Sexual term

Sexual term

Terms of sex

To understand the secrets of sex, you need to have sex vocabulary. They don't think they're talking about sex. But in fact, we need to talk about sex, really, we're gonna have to learn some hard words. Some secrets of sex are already known, for example, what's cammasutra or orgasm, mint, clitoris. But most of the terms are unfamiliar. Why do you need to know what words have to do with sex? In order to avoid the misunderstanding that might arise when reading the special literature. In addition, the dictionary will help to be advanced in the history and art of sex.

Hymen and defloration.

The first sex secrets are called hymen and defloration related to women ' s organisms. Hymen means a slimy casing store that closes the entrance to the vagina before the first sexual act. A more common name is a virgin pleur. Doctors are aware of more than 20 forms of hymen, which differ in thickness, depth, surface relay, elasticity. Defleuration means the hymen's break. The fracture of the pole may be accompanied by pain and bleeding, which takes place on 3-4 days, usually. The term of deflorration comes from two words removed and flower.

Necking and petting.

Necking and petting are secrets of sex based on pleasure without sexual act, only with a luxury. Necking is considered to be a petting variety, when the slobs are directed only at the top of the female or male body, without touching the intimacy areas below the belt. Necking can be used as a way to diversify sex life or if a girl doesn't want to lose her virginity. Erogen women's zones include neck, ears, breasts, belly. Petting is slopes that are not localized. You can touch each other with hands, lips, tongue.

If the eruption of the seed fluid occurs without interference with the luxury, masturbation and sexual act, the phenomenon is called Pollusion. It's sex secrets not only for a boy, but for an adult. Unauthorized seed is not a sign of disease or impotence. An adult male aged 28 may experience an orgasm in his sleep if the dream is erotic. Unlike women, men do not need sex relaxing training. Frequent Pollusions are common to males with sexual obstination or long abstinence.

Some people call a fallos male sexual organ, though it's not exactly true.

Fallos is a man's sexual organ in a state of sedition. In ancient Greece and India, fallos was considered not just a sexual organ, but a living divine creature that made a woman meaning. Fallos, not a man. The role of fallos in women ' s life and ancient society is illustrated by hypertrophed images of fallos. One of the ancient caricatures is a grifon, instead of a club with a fallos on which a woman sits.

Libido and sublimation.

Libido and sublimation are sexual terms that were introduced into Zigmund Freud's psychology. Libido is a sexual activity, an instinct on which both men and women depend. A woman also depends on a man as a man as a woman because both are dependent on sexual desire. Sublimation refers to psychological protection when sexual energy or libido is turned into creative energy. Sexual energy cannot be accumulated in organism, which will lead to psychological disturbances, so energy is sprayed in the form of poems, verses, artistic towels.

A short vocabulary of sexual terms.

Aberration (sexual) (lat. aberratio (inclination, removal, diversion)) evasion, sexual abuse.

Abstinence (sex) (from lat. abstinens (abstinentis) is abstinence) - forced or voluntary sexual abstention; a combination of physical and/or mental disorders with sexual activity below the individual ' s personal needs.

Aversion (semi-sex) (semi-sexual) (refusal) to a sexual partner; one of the most difficult forms of partnership sexual dysfunction.

Agapae, a sacrificed, selfless love, a desire to give everything without demanding anything in return.

Algolagnia (greek pain and desire) is a desire to hurt himself or partner. Active algolagnia is sadism, passive is masochism.

Ambisexuality is used as a synonym for hermaphroditism or bisexuality.

Anal sex (from lat. anus - " back passage, backward opening " ) - sex produced by the introduction of a member or a fallotine in the rear.

Anaphrodia, see frigidity.

Androgens - (great, courage + birth, knee) - group of steroid hormones produced by irons (man and egg ovaries from women) and crust of cherries. Secondary male genital mutilation, masculinization (birth) of the body, both sexes.

Androgynia (from lat. andros is male, gynes is female) is a combination of women and men.

Androphilia is the variety of male homosexuality, mature, adult males.

The anesthesia is sexy, see frigidity.

