Sexual entertainment of the poor

Sexual entertainment of the poor

Sex and poverty

We know how much less and less of the population has enjoyed. These pleasures are described in the autobiography produced by persons educated, from a good society. Walter expands our knowledge by showing how deceitful. There may be appearances, even where there are creams in society. In his life, a period when he often went to the theatre and to high-school restaurants. One day he went Masquerade in Woxhall Gardens. He bribed the guard there, and he let him hide. Where women came to urinate. I heard them do it and what they said, And I've never heard so much salmon and indecency in one night. There they are. at least 200. "

Besides, we'll find out there's no place like this. In Woxhall Gardens, we are facing peace. The most common reality, the window in which the teller opens us. People do. Otherwise, when they do not have to play a social role, and it can only be insulted Someone who doesn't know how children act when their parents don't watch them.

Options Spontaneous behaviours are occasionally seen in the famous American television series Sex in the City (1998-204), where four New York women, I don't know if you're in the middle of a conditionality.

Some time ago, several researchers started studying sexuality. People. 1,318 files from the archives of the London hospital at the acid shelter Provides an opportunity to know what sexual behaviour of workers in grades 1850 to 1880s. The study of the shelter ' s archives dispels the view that in the lower classes There has been a total devastation, with the saintly supported and disseminated this opinion.

In 1850, one viewer wrote: " Nothing tells them they have There is at least the slightest respect for conditionalities, rules of decency or morality. On the contrary, everywhere in their lives, we see a pattern of disgusting animal instincts, so low and vicious as to not compare wildlife to them. "

Special condemnation causes " virginity " and the identification of parts of the body covered by the hair. Burgeois vice blisters came to anger from the species of the smallest naked section of the skin. Or a hair on a man's chest or a woman's armpit. They don't make the slightest hint. On the animal nature of the human being and abhorrent the poor that they do not follow the rules of elite decency. The sin bears the fruit of sin. They're all born out of wedlock.

Some Young people were born to maids who were forced by force to have sex, and others emerged as a result of a simple and bleak relationship between the people of the same social life. level. Almost all mothers say that they had a few relationships with the child's father, just believing he's getting married. They agreed to proximity after six months or a year of care. It is very rare that there is a mention of the act itself and the satisfaction it has received in the mother ' s influence. The author of the study concludes somewhat quickly that That the carnal non-containment in which the " dilapidated classes " were usually prohibited is no more I don't think so. Undoubtedly, the gentle feelings referred to in the letters of single mothers bear the impressions of a dominant bulb model of romantic love, prescribing the same restraint in all respects physical restraint. We recall that the shelter administration took children to care only in writing. and on the basis of a document certifying " natural, modest and honesty " Applicants. " The mother was supposed to make a good impression, show a humility, The humiliation, repentance and willingness to make a mistake. Otherwise, her application could have been be rejected. However, most unmarried mothers did not make so much money, To hire a breadwinner to the child, and they couldn't keep working with the baby.

Deprived to total poverty, they were grasped for the only opportunity to save and adapted to their moral requirements. Sources provide a fairly sad picture of the sexual life of the poor girls. They go to the caretakers ' conspiracies and agree to surrender to them also because they find themselves in a cultural Western. Many are raised in the old villagers traditions that allow young people to enjoy a variety of loopholes up to their abundance. Ooh. English peasants under the Old Order had the habit of “bandling”, i.e., the cure that meant meeting lovers in private in a girl's house. Parents are nothing. They were opposed, although young people were sometimes forced to be naked in the same bed. Except the lovers were allowed to show their connections, to exchange gifts, which was seen as a promise to marry. Moreover, they could legitimize their cohabitation by passing the " pitchering " ceremony.

Such trial unions have been distributed All over Europe.

Customs and pressures of the team guarded a girl from deception. If she was pregnant, the seducer was obliged to marry. And if he was already married, he was asked for money. Child maintenance. That's why, in London of the nineteenth century, women from the people thought that, If a man has promised to marry, you can go far enough.

Too late they realized there were other rules of the game, anyway, Men. The new pro-poor law of 1834 was strongly committed Against “natural violability” and included provisions on illicit trafficking in the law.

