Polynesian method of retracting a sexual member

One of the most prominent technicians in the study of ancient cultures, the anthropologist of Margaret Meade, the author of the " Satisfaction in Samoa " , claims that Polynesian men are releasing their membership by specially adjusting from plumbing, which is very similar to the " Chinese finger trap " . The member shall be pushed at one end of the tube and the goods shall be suspended from the other end.

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Finding: It must be said that Med is not given the details of this method, but the method of suspension of the cargo to a member to extend it is one of the oldest, known, man ' s ways, and it is found in dozens of different original crops around the world. From a psychological point of view, the effect of feeling the heavy cargo at the end of the penis helps to relax the links, which may eventually lead to an increase of about 2.5 cm " crunch " or foam.

Polynesians may have resorted to such a method not permanently but only occasionally, as they do not have a large elongation of members, as evidenced by their more than modest erection length, an average of 12.5 cm.

Penis elongation device

The new device presented in this book is one of the old methods of elongation of a male member. Based on the experience of the Sadhu Indians, the Cholomek Peruvian tribe and the Cook Islanders, this method puts the cargo at the end of the penis. (Prient Rolan Clark has developed a very effective device which, without special trouble, is attached to a member and thus gradually extends it).

Mr. Clarke is well known because of his developed and used underground remediation equipment, circumcised extreme flesh. His apparatus (recovery of the extreme flesh) became the most purchased product to restore the extreme flesh without surgery. Many of his clients reported that, after carrying his machine, not only had the extreme flesh recovered, but in six or a little more than a month, their members had extended by 1 cm. This for the inventor was a sudden side effect. Then Roland developed a completely new device specifically designed to elongate the man's penis.

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Its design consists of two goods at the ends of 110 g each and two in the middle of 340 g. Parts are smashed and can be worn together or separately. It depends on the size of the client's penis. More developed members are naturally capable of withstanding greater weight.

This device differs from other " candidates " . The loop goes through a soft surgical tubing and then rests on the cargo.

The loop on the head of the penis and a little tightened around the eternal edge. If the load is long, it may cause damage to a sensitive nervous node on a member, so the manufacturer recommends that its device be used daily, for only two hours, the session should last 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute rest. When wearing this device, the patient should not be seated because the main purpose is to extend his hinged connections.

The goods may be carried differently between 110 g and 900 g. Apparat may be wearing clothes, but most men prefer to walk naked in their room behind closed doors. It goes without saying that it's not easy to hide in the pants unloading and scattering cargoes attached to a member, so it's better not to appear in public spaces.

This device is very popular as an extra tool when a member is elongated by surgery. Many urologists recommend that their patients wear this machine after surgery to record a new length of the member. Rolan Clark tells me that after months of wearing this device, his girlfriend prayed and demanded that the machine be removed, his cock became threateningly big.

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