Anilingus (annilingus, analingus) - (lat. anus - back passage + lingo - lysium; synonyms - animming from anglole. mingrim) - the promotion of anus by language or lips, one of the kinds of oral sex.

Anorgasmia is no orgasm in sexual intercourse.

Sexual anorexia is a sexual disorder, a total or partial non-sex, due to problems of sex or indifference.

Apskirt-- (angl. upskirt under skirt) - photographs taken under women's skirt.

A sexuality is no sexual activity.

The violin floor is a blue, civilian floor, attached floor.

Autoeroticism, autoeroticism - (from Greek autos - itself and Greek erotos - love) - erotic induction of human beings; love and pleasure in their own body, accompanied by sexual initiation (narcissism).

Aphrodiziac is a substance that stimulates sexual initiation and sexual activity.

Aphrodysiomia is an obsessive recording of nutrients for sexual activity.

Bastinado (bastonada) (Fre. bastonnade - stick or cheek (mid-day) - one of the BDMWs is practical, bare feet of a subordinate partner, usually sticks.

Bisexuality is one of the sexual orientations; sexual treatment of partners of both sexes is not necessarily equal and not necessarily simultaneous.

Bondage (Angl. bondage - dependence, non-witch) is part of the MLC, which consists of the disengagement of one of the partners. Usually it's a connection, but it's possible to use handcuffs, cage, etc.

Bukkae (Bukkaru, spray water), Ms. Bukkeik, Bukkakek, Bukake, bukakke, bukake, bukake is one of group sex varieties. In buccacacaca, several men ejaculate and throw sperm on one woman (on face, mouth, chest).

Vaginam is a cut-off (spozm) of vagina and pelvis muscles that makes it difficult to extract or introduce penis. Could make it impossible to have a sexual act.

Vikharita - (sancrit) the introduction and movement of the penis between the intact femur.

Virginia - (Lat. virgo virgin + gamos marriage) virgin marriage.

Virgata is a friction of the penis about the feminine line.

Virility, virilization is a manifestation of the men ' s characteristics in women ' s life (consciousness, revulsion, temporality, etc.) under Androgans.

Wallust is a sense of euphoria when it comes to fiction during sex.

Wuyerism (Fre. Voyeurisme from F. voir to see or visualize) is a desire to look after people who have sex or privacy: dressing, visiting the toilet. It's considered sexual.

The G-point (on behalf of the German gynaecologist, Ernst Graphenberg), a point on the front of the vagina, which is in depth by about 5 cm, is considered to be one of the most sensitive erogen points of women.

Gang-bang (Gangbang, Gangbeng) (from angl. gank, gang-bang - organized assault by a large number of people on the enemy) group sex with one woman and a large number of men (possibly vice versa).

Geishism (Yap. geisya - Geisha) is an extragenital form of sexual life; a gay woman who entertains her guests with singing, dancing, talking, including intimacy, but does not provide sexual services.

Gender (angl. gender, lat. genus " genus " ) is a social gender that determines the human attitude towards society and how it is perceived.

Genitalia is sex breeding, sex organs.

Hermafroditism (from the Greek God of Hermafrodite) - Intersexuality, bipolarity, concomitant or consistent male and female genitals and genitals in separated organisms.

Herontophilia (presbiophilia, o' Greek geron (gerontos) - old and philia - love, friendship) - sexual attraction to old people, older persons.

Heterism (from Greek, hetaira is a friend, a lover) is undisturbed sexual relations, a form of free love.


Hetero/homosexuality is the sexual and emotional treatment of partners of the opposite/sexual sex.

The hybrid is an ancient Argosian cavalry with a brightly expressed field of inversion.

Ginecophilia is a sexual attraction to mature, adult women; a female homosexuality.

Hypersexuality is an increased sexuality, sexual intercourse, which occurs slightly.

Hypersexuality is puberty-- at young age, fixing psychotics in pornographic impressions and fantasies.

Hypersublimation is the severe suppression of sexual tendencies by motivation and activity in sports, creativity, production.

Hypogonadism, hypogenitism, is a lack of primary and secondary sexuality due to the lower sexuality of the irons of the inner seduction.