Now, unmarried mothers could not have been assisted anywhere but in working houses. Some municipal shelters where they were forced to work. Besides, The new law did not obligate the father to seek and charge funds for the maintenance of the child. Very few tempted girls were able to defend their rights. Lovers They promised them a lot, didn't keep their words and ran. Sometimes they emigrated to America or something. Some people were worried they had to betray the lover, but they just had There was no money to keep her and her baby.

Others, " one day " , used the shortcomings of the legislative system in order to irritate the victim, and then relentlessly abandon the victim. Her. The Victorian paradox was that the village value system, allowing for good cohabitation, had been destroyed in the name of morality, but at the same time a man, to the detriment of the Women ' s interests had the opportunity not to limit their desires. Women They were double victims. On the one hand, they were defenseless in their impulse of pleasure, but on the other hand, the common concept of romantic love pushed They're in the arms of amateurs to care for skirts who know they have no responsibility. The relative balance was established. I've been giving you a pillow. to the minority of girls who could have confirmed their repentance. Others, whose way of life did not look as moral, filled the ranks of prostitutes or We're in a bitter poverty. However, family and close girls were often reduced I'm sorry. Loss of virginity, extramarital relationships and long-term cohabitation It appeared to be a number of outgoing cities, as in industrial cities in the people. Village traditions sometimes persist.

The mechanism for girls was double--- philanthropic and punitive. at the same time. Unfortunately, the role of male fathers in documents reflecting this mechanism, I don't know what I'm talking about. In 30 years, 1,318 infants have been taken to shelter in the giant metropolitan area, i.e. they have been rescued from death and their mother from a total life collapse. The forest of the symbols is behind this statistics.

You can see that new relationships are being developed. between the sexes, and in this respect, the balance is very shifted in favour of males. They, like in all centuries, enjoy the right to sexual joy and pleasure outside marriage, But now the law does not oblige them to be responsible for the error. Girls want to get The joy of love is based on a promise to marry, but in case of pregnancy, they have nowhere. Wait for protection. In fact, the same Victorian logic prevails: men are granted simplicity and sexual freedom, and women are doomed to be trapped in marriage and must deter their desires. There's a way to look at the strategic move towards It is in order to introduce burgeois rules into the people ' s environment.

Men are willing to take a new one. A system of values, as it equals men of all constituency and makes them privileged to partners. Goods of responsibility for breach of regulations It's just women. Other lovers, knowing of a friend's pregnancy, "He told me to go and get in the water, and I'm you. I'll push. He did not deny he was the father of the child. "

For workers, industrial society is not It was paradise, which had an impact on sexual relations. Immunities and anarchies addressed to lower classes in propaganda speeches have some reasons. The moralists have demolished, in the name of morality, the traditional people ' s relationship between men and women and have exacerbated the conflict between the sexes in the classroom. Some have received a strange feeling of impunity, others have seen, They are now defenseless and completely dependent on men. In the absence of contraception, women ' s orgasm was kept in constant fear. Family and family Support for strict philanthrops that take sin children has not changed the situation in principle.

The study that we relied on was the 1850th to 1880s, i.e. the apogee of Victorian pressure in England. Then medicine changes its attitude towards masturbation, and The guards of the temple of science cannot prevent the growing interest in physical activity. pleasure. Hevel Ellis is taking the curtain off the problem.

At the end of the century Sexual anarchy, which calls into question strict moral norms, and Homosexuals and New Women who deny marriage claim their rights. In France, similar turmoil is taking place. Between 1900 and 1914, there is a growing interest among health professionals in issues that have previously been silent: abortion and infant mortality.

Sex behaviour of proletarians is gradually somewhat What changes. Old and new moral systems intersect; what was silenced The fear of punishment and punishment is re-emerging. The most eloquent street speeches cannot be achieved if they are directed against established, age-old habits, especially pleasant habits. Condemnation of young masturbation, loss of virginity before marriage and extramarital Cohabiting and adulter did not give workers and peasants special sympathy. Absolute The prohibition on the disclosure of the body in the nineteenth century was more understandable, and wives often refused. To get naked in front of your husbands.

Secondary moral dogms have been introduced more successfully than the main ones. By the end of the nineteenth century, kissing your lips was considered disastrous, then he was became perceived as one of the keys to long-term relationships and then as a special passion for these relationships. It's hard to believe the pleasure of what One partner ' s language is in the mouth of another, invented only in the nineteenth century. Speech It's not about the progress of lovers' equipment, but about changing attitudes. other loops depending on the age and social group of those who practice them.

