Method of enlargement of SE-101

This method of increasing the penis, also known as the longer term: 16 weeks of natural development of the penis according to Dr. Taylor ' s plan, includes the imagination of the patient, massage and squeezing of certain points (shiatsu ' s method). The promotional brochure reports that the method of increasing SE-101 was developed by one young scholar, a PhD candidate, who wanted to know why the genetic code had a special time-in-time approach to hormon production. He wished to know why the production of hormones could not be stimulated after the period of puberty, which could lead to the further development of genital organs.

  • Tuzes living on the Trobria Islands (New Papua) are considered to be the most sexually dissolved people on the ground. Children are allowed to perform sexual acts at an early age, and all sexual experimentation is equally acceptable. Both children and adults can freely express all their sexual needs.

A scientist's enthusiasm led him to different medical libraries, where he deepened his research into various studies, trying to reveal the secrets of endocrineology. He then became familiar with the research of the eastern peoples, trying to infiltrate the sex secrets of India, Tibet and China.

As a result, he concluded that, by combining modern knowledge with the knowledge of ancient methods of acuppressury (pression of certain points) and reflexing, the genetic code could be changed and, through these techniques, for example, the continued growth of a male member. In fact, he claims that growth can take place before infinity, which is perfectly safe.

After finishing up his method of enlargement, Dr. Taylor recruited a group of men from Hong Kong to test his system. After completing the experiment, he said that he had succeeded in 95 per cent of the cases, increasing the sexual membership of volunteers.

One of his words is surprising.

Метод увеличения члена SE-101He says, "before the program starts, we need to warn the patient... and set the growth limits." In that connection, he pointed out that a man from Hong Kong was so interested in that idea that he had developed his membership to the size of the member at the Osla.

The length of his penis is 75 cm, and the thickness is 6 cm, and his head was the size of a man's fist. The man allegedly started an experiment when the length of his member was less than 12.5 cm and 2.5 cm in diameter.

According to rumors, he's living at Hong Kong and Bangkok nightclubs where he dances to rich tourists who pay him a lot of money to watch his dance naked. In order to increase the impression, barely dressed women claw and compose their member.

Comment. I've lived in Bangkok for years and I haven't heard anything about this type. If that man actually existed, wouldn't there be rumors about him all over the world?

Wouldn't he be a living legend now? Because the names of such giant members as John Holmes and Silver Long Don are known to all. But for the first time, I heard about this Asian, whose penis is twice as long as the legendary Long Don. Also, a member of a length of 75 cm should be worn over the ground, so I have a certain degree of doubt in this report.

We need a picture to make sure.

  • Pathagonia's indulgents are wearing the base of a member of the ring from the rough wool. Such a device is a clitoris stimulant and leads to intense orgasm among women.

The rate of increase in the size of a male member of this doctor is $25 in a non-smart booklet, which is announcing printing errors, which makes it more questionable about his reliability. Dr. Taylor claims that the further development of a male member can be stimulated by a natural human growth mechanism, pushing certain points on the body.

The method of enlargement of SE-101 is still a reliable, stored secret among monks who are attracted to the tantra media, a form of worship through sexual contact known among Buddhists and Daosists of India, Tibet and China.

  • This course includes the following steps:
  • imagination, self-hypnotism and imagination. Special chemicals and hormones are identified in human brains in self-hypnosis, encouraging an increase in membership. Every night in front of a dream, a man must imagine his body with a large penis. The clearer his image, the stronger the nervous reaction that turns imagination into reality. This should be done every night for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The pressure of biologically active points with their hands, as well as the attachment of an electromagnetic antenna by a stick of tape from a normal copper wire. The scheme attached to the programme identifies the points where antennas should be located to stimulate the development of a member. Some points cause it to be elongated, others to drown, third to increase head size and fourth to testicles. They need to wear them all day before sleep. They're filming them in the bed, and the next morning they're stuck.
  • Diet and physical exercise.
  • A massage to test the nervous system.

The C6 meridians (special points on the body for the acuppressur) are rapidly dispersed by round motions, each point, within minutes, immediately after sleep. The procedure is repeated tonight. These points encourage lymphate and vascular systems that deliver nutrients to and from these bodies, spent products. The extra massage with heavy smashing includes a penis from base to head to facilitate blood flow into the barrel and above.

Conclusion: This method is certainly intriguing, and some of the paragraphs of the doctor ' s programme (view, ) can actually increase penis size. However, the question remained whether such incentives could increase the size of a male member.

The author is most interested in the strictly protected sexual secrets of Hindus, Chinese and Tibetans. However, as strange as it may be, these peoples tend to have very modest members. If such methods were to work, there would be no doubt in Asia that the hordes of people with long members would now live. At the beginning of this chapter, we referred to the Tibetan monk method, which had succeeded in achieving the incredible size of a member, maybe one of the Asians used it.

I express my doubts here because I have not seen any evidence of the powerfully developed genital organs of the Asians, let alone those who have achieved an increase in membership through the recommended course. I don't mean it's not gonna work. The material is a hard copy of the booklet, full of incorrect words and grammar errors.

Griffin G. "How to increase the size of a male sexual member" was used.

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