Hyposexuality is the decline in sexual activity and intrusion, the frigidity of women.

Girsutism (from lat. hirsutus - wet, hairy) - male type of revolt, excessive growth of term hair (wet, beards), one manifestation of women ' s virilization.

Hyphedonia (hyphedonia) (hyphedonia; hyp- + Greek. hedone pleasure, pleasure; cinema: sexual hypogesy, hypogedonia) - whispering, reducing sexual sensation.

Deep throat (angl. deep throat) is the type of minet where the penis penetrates the throat of the partner(s).

Homos is the same, the same, the same, the mutual, the same, the general, the supply used in the formation of difficult words (e.g. homosexuality).

Homophobia (greek homos equal, fobos - fear) - various forms of negative reaction (purchase, disgust, anger and other) to homosexuality, both of its own and surroundings.

Gonadotromine is a hormonal earmarked for the front share of the hypophysics responsible for the development and operation of the sex work of both men and women.

Gonades are sexy.

Gonzopornography (angl. Gonzo pornography) is a genre of pornography in which the director or operator becomes a party to pornography. Hono-pornography, as usual, is characterized by major sexual plans, as well as by some grotesque (friquency) behaviour of the sexes involved. The famous director in this genre is Max Hardcore.

The civil floor (syn, ascritic, passport, midwifery) is officially recorded in the documents, which is defined at birth and is removed from the morphological sex.

The Grefenberg stain is the area on the front wall of the vagina, the size of which (presumably) is increased by sexual act or initiation and which may be associated with women ' s orgasm.

Group sex is sex with more than two people. Heterosexual, gay and bisexual partners are allowed to share sexual orientations.

Deviation (sexual) (fre. deviation from lat. deviare) is to be lost; synonyms are paraphilia, parapathia, parerosia, sexual paresthesis, perversitis), deviations from the customary sexual norms of this society.

Gender determination is a trend of genetic and median factors to detect sexual differences, i.e. the development of primary and secondary sex and sexual consciousness (psychosexual orientation).

Defeminization - (Latta de removal, removal ) elimination by boys of the feminine features of the nature and behaviour usually developed in the upbringing of women.

Defloration - (Latus de removal, removal ) virginity, rupture of virgin mould.

Dimorphysm (semi-sex) - distinctions based on female or male sex.

Disharmonia is sexy (dis... + Greek. harmonia - proportionality), violation of intimate relationships between partners, usually due to poor choice of sexual partner or psychological disharmony inside the couple.

Disgenitalism (dis... + lat. genitalis, detogeneral, sex) is the common name of the anomaly of the development of sexual organs.

Diasparenia (dis... + Greek pareunos sleeping with anyone or in one bed, cohabitant) is the common name of sexual disorder among women, both physical and psychological, including lack of intrusion (sexuality), inability to orgasm (Arangasmia), intrusion between spouses (diagnosia), muscle spasms (vagis).

Sexual, gender (from Greek, disforiya - suffering, torture, adjudication) - dissatisfaction and rejection of their sexual status leading to the desired change of gender.

The dysfunctional sex, disgamy (dice + Greek gamete - spouse) - the disharmonization of sexual intercourse in a couple may have both physical and psychological characteristics.

Evnuhoidism (greek eunuchos - Skop, Eunuch, eidos - type, exemplary) - underdevelopment, congenital or acquired, sexual iron and secondary sexuality.

Rigid sex (angl. hardcore, hard-core sex - solid, bitter) - a very frank form of pornography, usually includes large pictures of vaginal, oral and amalgamous sexual acts, as well as kunnilingus, fellation and seedlings.

The Golden Rain, see Uragnia.

Zoophilia (Greek. zoo - animal and filiya - friendship or love) or scotium (colossity) - sexual virginity, human sexual contact with animals. And.

Snowballing or sperm exchange (angl. Cum-Swapping) - company seeds, after which sperm is transmitted to partner(s) through kiss or glass.

Impotence (extremely dysfunctional) is an inability for a man to make a sexual act because of a lack of erection of a sexual member.

Inversion is sexy. See homosexuality.