French kiss

In the sixteenth century It was hunting for pleasure, which was called " Italian " in Paris and in London. A French kiss.

On both sides, La Mansha kissed and kissed rascals and peasants. This kiss was a bandling custom in Somerste or a maresinaja in Vandeya. He's been given demono-destructive meaning later, which might be It was because prostitutes kissed like that at a time when European brothels kissed. Metropolitans were suffering the golden age. In the twentieth century, the attitude towards kissing in the lips is getting stronger. neutral, and he's perceived as a perfectly innocent loop in all constituency. The first half of the twentieth century is marked by a strong desire for sweetness.

" There is an eroding of the life of the couple. Now there's a place and kisses in her lips, and Oral loops, and mutual catch. Erotization also shows that good communications There is a tendency to be one of the peaks and gradually become common practice.”

Women want to avoid unwanted pregnancies and are particularly active for this. At the outset, women of the most modest nature are protected, in particular workers, but after one or two generations, women from the wealthy are also associated with them. class.

Pending the invention of contraceptive pills in France from the time of the Third Republic, there has been a consistent pattern of " gay couples " : a man and a woman in sexual intercourse, every man in her manner, seeking to avoid pregnancy, the last one. There's still an abortion. " I always asked men to be careful not to get pregnant " , said the gladiator from Briva in 1900. Men most often resort to a pre-existing act, women use tampons, sponges, less a match cap.

If measures Precautions do not help from the " cut-off " , usually until the third A month of pregnancy. From 1900 to 1914, the number of abortions doubles (from 30 to 30) 60,000) and then increase in stunning progress. However, women are active Involved in a game of hospitality. The bypass is made of makeup and, in the 1920s, hair paint; The cult of the body, youth and strength, as well as the desire to love and be loved, thrive. All spousal sexual relations are more likely to begin before marriage. While about half of all girls are in good contact by 1950, 90 per cent by the end of the century.

The break-up of the Viktorian system, based on the double male standard and woman ' s subordinate status, has not yet meant sexual freedom in a straightforward sense. It was about reversing what was disguised, otherwise re-establishing balance. in the relationship between the sexes. First, the pendulum jumped towards interaction. between men and women. Such interaction had existed in the peasant society of the sixteenth century, and was also reflected in the Girls ' School of 1655. By the middle of the twentieth century, when Another repressive cycle has been completed, and women have not yet been able to speak openly about, It was quite natural at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Taboo was still alive on menstruation, sexual intercourse in light, exposure to sexual organs before a doctor or gynaecologist. In other words, women still had fear too frankly to speak of their own. I'm sorry.

No one would dare write anything like that that sent to his beloved young man from Luar-e-Sher, "I have a reindeer. How I'll be happy when I can squeeze you in my arms and put my thing in your safe house. Butt. I hope that when he's inside, you'll enjoy as much as I do, and we'll end. together. You'll feel my balls hitting your ass. [...] I'm sure you'll be happy. To suck my stitch and tickle my eggs, where sweet juice is hidden for you. " Baron de The blo who claimed in 1650 that he wanted to eat, drink and sleep would be appreciated. That's a prose.

Plot tides and plums

The " Viktorian era " is just a convenient term to describe A long phase in which medicine preached the need for self-control over dam desires and needs. Medical submissions Very quickly went beyond the narrow circle and became conscious of many moderns. Don ' t ' t ' t ' t ' t ' t ' t lose power, is the basic principle of new masters of society and Industry. Ethan becomes a family where the wife has no desire or she's frigid. The walls of the house protect her from the temptation of the light, and she's completely susceptible. The upbringing of children and the welfare of the entire family are also concerned. Husband gets near her. peace and comfort, and nothing forbids him to seek erotic passions or imaginable love from the gentle behavior. The woman of this era is mommy or whore. I've got a lot more to do with a man than in the past. But only a whore is now burdened with the weight of an original sin. The idea of sin is now more intact. It is a scientific form, and it is an unnatural and pervasive sexuality of a whore who distinguishes it from a generosity and a good husband and mother.

