Surge of member

There is a steady increase in interest in transactions that increase penis.

This is not the case with the increase in congenital microfalls, but rather with the increase in the disintegration of modern men, which is greatly facilitated by the extensive media coverage of sex and family harmony. In general, men with a normal sex penis are approaching the issue of increasing penis.

  • The problem of the size of a sexual member takes its place from ancient fallic cults. Thus, in the crafts and sculpture images of ancient Hindus, males with very long penis dominated. In the island of Corsica, fallic monuments of the bronze century were found in 15-25 cm long. An infinitely large sex penis is the main theme of many Japanese Night Books used for centuries as a visually exciting tool. In Europe, the Renessance erased men's gulphics.
Увеличение пениса хирургическим путем
Increase in penis by surgical means

Based on our experience, which coincides with the literature, the reason for surgical intervention is unsatisfactory with the quality of sexual life. Such men can be removed from the compound only by micro-surgery of a sexual member.

In the West, this new highly effective operation is worth about $20,000. Almost as much as a heart surgery.

Fortunately, it's six times cheaper in Russia. It's not by chance that our country's clinics are often visited by calculated Germans and Americans. Micro-surge in penis is a serious three-hour operation under a common drug.

The main motivation of patients to increase penis is the desire to match the symbol of courage and sexuality. This symbol has historically evolved and has recently been cultivated by the media. Equally important is that a large sex member is an additional factor in visual erogation. Analogy can be made with the size of the dairy irons, for which the implantation of endoprotes is widespread.

On the basis of the above, it is clear that there is no clear medical evidence for increased penis operations. The only reason for people without mental disorder is their sustained desire to change the size of the genitalia.

A sexual penis gel.

One of the first reports of gel injections under the skin of a sexual member with a view to increasing fallopastics was published in 1947 in Quenu and Perol. In 1950, Smetana and Bernhard described 14 cases of education by the granite in the introduction of various substances, of which 9 were the introduction of oily solutions under the skin of a sexual member. The main disadvantages of this procedure are the creation of dense, nomad granites, rubber deformation and the low mobility of the leather beds of a member, lymph noxes, erection pain, reduction of the size of the penis and disruption of the erectile function.

  • At present, 3 surgical corrections are proposed as alternatives for patients wishing to change the diameter of a sex member:
  • implantation of skin-fried transplants
  • Transposition of the section of the direct stomach muscle on the axial bleed
  • transplant of vascularized portion of the front dental muscle phase

Installation of leather transplants into a sexual member.

When using non-vascularized deepidermized glazing transplants as plastic material, the most frequent complications can be considered as subsequent lysis (disclosure) to 70 per cent, deformation of leather beds of penis with the establishment of limited seals, as well as flooding of post-operative wounds. The cosmetics of the donor area can be considered satisfactory, as the shirts are located at the yard.

Transposition of the section of the direct muscle of the stomach on the axial bleed.

The transposition of the vascular portion of the beast ' s direct muscle provides a greater degree of reliability of the transplant, as the blood supply of the muscle remains entirely. The lack of micro-anastomosis between donor and receptive receptacles reduces the possibility of early post-operative complications on the penetration of a transplant clot.

The donor defect of the front abdominal wall in all observations was negligible, but patients were forced to give up their physical burden for six months.

Transplant of vascularized portion of the front toothbrush phase.

At present, the use of an auto transplantation of the vascularized portion of the front tooth muscle to increase the diameter of the body of the sexual member of our practice has been increasing. The obvious benefits of this methodology are that there is no transplant leasing in the remote period, fragmentation with the establishment of limited sealing sites. Transplant is very plastic, allowing it to be modeled almost without restrictions.

How's the penis expansion operation going?

At the beginning of the operation, the cutting of the extreme flesh of a penis is performed. The skin of the penis is then moved to the lobby.

In the submarine area, 10 to 15 centimetre muscles with blood vessels feeding them shall be distinguished, taking into account the length of the penis and its desired thickness. This slob is dried on the body of the penis, and its receptacles are stitched with the coils using micro-surgery equipment.

Finally, the suspended skin is returned to its place and the penis is again natural.

But the changes are visible in the eye: the circumference of the penis increases between 5 and 6 centimeters and the length is 2 centimeters.

After the operation, five days of the bed regime and ten days of stay are required. Sex life can be renewed in two months. Patients note a significant improvement in the erection, which appears to be linked not only to the increased confidence of men in their forces, but also to the improvement of the blood flow of a sexual member. And the memory of the operation remains a small scar underneath the mouse and in the top of the lobe, whose origin can't even be guessed by the most obscure woman.

When examined in remote post-surgery intervention, the time frame in all cases of use of vascular transplants has a good cosmetic effect in both the donor and the recipient zone, the transplant lisis is not exposed.


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No, it's probably good, but it's scary. What about a surgeon? What if something happens? And then what? I thought I'd be interested in operating statistics, at least as good as not. Or how happy... patients.

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