Kinsey's report is a sex bomb.

Kinsey's report is a sex bomb.

Sexual revolution

Sixtieth were of particular importance in both Europe and North America.

There have been tremendous changes, especially in the field of culture. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Sixteens had become fathers and mothers who had given birth to the Bebi Bum and had seen their direct heirs and heirs appear. All three generations have left their specifics The trail on the fabric of our culture, and the next generation is beginning to show itself. Some special print. Four successive shifting plates are difficult to consider As a whole. Changes have taken place very quickly, and differences due to social, financial, educational and intellectual status must be taken into account. In one book, it is impossible to take into account all such things. nuances.

It is important to identify the most significant to understand whether the revolution was Sixtieth radical coup d ' état in European culture or another a cycle of freedom, which in principle can be followed by a repressive cycle, as it has already been. It happened earlier.

History of the coup should be counted from 1948 when Philadelphia left First report of Alfred Charles Kinsey. The report was incredibly bold for that time and I called for a turbulence. He's shut the curtain over the secrets of male sexuality, which has so far been spoken seldom and reluctantly. After Kinsey, there was a problem on the line. Other researchers, not so much in the United States as on the Old Continental.

The time has come to look closely at some of the prohibited topics. At the same time Numerous surveys are conducted to identify male sexuality The role of women ' s pleasure after, for the first time in the history of humanity, they have the right to decide whether or not to have a child in a specific sex. I'm sorry. The revelation of this opportunity has become a true revolution! We haven't valued it yet. to the end of all its consequences, but they immediately affected the relationship. People.

The waves of shocks have come to other levels of sexuality. For half a century, homosexuality has ceased to be perceived as an abnormal phenomenon, at least in Europe. On the other side of the Atlantic, the problem remains difficult: in the early 2000s There's a passionate debate about whether to legitimize marriages between gays.

In the past century, the question of the interrelationship between sexuality and pleasure has been so high It is important for our civilization that its discussion was taboo, as well as the discussion of great fundamental myths. Kinsey ' s radical change made possible deep changes in the unsub ' s relationship with others People. These developments have been further strengthened when justice for the great ideologies has come to light. I'm in doubt. A wide range of civilizations have come to the global arena and have challenged the Western model of a social contract. That call should have been adapted. In addition, From now on, the inexorable movement of the individual to the success of a powerful hedonic current could not be ignored. On the threshold of the third millennium, the body and The soul doesn't speak to Unison anymore.

However, the primacy of the individual is merely a metaphor designed to explain what is happening in the culture of metamorphosis. Man nowadays Desirous of happiness in life and as soon as possible, which does not prevent him from thinking about fate. next generations and what awaits him in that light. Church responses and Big ideologies are already insufficient; human beings are caught up in contradictions that may be to be both creative and very painful. Half a century after development Kinsey and his team, America is facing a new relationship between the body and The souls on which all social ties are based and try, unlike Europe, to preserve The principles of heterosexual family and control of sweetness.

Quinsey ' s voluminous report of 1948, as it becomes clear: The U.S. of that time has successfully inherited a European model of repressive sexuality. For the first time, Kinsey showed what it was like to have sexual behaviour. the inhabitants of one of the most Puerto Rican countries. He really opened the Pandora box. Among the phenomena, one way or another, related to Kinsey ' s research and the California Movement for Peace and love and the struggle for sexual liberation, as well as the recognition of women ' s rights Orgasm. All those who were still considered " innormal " or even perverts have made claims. In general, the report has had an impact on such an earthquake, especially Appreciable in a country with bright cultural contrasts.

Alfred Charles Kinsey (1894-1956), head of the Institute for Sexual Research at the University of Indiana, conducted a major sociology survey in 1938, about the real sex life of Americans. The results of the survey were published Two volumes.

The first came out in 1948, and he contained data on male sexual behaviour.
The second volume with data on women ' s sexual behaviour came out in 1953.

