Removal of a sexual member

Dr. Ricardo Samtier ' s medical sciences finally legitimized the method of increasing the size of a male sexual member in 1991. This well-known plastic surgeon specialist, who used to drown lips with fat injections and advertised its achievements everywhere, started to think about the ceiling of the penis barrel using the same method.

Возможность утолщение полового члена
Possibility of a sexual member

Experimenting on corpses, he developed a rather promising method of drowning a member, but he needed live subjects for new experiments. By declaring a Spanish-language radio station in Miami, he asked the students to find volunteers for him who would want to test it for the time being only a theoretical method. He returned to himself, relying on one or two sentences. His great sorrow, in four hours, he was contacted by some 100 men, who tirelessly tried to drown their members in any way.

By selecting 12 candidates from that long list, he invited them one by one and conducted the operation. The results were very encouraging, and almost all of the volunteers were simply out of their new drowned members. One of them told him that, for the first time in his marriage, his wife had literally squeezed during a sexual act and had been in a state of ecstasy.

Such a lepotransfer (carrying fat from one place on human body to another) is quite simple. Using the normal extraction of fat on the trouser (this may be the frontal lobe, the middle portion of the hip or egg) is taken near the tea cup of fat.

It is thoroughly washed and specially processed and then re-entered into the human body, only this time in the penis. The results are observed almost immediately and are very impressive. The increase is up to 2.5 cm and this is far from the limit.

There are, however, shortcomings. First, the operation is quite expensive $2,000 to 4,000 and, inevitably, over time, part of the fat (30 to 70 per cent and even more) is dispersed in the system. Specific methods for fat preparation and processing are determined by the determination of the suitability of fat cells and the approximate calculation of how long they will eventually be absorbed. In addition, fatty whistles or fat-wheel knots may appear (all are usually painless and easily removed). However, almost all health-care facilities call this experimental method. Some of the surgeons who had previously conducted a lepotransfer (plastic expansion fallo) had ceased such operations and others had, on the contrary, included them in the list of their services. Over the years, my enthusiasm in this lepotransfer technology has been erased. I've seen too many complications, and now with a calm heart, I may not recommend this method to my readers. Some surgeons claim that they have been able to develop a special technique that does not allow for the removal of fat cells or the emergence of fat knots after the operation, but I have not seen any difference in the results obtained from many doctors.

However, in the area of the member ' s drowning, the light finally appeared at the end of the tunnel. Recently, several technical methods have been developed that have a number of advantages over the lipotransfer, these are skin fat transplants, live tissue transplants, and the installation of an unstable prosthesis.

A famous adult magazine called Down Under Someone recently conducted a survey to identify the longest male member in Australia. The winner was allegedly 29 cm long.

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