Method of increasing Tibetan monk

I have learned from the reader who served in the navy in Viet Nam for the time being. He was captured by Vietkong and held captive for years. He was able to see the huge members of the Tibetan monk who visited him. He wrote to me how he learned all about this mysterious ritual: "When I was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, our prison was visited by a number of Tibetan monks, and I swear they have such large members that I have never seen before. None of the things I saw could compare to them.

They explained to me that they were beginning to elongate the penis at eleven years of age and one of them, who had made a good statement in English, told me how they wanted it. This, a process based on the principle of the extraction and retraction of a member, is ongoing. They force a member to act.

Those who are younger, fuck all older, and they all have a fairly common membership, about four to five times a day. Most Vietnamese have very small penises, and they admired our way. They were all not cut, and they liked the Americans the longest members with a big, uncooled, head. Of course, we hated Vietkong so much that we had no thought of having sex with them.

You won't hear a lot about this from the Vietnamese war veterans, because they don't want anyone to think they had sex with a man there, even if they were violent."

The conclusion is that we have no details, but the Tibetan monks seem to have resorted to some variation of the above-mentioned method of "doing." Homosexual sexual acts are purely random and are likely to help keep a member in a state of almost constant intake. There's nothing shocking about this story, but in our view, the top of degradation and humiliation is to make people have sex with an adversary, especially heterosexuals. Obviously, that's why we don't know much about it. Our veterans are probably trying to forget this nightmare.

This story came to me from a very reliable source, from a gentleman from the south who was happy in marriage and had seven sons. It took him over two decades to forget the terrible memories of the war in Viet Nam, and only recently, he felt strong enough to discuss his little experience.

We don't know what Tibetan nuns were doing in Vietnam, and I was surprised to learn that Asians might have such large falsos. In the years I've spent in the East, I've never had to meet a single Asian whose length would be more than 18 cm erection. Maybe it was an exception.

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