Basic study methodology - Comments on statistical data grouped by most different criteria: sex, age, geographical origin, level of education, field civil status, etc. Findings are impartially descriptive in the language. However, it is difficult to resist the attempt to imagine, as in 1948, reading 800 pages of the first volume of the report, which was written simply and unprotected, people either suffocated from anger, Or laughed at it.

For example, the author concludes that Sexual frequency animal relations Very different regions and particularly high in the north-east USA. It was also noted that 6 per cent of the male population in adolescence was provided This occupation, and among bachelors over the age of 20, only 1 per cent; 11 per cent of peasants between the ages of 11 and 15 cohabit animals up to 8 times a week

The most exciting aspect of systematic research was: That there was a blatant contradiction between a given rule and actual behaviour. Americans. Kinsey and his staff stressed that in his modern Americans There is a repressive English-American model of sexuality. She inherited the rules of the Christian morality, for which sexual intercourse was merely The way forward, while " any form of social and sexual activity outside marriage " is excluded. In addition, relations within the marriage union must be directed exclusively conception, which concerns both the duration and the modes of situation. Holocaust, Widower or divorced theoretically have no right to sexual life because they cannot Legally contribute to the continuation of the kind. On the same basis, homosexuals and amateurs of self-declaration are morally reprimanded, and if the rules are actively violated, they are prosecuted. U.S. laws characterize any sexual activity before, outside or after marriage as an anomalous and illegitimate and consider it, depending on whether a specific case, such as violence, adultery, prostitution, incest, sexual aggression or violation of public good. Similarly, any homosexual contact and cohabitation shall be punished.

Oral or anal sex, The number of spouses who are legally married is also punishable by law (if someone Report to the legal authorities on the case of such communication. Petting (single touches and soft loops) that are so often carried out by teenagers may be characterized as sexual aggression against minors or as a threat morals for juveniles, even if both partners volunteer to see each other.

The slightest manifestation of the erotic conduct in public or simply in the presence of anyone else is charged with " misconduct " and " insulting public goodness " . Masturbation is a particularly serious offence. In 1905, the State of Indiana passed the law that the promotion of this vice malformation itself contains a crime and can be punished as sodomy. Some educational institutions are required to physically influence those who are masturbated. The Annapolis Marine Academy considers this bias to be a sufficient argument for To deny a candidate for the academy.

In the second part of the study, Kinsey insists that the prevailing moral norms of sexual behaviour are very doubled. On the one hand, religion, law, Psychologists and psychiatrists, sharing the majority opinion, suggest that heterosexual relations are most desirable and beneficial to society. But the same institutions It condemns heterosexual relations outside marriage, which, in the eyes of adolescents, deprives them of arguments of credibility.

In 1953, most states still prohibited minors from having sex. The age of majority in different states It fluctuates between 14 and 21 years. The courts tend to be particularly strict with regard to offenders under 20 years of age from different social circles or races, with the most severe consequences involves the connection of an adult male and a minor girl. It can be said that Puerto Rican America of the 1950s is a law-served one. the sexual ideology that existed in Europe of the sixteenth century in times of ban pleasure as such. Even the erotic literature of that time insisted on the need to continue the kind and save precious seeds. Churches of all denominations and laws considered any relationship outside marriage as criminal and non-purgatory, a Hemosexual contacts, incests and relationships with animals were considered the most heinous. Patience in waiting for spousal happiness, sometimes for a very long time, should have kept girls in the inviolability of their virginity and avoided masturbation. The only difference between the norms described by Kinsey and those in Europe of the sixteenth century is that In the sixteenth century, women ' s orgasm was considered a prerequisite for a healthy conception.

In the future, the Victorian moralists declared that they were enjoying sex. The act is only a prostitute, not an honest wife. In the middle of the twentieth century, the United States was able to link these two provisions from the historical heritage. Religion, generally accepted morality and laws do not simply impose the ideal exclusively on spousal sex. relations aimed only at the continuation of the kind and threaten all possible cars for deviation.

