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Александр7 years, 2 months
I'll bet about the disease. First, a normal erection requires a good bleed in a small pelvis. During the training of the lobe-cop muscle, the bleeding in the small pelvis is improving, contributing to a more pronounced and strong erection. Secondly, it is known that the cuts in the pubic copper muscle contribute to semension. Consequently, the stronger the reductions in the luxury, the more pronounced and the strong will feel the orgasm. Thirdly, the practice of the pubic-cop muscle is prophylaxis prophylaxis, the main cause of which is stalemate and inflammatory processes due to insufficient bleeding.

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Technique of sexual intercourseTechnique of sexual intercourse Sexual technicianDuring the sexual act, a man must try to comply with certain basic rules:1. To treat a woman like she has a low emotional level. This implies the need for a prelude.2. Continuing the prelude for at least 15 minutes.3. Initiate the clitor until and during the orgasm of a woman, except when a … More detailed...