Increase in the penis with "Donia"

In the August 1989 edition of the Playboy magazine, Donna Powell ' s "How to Do More" article was published in which she made recommendations on how to increase the size of the male sexual organ. It's a very simple method, based on the principle of "doing," which is most effective for "closure of tissue fibers and penile curtains." As strange as it may be, this woman claims that " a man, through this method, can get an elongation from one centimeter to 2.5 in four to six weeks of exercises. " Some of these exercises have almost doubled their penis in a calm, normal and erectional state for a year.

In order to achieve optimal results, the member shall be neither soft nor rigid, in a condition of erection. "No soft gun, no man who has been unable to respond to any method of further development of the sexual organ, writes Mrs. Powell - only under the condition of a member that men call a "semi-contained" method can cause a hypertrophy of tissues, and in consequence of this extension of the penis. "Management" of a member is a very simple exercise that contributes to an increase in tissue fibres and penile equilines," adds it.

Here are her recommendations for the "doing" procedure:

"The man has to go to this exercise naked or at least naked below the Taliban. It's desirable that he be standing in front of the mirror. At the beginning, it is necessary to lubricate a member in calm, vasile or some cream so that he can fit properly into the next energetic "union."

The big and point finger starts to massage the head of a penis from the top down, but they don't do it too much. It's very soon that the softest member starts to wake up, but the "distance" has to last only two hands and some rhythm. If a member is not awake enough, we need to do fifty strong, hard-to-doing and repeat this procedure within five days, after which a two-day break is made. Then we need to continue the procedure by increasing the frequency of "doing" to 100 a day. You'll notice that after your first session, your dick has been extended. Yes, of course, I can hardly see! But this edeva in a month of exercise will lead to a significant extension of your dick."

  • In Europe, there was a widespread practice in the fourteenth century when young women in the marriage bed were accompanied by a priest and family members who blessed them before they were cohabited.
    The following morning, blood sheets were ejected into public view, indicating the successful conclusion of their sexual acts.

Mrs. Powell encourages men to shake the penis up and down from 25 to 50 times after finishing the docks to make it flexible and to reduce the tension of the connecting tissues. After a wishful man has achieved the size he needs (from a few months to a year), the "doing" can be done less often, maybe once a week. She adds that the age of a man and the original length of his member are not important in this case. The most important thing is to perform these exercises only with the partial erection of a member. The perfect time for this is before the shower. If you use vaseline for lubrication, you can continue this procedure and beneath the shower, warm water contributes to increased bleed in the penis. This method has been further developed in Elan Hall Walton's book: "Reinforcing: from legend to recipe."

Exclusion. This method certainly has its merits. "The daughter of a member is one of the secrets of the Sudanese Arabs and the basis of the Chartham method. The only objection I have is Mrs Powell's prediction of a quick success. A few dozen of my readers have done a daily "doing" procedure, but they only told me about tangible results six months later or even more. In addition, it is highly doubtful that the application of such a method may result in an elongation of a member more than one centimeter, and a report of a doubling of the size of the member over a year is already in the area of fiction.

A member of 15 cm long will never extend to 25 cm per year.

I wonder if the magazine didn't put any pictures of the size of the member before and after the experiment.

And why is that method written by a woman? Does she have such infinite experience?

No, you can't have an extension of a member by 1 cm in four weeks. This is achieved by permanent exercises conducted five times a week for six months. Only then will the results be visible.

The main problem is that, after these exercises for 6 to 8 weeks, men usually lose faith in them and cease them. It cannot be forgotten that the process of elongation of a male member requires many time and patience. If you really want to extend your penis, you need to be prepared to give this method at least five times a week every day for 15 to 20 minutes.

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