Increase in the head of a member

The head of the penis is represented by a spongeotic tissue, which is the continuation of the body of the urethra and is capable of as much as the urinating channel, and is slightly increased in the amount of erection. However, because of anatomical characteristics, the final volume of the penis is limited. The head cannot therefore be increased in principle. But there are still ways of "emergizing" heads.

One such method is a methodology that visually increases the head of a sexual member by placing it between her and the carpet bodies of a special cushion matrix. As a result, the head of the penis is stretched on the matrix and increased in diameter, both in calm and in a erogized condition.

The main disadvantage of the method is the operation itself, which inevitably intersects the blood-containing receptacles of a sexual member, which is a serious risk factor for necrosis and subsequently a head loss. However, this methodology is widely disseminated in European clinics, despite the high incidence of complications and the actual lack of any remedy.

Less dangerous is the injection method to the head of a sexual member of a gel based on hyalulonic acid. The head is indeed increasing but only to a certain limit (regulated).

Увеличение головки члена
Increase in the head of a member

This methodology is applicable only when there is a need to increase the head of a sex member in calm. Injections are generally carried out by patients after the exhaustion of a sexual member, where in a calm state, the head appears to be insignificant compared to the body of the penis. However, due to the phasing out of the gel, the procedure must be repeated every 1 to 1.5 years.

The Medical Doctor from Anageim Gary Rainschald has developed a technically specific method that allows fat lanes to be placed under the skin of the penis, which significantly increases its volume. The mushroom form will be a little out of the background.

Field members are of different sizes and shapes and heads. Some men are proud of their wide, well-developed head of penis, and others have small and drowning. This may cause certain problems for men who have remodeled sexual assault, their head seems particularly disproportionate compared to the grand gun.

Dr. Reynschaild notice that an increase in the penis head cannot be made by every man. Some of them can be surgically separated from the top layer of skin and put in a fat strip. However, anatomical formation of a sexual member in others does not permit this. Unfortunately, it is not possible to identify a good candidate for such an operation before it begins. If you have an impressive head of penis as a helmet, you won't need any surgery.

The future of such surgery is highly doubtful. The head consists of tissues that are almost untreated and the end result remains questionable. The improvement of technical techniques may lead to a more reliable procedure in the future, but at present it can only be described as experimental.


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