Blackco's ring for elongation

Although the Blackco ring is not, in fact, an instrument to increase the size of a sexual member, it is an instrument that helps a man who bears it to achieve a greater sense and a longer and harsher erection.

This ring was invented more than fifty years ago by Dr. Blako, and he had many very satisfied with his influence throughout Europe. The ring is made of a volcano rubber and is intended to cover the cock and eggs tightly. It's a rectangular with rounded corners of a hinges that opens it to a combined castle. The upper part is moving, allowing a man to wear it easily without feeling any inconvenience. Copper plates are inserted inside the upper and lower parts.

Кольцо Блэко
Blackco ring

They act like thermocouples, which produce a body with a heat, weak, yet sensitive, electric current, and are said to stimulate blood flow by sending it to the sexual organs, and even result in more testing.

Publications such as the British Psychiatry magazine and the Medical Digest publish positive feedback on this adaptation from many professionals. That's what one doctor says about "Blacko Ring": "One patient after the Blackco ring had been used for three weeks, "that his penis became 40 to 50 per cent taller at the erection. The frequency of his sexual acts increased from 2-4 per month to 8, and he observed a significant drowning of his member. Even in a state of peace, it's become bigger and meatier."

In "Forum" magazine, he's supported by Dr. Robert Chartham: "All, including myself, have noticed that if you wear this ring, the penis keeps its dimensions permanently even in normal, calm state."

We have doubts about the fact that the weak electrical charges caused by the ring can actually contribute to a further release of the testosterone. It is likely that there are positive psychological and physical effects. The ring, however, does not affect the size of penis or eggs, but it only contributes to a stronger erection.

The conclusion is that, although Blackco's ring does not contribute to a constant increase in the size of a male sexual member, it still allows for a strong erection and even increases the number of testosterone in blood.The wearing of such a ring is a very erotic exercise that gives great pleasure. Although this effective tool is not helping everyone, it is still a new tool in a male sex armory.

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