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Куликова6 years, 3 months
Smells of the family armpit Scholarly psychologists explain this kind of personal attraction, sympathies, similarities of characters, life positions, and all this is true. But this kind of interconnection occurs much later, when acquaintance has already taken place, people have talked about something. What's going on in the first second of two completely strangers who have a feeling of sympathy or obscene? At the subconscious level, we see the man of the opposite sex in the odour and the smell of the special substances - the pheromones. They are the ones who can cause instant love and even animal passion, as well as disgust. These substances are special irons in the underwear ranges, arable area and around the nose. It is true that the usual for most nazo-nasal primates (the nose to the nose) or nazo-anal (the point to which) contacts have been almost abandoned. Although many ethnos have a "nosing kiss" in many ethnic groups, but we don't have to sniff openly when we first know each other. Why not?
"Nos in the nose." Scientists around the world are doing research today. We have all the smells in our country known as the Senior Research Officer of the Human Development Laboratory, Victoria Igorevna GULIMOWA. Sex research has confirmed that sexual initiation has a smelly nature. With modern technology, in particular the electronic microscope, it has been proved that every man has a very specific structure that scientists call a voluntarism (WB). He's a little different from his "live" analog on the location, the construction of receptor cells, the smells, and even the brain structure that the information received. It's not a backup option in the event of the denial of the basic sense, but an autonomous system with its tasks. A human being does not simply exist - there are indications that it is active and can govern conduct other than our will. 'Cause the smells of his help don't usually come to light like the Gwanecki: "We don't feel anything..." Under the influence of invisible smells, a person may be more common to persons of his or her opposite sex, act aggressively or, on the contrary, enjoy friendship. The damage to this area, for example, in surgical surgeries on the nose, may affect the patient ' s sexuality and, according to some data, even result in impotence. Partners are selected by sensitive cells located in the area of nose partition (information goes straight to the brain). I wonder if this body only perceives sexual odours and hardly responds to sharp and spicy mints, basements, cinnamons. There's a suggestion that a volatilized organ, this mysterious area, is the body of the sixth sense or the intuition that helps us choose a decent partner, genetically.

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