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Волгин Волгин9 years, 4 months
Fuck all this. They have to control emotions. I've tried everything. It's more distracting from the sexual act. Normal healthy sexuality lasts no more than 10 minutes. You gonna argue with nature? Or, like in a porn, they're half an hour on pills and they don't know what else, but it's not real in nature. One thing I can say is the proven method of prolonging sexual acts is alcohol. Yeah, when I'm drunk, everything lasts a lot longer. Well, don't forget about emotions, and sometimes you have to slow down, change the technology, switch to yelling. But never touch your genitals trying to jam the organism.

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Technique of sexual intercourseTechnique of sexual intercourse Sexual technicianDuring the sexual act, a man must try to comply with certain basic rules:1. To treat a woman like she has a low emotional level. This implies the need for a prelude.2. Continuing the prelude for at least 15 minutes.3. Initiate the clitor until and during the orgasm of a woman, except when a … More detailed...