Opening of the women ' s orgasm

Opening of the women ' s orgasm

Orgasm of women

The Kinsey report was an extensive collective study. It's hard to overestimate that one. The role played by the views expressed therein. He's calm and inexplicable. The doubts about the values that seemed unswerving and were immediately adopted marginalized groups. The third floor is male and female They said they had their rights, and their special sexual orientation immediately became subject to review. It was then that the researchers approached the history of the phenomenon of London gays of the 1700s.

Sexologists, based on Kinsey ' s research and his colleagues, concluded that only A small proportion of the U.S. population can be considered exclusively heterosexual or homosexual. Most people throughout their lives have a turn to the opposite, to their sex. In a 1953 study, Kinsey notes that between 3 and 10 per cent Women surveyed had the same-sex experience and by 40, 19 per cent of women had at least once sexual intercourse with another woman.

Turns out there's a place in a big book of life, though it was considered a pervert or a blatant thing to Kinsey. a violation of decency. The views of the respondents were supported by research. Scientists have announced that they seek free and unbiased interpretation of data and speech It's about the usual biological problem that Freud has left. They stressed that An analysis of human behaviour in its materialistic, animal dimension is not accepted in the American and English tradition, where such interpretation is perceived as something an inadequate cultural and educated nation. Indeed, many readers do. Some allegations have been received, such as masturbation, not the Greek manuscript, but very common occupation.

Past the way to further research, disputes and discussions, in one word, towards a new view of sexuality. And there was a scandal.

Women ' s sweetness

In 1966, another one was thrown into an impossible lake of public calm. Stone. William Maesters and Virginia Johnson published bio-psychological Study on " Responses to Human Sexual Conduct " . For the first time, an analysis of women ' s sexuality was proposed. The findings were based on survey 487 Women, with questions asked in the laboratory immediately after a woman had been tested Orgasm. Three phases of women ' s orgasm were allocated. First one intercepts breath, then There is a special feeling in the area of the clitoris, which extends to the whole pelvis. An area. A lot of women think they have liquid at this point. Researchers note that males are erroneous, a view of the orgasm of women has assumed, They're giving a special seed.

That's what Walter thought, an anonymous author, My Secret. in the nineteenth century. He's been trying hard to understand what his many partners are experiencing. The seducer's body was hiding a soul of a sexist!

In the second stage of the orgasm emitted by Maysters and Johnson, the hot wave covers the pelvis area and then spreads throughout the body. The third phase is under way Something like non-voluntary drogues that are particularly sensitive in the vagina or pelvis.

Some of the women interviewed share two successive changes:
Spasm, followed by vibration or pulse. In the course of the further study, the authors note that 5 to 8 strong concussions of the “organic platform” can be considered normal. The time of the orgasm, 8 to 10 concussions were perceived as a physiological experiment, and 3 to 5 concussions for many were " short-term sweetness " . They consider women in menopause with great sexual experience. Pregnant women feel more orgasm, especially in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

But Maesters and Johnson consider it their duty to state that their research is purely clinical and does not exhaust the individual diversity of pleasure, That every woman can experience in her own way.

The indirect purpose of the book was to rehabilitate masturbation. In American society, masturbation has a particularly strong taboo. Book authors Objection to Freud ' s belief that mature women do not masturbate. By them. Surveillance, stigmatization occurs throughout a woman ' s sexual life. Moreover, many women do not limit themselves to one-time orgasm during the clitoris stimulus, but repeat it a few times until they get to the bottom. However, The authors do not seek to promote self-satisfactory, they just want to take off the oreol. Prohibiting and introducing heterosexual relationships as a means of erotic initiation. This goal has not been achieved immediately, but the package contained In the book, the feminists and gays were immediately adopted. They used it to declare the right to their sexual freedom and rise against shy rules and prohibitions.

♪ 1970 Ann Kedt published a book entitled " Myth of Vaginal Orgasm " ; in 1971, A book written by a group of Boston women, called "This is our body, and it is belongs to us. " The formation has become a true bible for women ' s sexual rights, including the right to masturbation. In thirty years, the book was divided into 4 million copies in 16 languages! In 1974, Betty Dodson released a disseller entitled " Masturbation free: self-sustaining thinking " , until 1996 he was reissued Six times.

The true sex revolution of the twentieth century has affected women in particular.

