Increase in membership by mechanical devices.

The first group of penis expansion techniques is made up of different types of manipulation, such as retraction or retraction of penis, in pursuit of its length. The use of belts, lambs, rings, vacuum devices is something that can cause serious damage to penis tissues. It is precisely how the supporters of these methods are assured, and the result is achieved by trauma and subsequent rubber.

It is hard to know that any changes that occur at best are unpredictable and, at worst, lead to an ugly injury. It should also be remembered that with age, damaged penis tissues lose shape and stop looking natural.

Extender (Extender) means to elongate a sexual member

Jes Extender, Pro Extender, Vimax Extender, New Extender, Max Extender, PenisPlus+. ♪

Extender - as you don't call him, it's a device to smash a sexual penis.

How does he work? How effective are such devices to increase the length of the penis? How common and what are their experiences?

Can these devices increase the penis?

They are based on the constant tension between the sexy member and the length of which new cells are created and the relationships of the sexual member are extended, thus the penis becomes longer.

Extender's principle is the same as when it's common for spaghat. The only difference is sitting on the spaghetti, and then not doing it anymore, the bandages are getting back on, and then we have to practice again.

The result is supported by erections, also spontaneous, during sleep. I mean, it's the erection that supports the result, because during the erection, the penis is filled with blood, which creates a pressure sufficient to tighten the connections and prevent them from getting back together.

Plus, I'll add that, over time, the penis falls slightly by an average of 0.5 cm. In practice, older persons with rare sexual intercourse. But in parallel with such changes in length, there are changes in the thickness of the penis. It's a phenomenon called an air balloon effect - the total tissue of a penis is not missing, so the thickness increases when the length decreases.

What's the difference between these Extender names?

The principle of action is the same, only the way the bonds are voltaged.


Estender orthopaedic belt - Phallosan, PenisPlus+ The simplest, and perhaps the most inefficient, is "Phallosan" and "PenisPlus+."

Phallosan ' s action is based on a condom of rubber sludge, which is dressed on a sexual member, is attached to the founding of a sexual member, and for the free end, the belts that are attached to the penis.

  • Less:
  • It is not possible to control the degree of tension of the connections;
  • The penis is long in rubber chechle, causing it to sweat and other unpleasant consequences.


This device looks like Do-ll, which is a set of belts attached to a sexual member and leg, connecting them and causing tension.

Max Extender

Extender - Max Extender is a little bit more complicated, maybe a little easier to use because he doesn't have to be tied to his leg... It's made of two plastic cylinders, one in the other. There's a loop in the internal cylindrire, with the help of fixing the head of a sexual member. In the case of an internal cylinder, the connections of a sexual member shall be drawn from the outside. When the desired tension is achieved, the special fixer of the cylinder shall be placed in the right position.

  • Less:
  • The machine is not suitable for a daily wearing - you need to walk naked, and if you wear your trousers, they're very hard to kick...
  • Uncomfortable at night;
  • Recording the head of a sexual member is a loop that's too much of a headache, hurts and discomfort.

I have to admit, it's a pretty modern device, and it's cheaper than most of the new ones. New devices.

The next group of Extenders is now more modern - they are novel and more practical in consumption. Jes Extender, Andro P, Pro Extender, Vimax Extender, Penis Master belongs to this group.

Estender - Do-ll Full

Such and similar devices (PenisPlus+) have become obsolete, although some of their modifications can still be purchased on the Internet.

Jes Estender, Pro Extender, Vimax Extender, Andro P The design of these machines is almost identical, consisting of a plastic base, two bars and a plastic base to secure the head of a penis. Details will be described in section Andro P. There are only the most significant differences.

Jes Extender, Pro Extender and Vimax Extender are actually the same, only labels are different - different distributors gave them different names. That's why it's only about Jes Extender.

Penis Master

Penis Master is basically almost the same as Jes Extender, but different from the rest of the devices just because the original sells a little other sexual penis. It's a broad rubber tape that can be purchased separately.

It's quite negative, because it's easy to wear, and then it's a problem. The rubber ribbon is quite rigid and unethical. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend choosing Penis Master or buying a kind of anchorage as an addition to Jes Extender. About $50.00.

Jes Extender from Andro P

Even at the first point, it seems that the design and use of both machines are similar, in practice it was Andro P that is much more practical in use. The main difference is the regulation and control of the tension of a sex member.

With the help of Andro P, the increase in tension is achieved by the extension of the rods - after a certain period they are submerged by approximately 0.5 cm.

With regard to surgical methods, the cost of a penis extension operation in the United States is between $7 and $12,000.

During this operation, the penis tissue is cut. It is not enough that such an operation only increases the membership by 2 to 5 cm, but also poses a serious threat to the normal functioning of a sexual member. Research shows that 69 per cent of the men who were subjected to such an operation were disappointed by the result, and at least 75 per cent were dissatisfied with the external penis after the operation. Mention should also be made of spin-off effects of surgery, ranging from complete loss of shape and deterioration of the quality of the sexual function to psychological trauma from such interference.

Biofills remain the best solution to increase the membership.

To date, biodoctors remain the best solution to the increase in sexual membership, as they are a safe association of vegetation ingredients who have been well-recognized for the ability to regenerate and increase men ' s sexuality - the firmness of erection, the increase of penis, and the expansion of the scope.


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Extender has a negative impact on the erection! And don't look for adventures on your dick!

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