This marital model is established in society gradually, finally forming the 1850th to 1880th years. Then many of its elements are destroyed, and the public is changing. and cultural conditions, and the doctors themselves are reviewing their positions. New Medicine Psychiatry sees things differently. Those who had recently been considered " corrupts " and who had been ashamed of themselves had made a strong statement of their speciality and demanded recognition of their rights. The oppressed refuse to live under constant supervision. There's a women's movement all over the place. The “new free woman” refuses to marry. Women workers want to receive It's a pleasure to have a love affair without fear of getting pregnant and being alone. Like a partner, scared of responsibility, escaped. What the system has cracked becomes between 1880 and 1914. This time of coup d ' état has been marked by a variety of contradictions and confusion. Censor is crawling against pornographic books. and the erotic press, but the doctors refuse to believe that masturbation is lethal. It's bad, and they're looking at sexuality, both normal and perverted, in shape. sadism and masochism. The Divorce Act, adopted in France in 1884, opened to spouses The way to freedom. In England, such a law is required and these requirements are met in the 1920s. Since then, the hidden movement of society towards hedonism has further intensified.

Restrictions, prohibitions and taboos have never been accepted unanimously by society, nor have they They've been acting all the time. In the first half of the nineteenth century, the framework was less tight than in the second half of the 1914-1918 Strict shock, the need to ease the accumulated tension led to the re-emergence of the wars of sex. A culture that was in the purchased vessel and escaped the aggressive eclipse of Victorian ideas.

Aristocracy liberalism never ended up, And now, in the Mad Years, he took advantage of the circumstances and restored the taste of exquisite pleasures, especially sexuality. People are now more organized, treated ideologically and demanded. At the same time, they turn to the tradition of relative freedom of temptation they have sought to take. Women workers have taken on a much larger body of moral restrictions than they have. They paid for the new morality of the nineteenth century by undesirable pregnancies and devastating abortions. They will now rethink the pleasure distribution mechanism. Thus, the path to the liberalization of sexual life, which will bleed on all the couples in the 1960s, is slow.

Wish and pleasure don't speak of themselves. They win. Repression, because important existent issues, such as body ratios and Consciousness, they find their embodiment. In 1955, King Vidore filmed for the Universal studio, which is now considered to be one of the vesternae samples, Man Without Star. The story in the film is very simple. A single adventurer used to obey his own instincts and desires is hired by a security guard. a small community of small landowners. They're confronted by a woman who wants to own their lands. They're trying to fight her by confusing their possessions with barbed wire. The hero is blatant between primitive erotic retrieval and the need to help the weak to restore justice. The owner lures him with his charms and Used as a tool to fight; he had to choose between selfish sweetness. and a sense of collective duty.

Freuded people can see a hint here. by unconscious impulses against a certain cultural “Superego” and pushing for the elimination of narcissism for the sake of the common good. Anyway, just before The great director was able to show that the desire for the There is a great destructive power that is incompatible with civilization. Hero discovers that it is linked to both its past, which it constantly reviews, and the metallic arms of the debt that it has rejected, which is fascinated by wild To seek pleasure.

How do we measure the tides and pleasures in our culture?

Desmond Maurice, not without The influence of English humor suggests that the economy be compared with the length of women ' s skirt. He claims that during periods of prosperity, they are concomitant and that when the crisis begins, they will continue.

“It is hard to understand why women want to show their legs when things are done. The economy is going well " , he states with seriousness. We'll wait for a dissertation on this subject, but in the meantime, we'll just set the main line of development for the skirts. Crazy The years of the skirts came to the core, then, during the recession of 1930, they became longer. Shorted during the Second World War, and reappeared in New Fly after. War. From the time of the 60th skirts, we began to fast-growing up to the famous mini skirts of a man with a half chauvinist. The oil crisis and The economic downturn of the 1970s coincided with the invention of a chastity skirt to the middle of the caviar, followed by a de-escalation of tension, and the tissue also went down the leg. That's it. Sometimes modelers don't try to predict the future with their scissors, even those who Examining the reports and projections from Wall Street.

What's the conclusion? The problem of the length of the skirts has become an index of how social prejudice that has evolved since the Second World War into a kind of step-by-step skin. To be Maybe with a mini skirt, the last vegetarians have disappeared?

Shame British XIX When they saw a woman's leg, they were suffocated from the inferiority or outrage and ordered to cover even piano legs! The woman's leg since the 1960s has ceased to cause so much emotion. Maybe that's how the sex revolution happened?