She is. Started in the 1950s in the United States, and two decades later went well and accelerated. It is legitimate that the need for fundamental changes arose precisely where society Experiencing the strongest fear and anxiety about sexual prohibitions and sexual freedom. The Americans of that time had been particularly oppressed by patriarchal principles in the sexual sphere of life (and had proved the reports of Kinsey). However, Americans More than anyone has been able to seek freedom from oppression, whatever it is. One researcher, thinking in 1990 about what was caused by the “sex war”, rightly observed that Americans had been trained to treat Eros with prejudice and even even fear. It is associated with passion, damsel, dangerous and uncontrollable force. That's why Eros was thought to be scary even in his family life, and it was necessary to keep his emotions under control. But our generation, she says, learned early and early. It's very skillful to contain your desires. We are confident that our fear of Eros cannot destroy civilization.

In other words, sex is still on the other side of the Atlantic. Revolution, as opposition to traditional attitudes remains very strong. And Heterosexual family protection is considered by Americans and non-conservatives one of the social priorities. Despite the fact that sexuality has been constantly being talked about in the past 50 years, the family is still perceived as a model of satisfaction. and the needs of any kind and above the mere dam pleasure. Multiple The writings write about this, and many of them are successful. However, in private life, The family and sex are still occuated by secret silence. The more this is said in public places, the clearer the role of the family and sex in the lives of everyone. A repressive culture does not take its positions and fights silently. By the beginning of the twenty-first century views More polarized, and the confrontation of the two hostile parties has increased more than ever.

Contraceptive revolution

The main way to free a woman from the tyranny of purely child-related sexuality is through contraception. They already exist. Sixtieth, but not all, for various reasons: often family, public and cultural traditions prevent their use. The first of the contraception, the Oral Women ' s Contraception, was invented The American scientist Gregory Pincus in the 1950s, and in the 1960s, he came to consumers. The pill is certainly one of the most revolutionary inventions of the century. At a modest price (at first, a package of $11 per month) a woman is able to control her childish function. Never again. The history of humanity did not have that right.

It's not like Pincus was doing it. Research at the same time as the Kinsey team, and shortly before the opening of the female orgasm Masters and Johnson. By the middle of the twentieth century in American society, very Puerto Rican and A very concerned problem of sex is a problem that has taken different forms.

Later in the 1970s, the psychological release of a woman is gradually taking place, Not only at the level of body relations, the feminist and homosexual movement has already made significant changes in this area. Release takes place at the legislative level, as in 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes abortions. In the clear sky, the American family has been hit by a thunder!

The scope of this decision can be felt today, although anti-abortionists continue to be violent. From now on, a woman is not only entitled to orgasm and self-satisfactory. allowed, under the law, not to suffer from unwanted or endangered pregnancy. The Catholic Church, in turn, banned pills and abortions. She allowed me to use only a method to control conception. Ohino.

A structured technical invention based on this method was presented to the public October 1996. At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, a green light will be lit, and when the light is changed yellow, a woman should be tested with the same urine device. If there's a red light, it means in the next 6th. Ten days can be pregnant. The advantage of the method is that a woman can herself To decide, without using other contraceptives, whether she wants to have a baby. The Aguino method, the appearance of pills and perhaps some tomorrow's unknown contraceptives have made one obvious: Eve's daughters can be completely equal with male partners in sexual relations if they are psychologically prepared for such equality.


In the last decades of the twentieth century, a new, “technical” stage has come to the forefront of sweetness. And once again, innovations come from America, which has turned a whole erotic and sweetness induction for both self-sustaining and for couples still in special stores only (sex shops) Tolerant countries of the West. In 1977, a special store of " Green Vibrators from West Coast Warehouses " was opened in California. His merchandise was at first modest. - About $15,000 a year, but by the year 2000, sales increased to $8 million per year; among other things, the store sold 134,000 vibromassiers (or could sell and sell) A million. At the turn of the millennium, the United States has four large manufactures of production. sexy toys, everyone has more than 100 personnel. Among these manufactures is the largest Do Johnson factory in the world. Europe's not lagging behind. To date, the continent has at least a dozen such productions.

Globalization The pleasures are in full motion!

