Method - V.

A few years ago, a resident of New Jersey Eugene Whisquione had an untreatable avironia disease (anonymous penis curvature). Such a syndrome may occur at any time and is usually associated with a member ' s injury, especially when a sexual act occurs.

Imagine how you, with a special smash, put a member in a partner. You're moving back, and she's slipping away. You're putting the penis into the vagina again, but suddenly you're swinging and you're stunning into her pelvic bone. In that case, a penis could actually be "small" and the scar that caused him would cause his bend to the right, left or bottom. If such a bending is highly steep, it may give rise to severe pain in erection and sexuality in such a case is almost impossible.

All the means of pearoning are either experimental or anecdotic. There is often a need to address this problem quickly, without delay. Many men then seek help from surgeons. They cut the dot on the opposite side of the penis and fill it with the scars left behind.

So the cock is straightened. This operation, of course, reduces the length of the penis, and no one can guarantee you that in the future it will not spark again. Such an irritating owner, the bending led to the Goma that Mr. Wiscone ' s length was reduced by a few centimeters.

There wasn't a speech about surgery because it would further reduce the size of his penis. To overcome this unexpected obstacle, he started experimenting with a member's manipulation, trying to stretch the tissue around the stitch and thus increase the length of the barrel. As a result, he conducted a series of massage sessions, not using anything for lubrication, except mineral water and vitamin E

Mr. Wisquione claims that he has not only managed to elevate his penis but also increased the size of the penis, both long and thick. Although it all sounds unbelievable, he presents evidence of his photos, which are well visible to a highly intoxicated member (before the experiment) and a stubborn and long-standing sexual organ (after the experiment). Several letters I received from various doctors also confirm his condition before and after the disease.

Conclusion: Many of the exercises recommended in "V" are very similar to "doing" exercises. They are in fact developing a juridical system of sexual penis, and although I am not very sure of the true increase in penis with this method, I agree that such exercises can lead to the expansion of tissues and, as a result, to the maximum size of the penis in a calm, unintended state.

There is no confidence in the increase of a sex member

In addition, this method can be recommended to men with such a disease as the first and only treatment for the removal of masculinity.

Griffin G was used.

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