How is the seeding going on?

How is the seeding going on?


Ejaculatio - Discharge, eruption; synonym - sequencing of seed fluid from urinating canal in men with sexual intercourse or substituting of sexual activity (masturbation, minimization, petting, pollus, etc.). It's a complex reflex act with a centre in the spinal lumbar section. In addition, the paracentral portions of the brain play a role in the sequencing process. Eyakuulation and close-connected orgasm usually lead to a sharp increase in sexual initiation when a sexual member is encouraged in the process of friction. Usually accompanied by an orgasm. It may occur spontaneously during sleep (police).

After the ejaculation, the sexual penetration begins to decrease and the erection is gradually weakening.


The travail is a transparent, colourless, visibly pre-semitic fluid that is emitted from the urea of a male penis to the outside when it comes to sexual initiation. The men are also dispersed during masturbation, preparation for sexual intercourse or early stage of cohabitation, for some time before the man completes orgasm and has a seeding.

The ejaculation process consists of two phases: to remove seeds into the portable portion of the ureth from the egg deposit; discarded liquid from the ureth.

The first (mission) phase of the electrical reflex is controlled by a sympathetic nervous system. The second phase (deathless seeds) is controlled by the spinal reflex at the S2-S4. The transmission of the nervous impulse to ensure the completion of the ejaculation occurs on the temple nerve. Once the ejaculation has been completed, there is a refractory period during which re-implementation cannot or is difficult.

A mission phase.

During the e-mail phase, the smooth musculature of seed tubes (vas deferens ) is reduced, so sperm is extinguished from the testicles and reaches a wide upper ampool of the seed flow. The beginning of the mission phase is usually accompanied by a sense of inevitability of the eyakut. The sperm then passes through the ejaculative tract, mixing with the fluid from the seed bubbles, prostates and bulbourethral vents, resulting in seeds or ejaculates.

The seed phase.

During the emission phase, the formerly formed ejaculus shall be erupted from the wind by means of rhythmic cuts by the smooth muscle of the so-called bulbospongiosis muscle [2]. These rhythmic cuts are part of the male orgasm. After the beginning of the orgasm, the seed is sharply ejected from the wind, the second and third (and sometimes the first, depending on male physiology) discharges are carried out with maximum force and strength, which also corresponds to the peak of an orgasm for mentally healthy men. Then the volume and force of the emissions are gradually reduced, the head of the penis is sensitive, and the last few " ceilings " may be empty cuts where no further seed emissions occur. Typical male orgasm consists of 10 to 15 cuts of the bulbospongio muscle, each of which is accompanied by an extremely physiologically pleasant feeling in the body of a man. After the first reduction of the bulbospongiosis muscle, no action can prevent further seedling (although accompanied orgasm may be sorbed). Museum cuts are gradually reduced during orgasm. Initial reductions occur on average every 0.6 s, with a gradual increase in the reduction time and interval between reductions of about 0.1 s per reduction. The declines in the muscle in most men are rhythmically occurring, regularly throughout the whole time, orgasm. Many men may also experience irregular additional cuts at the end of the orgasm.

Semen's contents.

Cells Sertoly, who feed, protect and support the normal development of spermatodes, secret to seed eggs, a liquid that, in addition to feeding and protecting young spermatoes, helps them transport to seed-proofs. The seed streams contain special cubic cells with microbesins and lesomatic granules that plant part of the liquid, altering the chemical composition of sperms.

Characteristics of ejaculation.

We will.

The emissions and the number of ejaculates vary considerably among men. Normal ejaculation usually ends with emissions of between 1.5 and 5 million seeds, although there were 7, 8 and, in rare cases, even 10 ml. Some urological diseases, such as the epidydymite of a testicle, can increase men ' s libido, thereby increasing his ejaculata. The presence of seed fluid, the force of sperm exposure, and the ability of sperms, usually reaches their peak by 17 to 18 years, and starts to fall after 45 to 55 years, but, unlike the women ' s reproductive system, the man ' s final fitness does not lose, and even a seven-year-old man may be conceived in the right turn of circumstances.