The Internet site offers silicone penis from The image of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or Buddha. Now you don't have to prove sexy. Research that masturbation and erotic games are a normal phenomenon. The Internet, printed and audio-visual media in abundance provide advice and promote incentives. In fact, a large erotic industry has grown in the air. I don't think moralists can change things. We're not. We are aware of the importance of modern sexual liberation market laws... It's a strange inversion of values! 'Cause there was a rucoblood once. Tisseo, and then the doctors of the nineteenth century as a waste! And nowadays, it becomes a way of initial capital accumulation, and that is what makes it more effective than the work of Kinsey or Macers and Johnson.

As a result - the gradual weakening of the taboo on masturbation in the United States, especially in the younger generation. If In Kinsey ' s 1953 study, only 40 per cent of women were masturbated before First sexual intercourse, by 1990, more than two-thirds of the women and almost 100 per cent men.

The results show not only that masturbation started to do without guilt, but also that the respondents are not ashamed to answer. And this shame has undeniably distorted the reality in the middle of the twentieth century.

What was banished is coming back. Erotic toys and artificial penis The streets of London were sold openly in the sixteenth century. I thought they were incredible. Sensitive and, of course, brought to England from France. Their modern versions are very sophisticated. multiple. Some were born in America for research purposes: simulate the movement of sexual organs in soya.

These are expensive, transparent Plastic devices where film is inserted and thus photograph the interior of the vagina. These devices are equipped with speed switches and penetration depths, They use electrical energy and are like a machine for an endless orgasm. Others are just vibro-massagers, quite innocent, which makes them easier. I'll sell. Not necessarily electrical, they're cut in a smooth manner and have the most Different forms.

A special inventive device appeared in Japan near 1970. It is called " Rinno-tama " or " va " or " Ben-wa " , and consists of two completes. A balloon with a blue egg, one with a little mercury. Bullshit The ball is in the vagina, followed by the second, and ends with a little paper or a wat. From now on. A woman may receive pleasures without giving herself away.

She's got enough swinging on her swings or in a chair, like balloons start slipping inside the vagina. And they're putting on walls like a man's dick.

There's no sex lover on a stunning bed. I've been waiting for such a development.

Finally, the 1990 version is " leather " , something like electric vibrating eggs. A woman may unnoticedly keep him in the vagina, For example, during a romantic candle dinner.

All these devices, even the most They don't use too much demand. Maybe feminists can find There's one more proof of their right: they think the clitoris are inclined, In spite of Freud's opinion, it exceeds vaginal.

On the threshold of a new sexual contract?

Europe went on a path of sexual liberation before the United States: Contraceptive pills, feminine orgasm images, erotic toys included It's been a long time ago, and it's not limited. In Protestant countries, in particular the Scandinavia and the Netherlands, society is very patient about freedom of temper, The naked body, the sale of pornographic publications in kiosks. Ways have been found to regulate the ancient profession, as evidenced by the Amsterdam and Hamburg Vitrines, for I don't know who prostitutes are showing their beauty.

Catholic countries are more resilient, but there have also been many restraining following the events of May 1968. The legislation responded to changes in public awareness, in particular the legalization of abortions (in France) by the Law of Vail of 17 January 1975), divorce, recognition of homosexuals and the affirmation of different forms of cohabitation of people of the same sex (Pact on Civil Solidarity in the Voltaire country. There are no scissors in the Old Light between harsh traditional laws, which are retained in theory, but rarely applied in practice, and actual behaviour, That's what the American culture is. If something in the law doesn't work. Public opinion, it ignores the established rigour, and the legislators eventually adjust and modify the legal rules concerning the heterosexual family - The multi-centered foundations of Western society.

How love changes

At the beginning of the third millennium, the two sides of the Atlantic are changing the relationship between the sexes. There is always an unspoken contract between the sexes in society, and It is a significant part of the public contract as a whole. It doesn't depend so much. The will of individuals, as many as the goals and objectives of civilization as a whole. A sense of freedom Europe and the United States since 1968, due to individual activities personalities and at the same time as a result of universal efforts.

In this sense, love cannot be To think exclusively of a personal feeling, as “we love and suffer, following culture " . Love can also be considered a certain " communication code " , closely linked to the principled parameters of the human community and with the changes in it.