By following the Viktorian tradition, they also severely restrict the taste of dams, especially women, even in legal marital relations. Colleagues Kinsey found that the majority of moderns did not withstand severe restrictions and regulations. It is logical to assume that failure to comply with the rule entails frustration or, in any case, guilt. However, there is no relevant paragraph in the questionnaires. 50 years after Kinsey ' s report, the Puerto Rican encroachments are still very heavy. Uncle Sam's country.

Kinsey was afraid that literally. Interpretation of anti-masturbation legislation 1905 Indiana can cause trouble on those teachers or researchers who will claim that self-sustaining will not cause disturbances organism. This assertion may be similar to the promotion of vice. December 1994 Joslyn Ilders, Chief Medical Officer of the Clinton Administration, was removed. The reason for the resignation was Ilders ' speech at the UN AIDS session, in which She said that maybe schools should have told children more about masturbation. The Head of State, commenting on what happened at a press conference in Miami, observed that this view differed from the policy of the Cabinet and with his own convictions. Ilders ' position shocked both the ruling Democratic Party, and traditionally The Christian circles. It became clear that the taboo was still alive in the United States and shared by most Americans.

If we turn to another event of the recent past, it will be clear how the opposite ' s views, conservative, are faced in the " war of cultures " . and progressive.

These clashes are related to family law, abortion, same-sex marriages and simply to the assertion of the right of everyone to their own sexual life. Marcus Dixon, a man with dark skin color and a great athlete, was one of the candidates for a scholarship at Vanderbilt University. He lived in Rome. A small town in Georgia, with a white advantage. Dixon's life. That was a great change in early 2004. He contacted a girl from his school, It was 15 years and 9 months, i.e. a minor (he himself was already born at that time. 18) and white. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. A jury trial consisting of 9 Whites and 3 blacks, rejected the charge of violence in a direct sense, but found Marcus guilty of " sexual intercourse with a minor " , " aggravated attempt to plant a minor " . The first charge applies to any sexual activity With minors, even with mutual consent, and the maximum penalty for this offence is the year of the prison (Jorgia is among the 35 States that have accepted the crime) The so-called Romeo and Juliette Act, under which sanctions against sexual relations Adolescents are mitigated or abolished.

However, the second charge was much more serious.

In 1995, legislators included this crime among the so-called " death sins " and it is punishable by 10 years of imprisonment. In this case, the law has been applied. As a victim of “violence” was a virgin. In addition, damages were recorded for damages vagina and bite marks on the lips, which could have been interpreted as confirming that The relationship was against her will. Only a few involved knew the consequences of judicial and medical detention. After conviction, five The jury said that they would vote otherwise, know that Marcus would be behind bars. for such a long time. Punishment was too strict for ordinary sexual contact. among the thinners, especially in Georgia, such decisions have never been made in such cases. We didn't. The New York Times has been terribly disrupted by a " fair solution in style " Old South traditions. The District Prosecutor rejected the racial bias charge, citing that Markus had already issued two warnings for inappropriate sexuality behavior. The first time is because he's been exposed to all the sexes, and the second is because He kept his hand on the bottom of his classmate's trouser.

The old bans that ravage young sexuality have not disappeared in the jurisprudence of the beginning of the twenty-first century. " Aggression " against a minor " victim " may cost a long-standing other race. Marcus's girlfriend herself said she didn't want to. My father saw them together because he was a racist and would kill her for ties to the negro. Public opinion is not unanimous in this regard, as evidenced, inter alia, by the Romeo and Juliette laws of most states, the reaction of some jurors in Georgia, the scandalous article in the New York Times and the Marcus Dixon Defence Movement, representatives of the jury in Georgia. who was able to achieve the early release of the young. Such processes occur rarely, they are an exception rather than a rule, but the severity of the sentence is very symbolic in itself. The law seeks to crush individual violators in the direction of the other, but most of them are able to escape. In fact, society is looking through its fingers for violations of public norms and prohibitions, and the Kinsey study has reaffirmed this.