Involutio inhibition, eclipse, phasing out - sexual activity due to age, begins with reduced interest in sex.

Intersexuality (between inter- and sex-sex) is the presence of both sexes in separated organisms (hermaphrodity) or the uncertainty of sexual identification (transsexuality).

Intromission is the introduction of penis in the vagina.

Incestus - criminal, sin - incestus - incestus - incest, sexual intercourse between blood relatives (parents and children, brothers and sisters, not beyond the level of cousins). Incest is permitted in some countries.

Irrumatio, irrumatio, ir- inside + ruma - nipples - the type of mine where the penis is active, and the partner company ' s mouth remains passive.

Yoni is a symbolic image of the vagina in Hindus.

Castration is the removal of human or animal sex, resulting in a decrease in the number of hormones, which results in the suppression of secondary sexuality, as well as the production of sperm or eggs, which leads to the impossibility of progeny. Egg removal with penis is called fragmentation.

Clitoris is a hunter, clitorido cheek, a part of a woman ' s sexual body consisting of cave bodies similar to a bowroc, situated at the top of the vagina entrance, is considered to be one of the most sensitive erogenes.

Coitus - Coitus - Coitus - copulation, sexual act, intercourse, cohabitation.

The coitus is the form of sexual act when the member remains in the front of the vagina (up to the mould). Used to preserve virginity or prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The coitus Interruptus interrupted the coitus, where the penis is removed from the vagina before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy.

Coitus Prolonged is a conscious extension of a sexual act to get a more severe sexual discharge.

Corephilia is a kind of paedophilia, love for girls.

Contraceptives are contraceptives.

Copulation, see coitus.

Rabbit is incest.

Kteis is a symbolic image of vaginas in ancient Greeks.

Kunnilingus (Lat. cunnus - outward female genital organs + lingo - liza), syn. Kunniling, Kumbitmaca, Lambitus, lanet - kisses, sucking or leasing of clitori or vulva, form of oral sex.

Lesbianism (forestation) (from the name of the Lesbos Island in Dr.Greece), Sin, lesbian love, sapphim, tribadia, female homosexuality.

Libido is a sexual desire or a sexual instinct.

Lingam is a symbolic image of the Hindu's bells.

Lurrication (syn. lurification) is the physiological reaction of lubricants (wetting) of the vagina of a woman in an erotic (psychological or physical) incentive.

Ludus is a hedonistic game of love in ancient Greece, which is superficial and easily treasonable.

Masochism - (on behalf of the Austrian writer of Zaher-Mazoh) - part of the MLF, a sexual motto where satisfaction is achieved through physical or moral suffering caused by a sexual partner.

Max Hardcore (the real name is Paul F.Lithl, born on 10 August 1956, Rasin, Wisconsin) is a director, actor and producer porn, known in 1992 by the Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore. Worked in the genre on a porous and, according to the reports, his films are a test of the limit of moral acceptance. He was sentenced for four years for violence and indecent behaviour. Max World Entertainment is located in California, Altaden.

Maniya passion, madness, induction, obsession, irrational passion characterized by dependence on the object of intrusion and mistrust.

Masculinus (lat. masculinus - male) is a complex of characteristic features usually attributed to men; a combination of characteristics that distinguish a man from a woman.

Masturbation (rucoblood, psation, shedding) (Latus manus hand + turbare - worried) - sexual satisfaction through the promotion of their own erogation zones or erogen areas of the partner (mutual masturbation).

Menarche (dr.grech. men month + arche beginning) is the first menstrual bleeding, the main sign of sexual premonition.

Menopause is the stoppage of menstruation in the woman ' s wake of the end of the ovarian function, the end of the child-bearing period.

Milf, MILF is an acronym (abbreviatura) of the phrase " mother I’d like to fuck " , a sexy mature woman from 30 to 50 years, also used as a pornographic genre.

Minet (minimum, penil, phallatorism) (F. faire des minettes - (difficult) tickle, lace, from F. minette - kitty) - oral sex with penis in the mouth, language or throat of the partner.

The morphological, somatic sex is the sex defined by the sex structure; it is recorded by the development of male or female genital organs and secondary sex.