The quality of the ejaculata.

The number of spermatodes in ejaculat also varies considerably from male to male, depending on many factors, such as: the period of time from previous ejaculation, the temperature of the testicles, the age of the man, the level of the testosterone, the state of his nutrition and the water exchange, and the total seeds. Patologically low number of spermatodes in the ejaculate is called oligoospermy. It's unusual for a small number of seeds to be ejaculated to be called oligospermy. The total lack of sperm sperm is called nitrogen. There is also a stenosis operation, a reduction in the number of movable forms as well as the speed of sperm sperm.


Each reduction of the bulbospongiosis muscle is accompanied by a wave of sexual pleasure (orgasm), with particularly strong feelings in the penis, head and lower body. The first and second reductions are usually accompanied by the strongest sense of pleasure and the largest number of seeds. Subsequent reductions tend to result in fewer additional seed emissions and a lesser sense of pleasure. The degree of orgasm is directly related to the number of sperm emitted. Men who are mentally unhealthy when ejaculating orgasm may be late or not.

Problems of ejaculation.

Early ejaculation.

Ejaculation is considered premature (absolute) if it occurs before or immediately after the intramission (sex penetration in the vagina) and relatively premature, if it does not allow for sexual satisfaction of the partner (relatively referred to as because it may result in a delayed sexual reaction by a woman). These perceptions are largely related to the traditional denial of various forms of sexual activity other than vaginal sex, which may lead to an orgasm. The reason for premature ejaculation may be a long period of sexual abstinence.

A late ejaculation.

While the term " late ejaculation " may be used in medicine, the most common concern is the inability of a man to achieve an orgasm due to different psychological factors. In such cases, even when an orgasm occurs, the number of ejaculates may not be sufficient for conception (the longer the popular view is " the longer the more " ) and the patient may be recommended for certain exercises, physically and psychologically, to facilitate the correct achievement of the orgasm. Camastra poses are often recommended.

The technicians are interrupted.

Some men, looking for maximum orgasm, can exercise the ability to interrupt the sexual act while approaching it, thereby retaining the ejaculos to exit and delaying orgasm. However, such equipment may affect the ejaculation problems as well as the atrophication of the bulbospongiosis muscle or prostate.

In art literature.

The artistic literature of different ages and cultures, describing sexuality, has addressed various aspects of the process of ejaculation. For example, the fact that men can feel sleep after semen is reflected in the fourteenth songs of the Iliada Gomer (Zevs, enjoying love with Hera, falls asleep). In the erotic scenarios of state-of-the-art literature, the description of the physiological act often describes the emotional and psychological disturbances that accompany it.


The “classic” completion of the pornographic roll is considered to be the ejaculation of a man, which is accepted as a major plan. Pornography has several techniques that focus on the ejaculation process: Ejaculation is a normal physiological process that results in men ' s seedlings, i.e. the ejection of seed fluid from urea by sexual activity: communication or masturbation. The reflex is regulated by the nervous system and the brain. The epaculation center is located in the spinal lumbar section. The seeding process leads to an increase in inducement, which may be caused by the incentive of penis for friction. Ejaculation can happen in a sleep. In most cases, the process is accompanied by an orgasm. Ejaculation is the final phase of a sexual act. When seed is extinguished, the organism is released from the seed fluid, which is accompanied by a relaxation of the muscles of the pelvis. Ejaculation is necessary for the continuation of the kind and characterizes the man ' s ability to multiply.

The normal process is taking place without delay and premature seedlings. Deviations from the standard lead to the development of sexual diseases, and may cause psychological problems. The increase in sex hormones and their accumulation often ends infertility among men.

Ejaculation is a consistent physiological process that is not controlled by consciousness and takes place in several stages:
  • 1. Signs are received from certain brain divisions to the center of ejaculation (cross section of the spinal cord), to the sexual organs and pelvic muscles.
  • 2. The smooth muscles of the genital organs shall be removed and the seeds from the urinating channel shall be emitted.
  • 3. There is a simultaneous eruption of seed fluid and erections resulting from exposure to sexual irritants.
  • Once the eggs are removed, the sperms are transported to the wind. In her presentation, the secrets of prostate, bulbourethral iron, seed bubbles and seeds are mixed. As a result, seed fluid is formed.

