Sex penis method.

The Doctor of Medical Sciences, Walter Schlesinger, is one of the growing numbers of scientists who challenge the divergent perception that a man's dick cannot be elongated. In his book, " Retracting penis is a miracle for a man " , he says:

" It is possible to increase the size of your member through physical exercises.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Steven T. Chan agrees that a member ' s planting contributes to its elongation. In his book, “Daosism of Sexology”, he writes: in the sperm of the male sperm of Spermatozoids, only 5 per cent of the total.

Such exercises consist mainly of the fact that, by carefully taking the fingers of a sexual member ' s head, it is elastic to stretch it between five and six times and repeat the operation several times a day.

Such exercises can be performed when you feel the need to urinate. This will be a reminder, and you won't have to expect a special occasion. Instead of stretching the penis a few times, you'll be able to take the penis all the time while he won't turn up. This is best done with three fingers that you need, holding your head, methodically stretching the barrel.

A few months after such ongoing exercises, it is hoped that the membership will be extended by approximately 1 cm. "

" Dimensions and forms of penis, although determined at the birth of a person, may be altered. A man ' s body may cease to grow further at 30 years of age, but the growth of a member does not stop. From scientific research, we know that the penis of a man grows and develops until he dies. The older the man, the more his dick becomes. Its growth in length and width can be stimulated by shaking it and by compressing it after urination. "

Yeah, it's true, and a man's dick like a nose and a ear continues to grow throughout a man's life, thanks mainly to the impact of the Earth's gravity on him. However, this natural growth is very small and can only be measured in millimetres. This means that a member of 15.2 cm length may grow slightly and reach 15.9 cm. But with constant manipulation of the length of the penis as well as other methods discussed below. Natural growth can be further stimulated. And, on the contrary, a member may even be slightly atrophyed when neglected by such methods.

Exclusion. Continuously repetitive, well-conscious lengths of the member reduces the hinged connections over time. The method of retracting a member has very much in common with the Daoist method and the Jelok method (we will talk about them later).

All of them include routine physical exercises that increase blood flow to the cells of a sexual member in erection (corpora cavernosa). Their principle suggests that, with constant stimulant blood flow, human singing can be extended and its size increased.

The exercises recommended by Dr. Schlesinger should be carried out only after urination and an extension of the member by 1 cm over time.

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