Husband is male homosexuality.

Multiorgasty is the ability of a woman to get a few orgasms for one sexual act.

Narvasadata (sanskrit; syn. coitus inter mammas) - penis between women ' s breasts.

Narcissism (autoeroticism, automosexualism, autophilia, auto-estrotia) (on behalf of the hero of the Greek mythology of Narciss) is a sexual denomination that guides sexual activity to itself. It's considered a private case of fetishism.

Necrophilia (dr. Greek. nekros is dead and filiya is love) - sexual demotion, sexual initiation or sex with bodies. It's considered a private case of fetishism.

Nimphomania - (Greek nymphe is bride, mania - passion, madness, lat. nymphomania) (or anandromance) increased sexual intimacy among women, hypersexuality.

Oigarhe (greek oigo-- to creat, open + arche - beginning) is the first sequencing (ejaculation) of boys, the main sign of sexual obsession.

Onanism, see masturbation.

It's mental - sexual satisfaction (orgasm) through erotic fantasies without direct stimulation of erogenic zones and genital organs.

Oral sex (from os, oris to mouth) is a sexual act in which sexual initiation and/or discharge occurs through leasing, sucking and other partner sexual organs.

Orgasm (dr.-greech orgazm - from moisture, passion dust) - the higher climination of sexual defensiveness related to the acute sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

The orgasm platform (syn. orgastic manject) is the regular reduction and relaxation of the muscles of the exterior third of the vagina, which are completely reduced during the orgasm.

Orgasm is the average frequency of women ' s orgasm (as a percentage of total sexual acts during a given period).

Paderosia, see paedophilia.

Pansexism - (greek pan, pantos all + sex) - claiming the primacy of sex and sexuality in science about humans and society.

Paraphilia (dr.-grech. para - near and fil - family clan) - see the virgin.

Passport floor, see civilian floor.

Pederasti (lat. pais - boy + erastes - hot loving, lover) - male homosexuality, usually between male and male (boy).

Pedophilia (from Dr. Greek, pedos - child and filiya - love) (infantosexualism, paederosia) - sexual intercourse with children of pre-pubertatic or early nepobertal age. In the exact sense, paedophilia is love for boys.

Penitentiary, see min.

Perversion (lat. perversio overturning) - distortion, deviation, see virginity.

Permissiveness, permissive sex (angl. permissiveness, allowing) is sexual, sexual tolerance.

Pet play.

Petting (angl. pet ball, pet) is a form of sex where satisfaction is achieved by glueds, kisses, glowing erogenes without contact with naked genitals.

Polyamoria (from the Greek "poli " , much + lat. "amor " - love) - the view that there may be love, emotional and sexual intercourse with several people at the same time (but not necessarily in one bed).

Pollutionism is a form of masochism, a desire to be a sexual partner.

Pollution (received. pollutio - Marie, patchagne) - a non-voluntary eruption of sperm in males (non-sexual) usually occurs in sleep.

Half-priority is a preference for a woman ' s or men ' s role or some aspects.

Pornography (dr.-grech. porn, blodnic, etc. grafos - to write, write; undec.: porn) - naturalistic, considered inviolable in this cultural environment, verbal description or image of genitals or sexual assault.

Polyandria (greek, poly andros male, husband) is the type of marriage when one woman has more than one spouse.

Polygamy (greek, polygamy and gamos marriage) is the type of marriage where one partner has more than one spouse of the opposite sex. There are two kinds of polygamy, polyginium and polyandria.

Poligia (Greek, poly and gyne woman, wife) is a kind of marriage when one man has more than one wife.

Pragma, in Dr. Gretia, a mixture of manus and tendering is a comprehensional love.

Procreatio-birth, cinema, reproduction, reproduction. Procreative sexuality is sexuality, which is aimed at prolonging the kind.

Promiscuity (promiscuus mixed, general) - indiscriminate, indiscriminate sexual relations with many partners.

Contraceptiveness is a female flirt, provoking male sexual activity.

