Set of exercises to increase the size of a sex member

I guess everyone who's been doing or doing sports for once thought about whether you could start a cock. 'Cause a member of a date is a part of a body like a biceps, three chains, etc. Actually, the penis isn't a muscle, so it won't work. And even if he was a muscle, imagine some exercise that could be performed. Unless you're up.

And it's all possible to increase the penis size and it's been proved 125 times. There's all kinds of drugs and devices, but they're not talking about right now. He's going on a natural way to increase, i.e. special exercises that have an effect on the growth of your penis.

What is needed to achieve an increase?

Of course, the body itself should be in good working order. But most importantly, it must be understood that time and regular exercises are needed to achieve the result.

Do you need an increase in the penis?

Think well before you start training. There's no reduction exercise. I also recommend that you consult your doctor.

Introducing an increase in membership

The technology here is perfect for those who have a catastrophic time to devote at least an hour of regular training every day. These exercises will take no more than five minutes, but they can increase your penis by 3 cm in a few months. These exercises are comfortable with what you can do a few times a day. Don't be shy to repeat them two or three times a day. The purpose of this technique is to create tension in cavery tissue by planting the leather of the penis in the inflated state. It not only makes penis skin more elastic, but increases the volume of penis cells called corpora cavernosa. Increased blood flow automatically increases the total mass of your penis.

Use your penis. Staying on the edge of the couch or the bed, start swallowing it around the big and pointing fingers. When you move your hand from the base of the penis to your head, hold a firm seizure, trying to stretch the skin as much as possible.

Every time you go back to the founding of the penis, a little bit of a seizure to hold as much blood as possible in the penis. Then repeat the movement from the base to the head.

Slightly increase the speed of movements without weakening the seizure. You need to feel aroused. Get a full erection. With a 100 per cent erection, take back the big and point fingers of the penis at the base and try to keep the blood in the cave tissue of the penis.

By holding a seizure at the founding of a member, the other hand will take him at the base of the head. Try to stretch your dick as far as possible without discomfort. Pull him right and hold him for ten seconds. Then straight, 10 seconds delay. Now to the left, 10 seconds delay. And finally, tilt the penis down and hold it back 10 seconds. Repeat all four phases of exercise four times with ten seconds delay. You'll need five minutes for all your exercise.

After the exercise's over, weaken the seizure at the base of the penis. You need to feel the blood coming off. There may be an ejaculation in this moment. Remember that a strong lubricant and a strong seizure are the basic precautions. In no case should your seizure prevent the bleeding. This technique should not give you any pain or discomfort. If you feel pain in the exercise, you should interrupt your class, reread carefully the instruction.

The next councils will help you correctly complete your training. The heat and massage will improve the results. Your testicles are trying to maintain a temperature of 34 degrees to ensure the viability of seeds. The heat will help you re-establish any nerve and sensitivity problems that may have arisen as a result of your expansion. After the training, give me your penis carefully for a few minutes. If you wish, you can use herbal wet cream.

After the massage, you can put a warm compress again or put your penis in a warm water bath for a few minutes. These heating procedures will improve the hemorrhaging and help your penis recover after exercise. Take the penis to the towel after the procedure.

P.S. Please note that your health is the only one responsible for using this methodology. Nobody makes you use this technique. Good luck!

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