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Виктория Ивановна Терехова9 years, 3 monthsThere are men who are too quick to reach an orgasm with one partner, but they have no problem with others. In addition, some men are quickly ejaculated only by sex, but they can masturbate for hours. Others complain that they reach orgasm too fast, but then they find out that it's a half-hour sexual act.

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EjaculationEjaculation Eyaku MechanismEyaku MechanismEyagulation, i.e. removal from a sexually abused sperm, must end every unfinished male sexual process. When a man gets ejaculated, they say he's gone, the ejaculer fell.Pushing from a seed liquid member takes place under considerable pressure with its own fluids. If a man succeeds in getting out of the female vagina just … More detailed...