Pubertat (Latin pubertas is the age of hair growth) is a sexual ripeness, changes in the child ' s organism that make it an adult and capable of being conceived.

Recreation, recreational sexuality is sexuality with the aim of rest, pleasure and relaxation.

Repressive sexual morality is a complex of severe anti-sexual requirements in the social and cultural environment, contrary to sexual tolerance (permissibility).

The regeneration of sexual (lat. retardatio late, delay) is a delay in psycho-sexual development (the delay of the first menstruation or ejaculation, the delay in sexual intercourse) and, in particularly serious cases, there is a lack of secondary sexuality.

Receptiveness is a woman ' s willingness to accept a man (sama) in a sexual act.


Sadism - (on behalf of the Marquise de Sada) - part of the BDSM, sexual virginity, where satisfaction is achieved through physical or moral suffering caused by a sexual partner.

Sadomasochism - sadism and masochism, sexual mosquito, two opposite and mutually reinforcing ways of sexuality, ingda is drawn from one person.

Satriazis - (Greek satyros: satires - forest divines, demons of fertility, portrayed as goat people) - increased sexuality in men, hypersexuality.

Sexwife (sexwife) is a wife who has sex with or in the presence of, with or without his husband. Some pig-parks are working.

Sexology is a science studying all forms of human sexuality, both normal sexuality and various sexual practices, including paraphilia (or sexual denominations).

Sexopathology is a section of clinical medicine that examines sexual disorders, their origin, diagnosis and treatment.

Sex therapy - treatment of sexual disorder in couples (special program training, training).

Sibari, sebara - grab, tie, tie, bundle - one of the kinds of bondage, bundle art, part of the BDSM.

Siblingi (sibs) (angl. sibs, siblings - brother or sister) - genetic descendants of some parents, family brothers and sisters (not twins).

Squirt (squirtting, squirt) -- ejection of liquid from the female vagina in an orgasm, female ejaculation.

Slimming (angl. slimming is thin, hygienic) - introduction of hygienic tampons for alcohol (water, gin, whiskey) into a vagina or anus to produce an effect of intoxication.

Somatic (from Greek soma, born, somatos body) - physical, physical.

Somatotype is the type of bodywork.

Spanking (angl. spanking - scape) is a scapegoat of a subordinate partner dominated by berry pallets or a flat object; one of the BDSM practice.

Strade (thr. Greek storge) is one of the ancient Greek symbols of love, family, family love.

Strapon (floprothez) ( strap-on on the belt) is a removable panties with an erected penis, a faltomist.

Subincisia is the surgical separation of the rear wall of the lipstick, often for ritual purpose.

Sublimation is the suppression of sexual tendencies and activity in sports, creativity, production.

Superincisia is the ritual surgery of the front of the extreme flesh (without removal).

Tantra (Sanskr. Continuity, communication, thread, base of tissue) - esotteric course in Hinduism, teaching of the twofold nature of the universe in which men and women are represented. In today ' s world, the tantrum is sceptically referred to as a disincentived system of coupled trainings and practices, including sex.

Trumping (heating) (angl. trample - pushing, drowning, washing) - one of the BDSM practices in the topping of the lower partner, both in shoe and bosik.

Transvestigism, herbalism (between travestire - change) - dressing in the opposite sex; may be a symptom of gender disorientation.

Transsexualism is the inconsistency between the social, biological and gender identity of a person, the desire to belong to the opposite sex. See sexual discourse.

Triolism (Latus tres, tria - 3; Sin. Sexualism) is a variety of group sex, where the couple ' s sexuality occurs in the presence or participation of another partner.

Tumesco is suffocated, melted - increase in the size of the genitalia and their acquisition of elevated injection or sexual activity.

U-tok (angl. Skene’s glands, lesser vestibular, periurethral glands) is the section of the sensitive tissue that lies between the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina, above the opening of the urea channel; is considered to be one of the most sensitive erogant women ' s zones.

Urulagnia (Rain rain) is the urination of one partner to another, the psycho-sex pleasure of this act.

Falaka (Turkish. falaka -- bosom pistol) -- one of the BDSM practice, see Basinado.