    In the course of the sexual act, the inner bladder shincter prevents urine from entering the ejaculum and sperms into the urine bubble. This ends with an e-mail phase, and the phase of exile begins. After sperm and smashing secrets are connected, reflexing the sperm through the sexual organ. It is pushed down by the muscles of the pelvis and the urethral bulb.

    The ejaculation process plays an important role in the lives of men, both psychologically and physiologically. The frequency of seedings depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. In this case, men ' s ability to engage in active sexual activity plays a major role.

    During the eyakuulation, the following changes occur:

    Arterial pressure is increased; hemorrhage is accelerated; the penis becomes stubborn; the heartbeat and breathing is increased; the urination of the urine canal is humidified by the secret of the corn iron; the eggs are increased and the muscles of the sexual organ are strained.

    The culmination of each sexual act is the seeding, after which the penis loses turmoil, and the man has an orgasm. The time lag from initiation to seed ranges from 3 to 7 minutes. The discharge of the seed fluid takes between 5 and 50 seconds. Sperm generation is porn, intense emissions. When re-entered, 15 minutes later, a further seed may be possible.

    Visual erotic images, tactile stimulus are factors that encourage men to enjoy aesthetic and physical nature. All these components encourage the initiation of a sexual member. If the solicitation process is maintained in intimate proximity, masturbation, male ejaculation is at the end, or the seed is erupted. How's the seeding going? We'll talk about the norms and deviations of ejaculation.

    The seeding is what?

    Normal ejaculation of men is a process of sexual eruption during intimate proximity. A seed plasma, an external resemblance of liquid, is released from the urea channel. It is a natural process of completing the sexual act, which is accepted as ejaculation or sequencing. Why is there a seeding of men, how we can talk about it.

    Men's ejaculation process.

    The seeding is a complex process. How's the seeding going? In several stages: The spermatosis is removed from the egg deposit; the male cells are placed in a representative part of the urethra (through the reduction of the smooth muscles that allow the movement of seeds); the secession that produces seed bubbles, sheets and bulburethral irons together with male seeds is connected. Consequently, seed fluid is formed. This is the first phase of a man's ejaculation.

    The second phase is characterized by a rhythmic reduction of the muscle during the seedling. It's the beginning of an orgasm. It sometimes makes sense. How is the seeding of men? The ejaculation process takes place in every sexual act. After the seed fluid has been removed, the man ' s sexual organ is no longer solid. During the sequencing, a man is experiencing an orgasm (short-sensitiveness) which is exteriorly displayed by the body ' s sooting. As soon as the bulbospongiosis muscle was burned for the first time (responding to the sperm exit), the seeding process cannot be stopped. The sperm runs through the wind (this is a semension) until it comes out of a narrow semen.

    The seed may simply come from the head of the member, but may shoot for some distance. It depends on the structure of the male organism and the situation. Eyakulus comes out of the dick's head. First the sperm gets weak. In the middle of the process, the emissions are at a peak and later poems. After the ejaculation, the man is completely relaxed and there is no re-emergence of the seed.

    Through the morning, the first passes the prostate secret to lub the inner surface of the channel and to provide favourable conditions for sperm movement. How can a seed be extinguished if there are blood apples and dark spots in the seed fluid that are exemplified by hammers. This situation occurs when members break the capillaries. Usually, it's because of a too intense eruption. If the cause of blood impurities lies in the damage to the receptacles, the blood in the sperm will be one-time. However, if a man sees such a process on several occasions, it is an alarming call that cannot be ignored. There may be a chronic mooring, prostate, malignant prostate tumor or urine bubble.

    Feelings in ejaculation.

    During sex, ejaculation and after it, certain changes occur in the male body. Not only is the sexual organ changing, but all processes are changing. The organism is designed to ensure that the seedlings are successful and that the man enjoys it.