an ancient Indian practice that used a man ' s mental health to break the current and achieve a state of bliss than to seek excellent health from his patients. Many of his concepts are based on transcendent meditation, which allows a sick person to take control of his mental, body and mental state. Through this practice, Hindu Cambers can sleep on a spoon without special difficulty in a stubborn nail, or perform other subtle that a normal person has eyes on his forehead. The same control, psychic, makes it possible to increase parts of the human body.

Our debate on the influence of self-defense on increasing the size of a male member would be incomplete if we had not mentioned Ray Carlton's name. This veteran in the area of increasing penis,

Started to do so at the age of 20 when his penis was only 15 cm long.

After 10 years of use of the vacuum pump, it was able to increase its length to 20 cm, but was still not satisfied. Ray claims that he has been able to recover from physical misery directly, and he has developed his effective programme to increase the size of a member through meditation and thorough study of the subject. The length of his penis now reached 27 cm. He had, however, set the nearest goal of extending the member to 38 cm and utilising to 20 cm. Its programme includes meditation, imagination and several other surprises.

The possibility of increasing the size of a male sexual member by means of a controlled visualization, imagination, hypnosis and self-defense actually cares about any man. But research in this area is quite new, and it is therefore early to draw some serious conclusions.

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