Fallos (greek. fallos is a sexual member) is a symbolic image of an erected sex member, a cult of many linguistic religions.

Fallatorism (greek. fallos is a sexual member) - see minet.

Faissitting (facesitting) (angl. face sitting - face sitting on the face) is one of the BDSM practicers sitting on the face of the subordinate partner, coercing the lower partner into oral sex.

Fellacia (lat. fello - sauce) - see min.

Femininity (Lat. femininus-women) is a set of characteristics usually attributed to women; a set of characteristics that distinguish a woman from a man.

Feromones (greek fero - to carry + omon - to cause, induce) - substances destined for the external sequestration of some animals that serve to communicate between the species. Feromones manage behavioural responses, multiplication and development processes.

Fetishism is sexy (port. feitico - magic) - sexual initiation to non-industed objects: underwear, clothing, shoes, things made from certain material, etc., which in themselves do not carry erotic loads but symbolize the partner.

Philia, Filia.

Fingering (hungle finger - finger) - introduction of one or more fingers into a vagina or anus.

Fisting (angl. fist - fulak) - introduction of a fist into a vagina or anal opening to get acute sexual feelings.

Flagellatio - Bichetio - the persuasion of the subordinate partner by the dominating partner with the help of the fly, the knuckle, etc., one of the BDMW practices.

Flaffer (angl. Fluff-- torch, rupture) (Fluffer) is specially employed (men or women) to support the erection of actors during the filming. Not currently used.

Fling is nothing but mandatory sex, after which partners feel no responsibility or commitment to each other.

Frigidity (hypolibidemy, anaphrodization) is the total absence or partial loss of sexual induction and treatment. Frigid woman doesn't get satisfaction from sex.

Frictions are copulative (lat. frictio - friction) - body movements during sexual assault.

Frustrations are sexual (from lat. frustratio - vain expectations, deception, failure) - unsatisfactory sexuality, unsatisfactory inducement.

Foot-fetishism (angl. foot - leg + fetishism) - sexual intercourse with male or female legs (steps). The variety of fetishism.

Hastler (hustler) is a prostitute who acts vulgar and obsessive. Most commonly used for male prostitutes.

Celbatus (coelibatus or caelibatus is free of marriage) is a vow of religiously motivated negligence. Usually treats Catholic priests.

The Swedish family is polyamoria, where three participants of different sexes (MW or FGM) live together, share and have sex (not necessarily all together). In France, it's called menage a trois - a three-man farm.

Exhibitionism (exhibeo - to show, display) is a sexual motto where a person receives sexual satisfaction through the demonstration of his genitalia by public or individual strangers, usually the opposite sex. Exhibitionism is usually accompanied by masturbation.

Excess sex is a few sexual acts in a row or in a day (each must end with orgasm or ejaculation.

Erection - (rectio building, building) - increase and eruption of penis, clitarian or nipple to fill the blood of cave bodies under the influence of erotic impulses and irration.

Erogen areas are parts of the body (mild irons, lips, mouths, sex organs, anus) whose stimulus results in sexual initiation and/or orgasm.

Eros (Eroth, Greek, Eros, Ms. Amur, the Romans of Cupid) - the god of love in ancient Greek mythology, the denomination of love, usually on telex.

Erotics (Greek, Eros - God of love) - sexual fantasies and feelings, everything that turns them up, as well as a genre of art, in front of sexual emotions.

Erotomania is hypersexual.

Estrogenes (greek. estros live and brightness + Greek genos-borne) - steroid hormones, which are mainly ovaries of women; have a strong feminist effect on women ' s organisms.

Estros (stream) (lat. oestrus from the Greek oestros - passion, rage) the sexual activity of the self-provoking evaporation.

Euperunium (hereh, well, perfectly, correctly + pareunos cohabitant) is a synchronized, simultaneous orgasm of both partners.

Ephebophilia (dr. Greek. efebos - young + filia - love) - sexual intercourse (libido) of mature people towards teens, girls and boys.

Ejaculatio ejaculatio - Discharge, eruption; Sine seedling - removal of seed fluid from urea by men (samples) usually accompanied by an orgasm.