In the West, this code is limited to the relationship within the heterosexual couple, For the first time, changes took place in the sixteenth century. Before that, he was built on the higher ideal of medieval cortois love, and in the sixteenth century, it included perceptions of sensuality as a matter of sense. I'm sure you have a love connection.

Literature has spoken of love and passion and open I started to figure out what the difference between them is. The next corner was about 1,800. a year when love-strate and romantic love became shared. Niklas Luman thinks, That at that time the traditional model of peace based on the family in the family was finally abandoned. A narrow sense of speech, religion and morality. It was replaced by a modern model, built as a functional system, all elements of which are economics, politics, the law, the arts, private life, etc., develop autonomously and maintain close interdependence. His main hypothesis was that significant changes in love Semantics usually come along with the updating of communication symbols in general; The process of renewal leads to a more intensive relationship between people. But what is at the heart of the individual is memory, specialty. behaviour can never be completely understood by others, especially since the identity itself is not. Always understands himself. Thus, the relationship between people is basically The rules and regulations that allow for the acceptance or rejection of the self-centred vial of the world of each of us are regulated. How do we remember, Walter, the author of Mei "of secret life," says several times that he started talking about his life. The need to understand whether his moderns have the same erotic feelings as him. He often admits that it is difficult to describe his feelings without being able to. Compar them to the feelings of others, because the harsh taboos of Victorian English society are not Let's talk about these things.

In the twentieth century, the love code continues to evolve. It seems that the development of individualism increases the selfish desire for the pleasure of the flesh. However, in fact, no Nothing more related to the laws of society than sex. Indeed, from now on The 60 sexual achievements have become a measure of overall success.

Western sense semantics have spread throughout the world, carnal pleasure has become a metaphor of pleasure in general, and pleasure is now perceived as the maximum embodiment of my own. In the wake of the turmoil that took place at the end of the twentieth century, the " sex treaty " took very new forms. Since 1971, it has been possible to foresee that it will soon disappear. An old model of relationship between the sexes based on a duty of pre-care, abstinence between the fiancé and the bride and the double male The standard that enabled the fiancé, as the husband subsequently, to visit prostitutes and to gain sexual experience. In the 1960s, virginity was lost to hers. the importance of which the development of contraception has contributed. Indeed, virginity now Was not perceived as dignity, but as synonyms of sensual indevelopment or insolvency. The premarital sex became the norm for young people, but sometimes parents, The children were not understood by other principles. New generations should no longer be limit themselves to " allowed " latches, and therefore less masturbation than Young people have been in time.

However, some moralists say that some sorts of claims have been made. tyranny of orgasm. Indeed, the need to be upheld dictates its laws as Equality between men and women is commendable unless it creates feelings Fruit for those producers who cannot fully meet consumer expectations in a competitive environment!

Right of pleasure

Thirty years after the 1960s, at the end of the twentieth century, changes in principle sexual and social relations have become evident. Can't deny a crisis or The decline in the traditional perception of couples embedded in sacred ties marriage. Legal marriage is increasingly being terminated by divorce. This is happening in Europe and the United States. In the United States, where the spirit of practicality and the taste of finding the most effective solution to any case, a machine similar to a record-breaker has been invented, allowing the full set necessary to obtain as quickly as possible. divorce papers. The increase in divorces is due in part to a significant increase in the number of divorces Life expectancy. Spouses now live together a lot longer than mid-point. Twenty-first century, when hunger, incurable diseases, wars have often broken happiest alliances. Except that there were previously untouchable and undisturbed obligations, and our moderns are not afraid to change their partner on the grounds that they want more pleasure. Now, pleasure has become both a right and a duty.

Born by an industry. pleasure. In Uncle Sam's country, not only is the market of erotic toys flourishing, the market for corrupt love has risen to a new height. In 1967, Nevada was first legalized brothel. By the end of the twentieth century, there were at least 36. Public homes are modestly housed in remote quarters, but there is " Official Public Guide Houses of Nevada. " In a brothel, obviously for educational purposes, And the museum of prostitution. The commercial success of tolerance houses has attracted the attention of investors. By the end of the 1990s, a financial group had planned to build in the outskirts of Las Vegas. A luxury place with golf, pool, tennis cakes and 500 selection professionals. Construction was supposed to cost $130 million. Estimated cost of weekly stay with all pleasures - 7,000 A dollar from a man.

Everything says there's a sex age without conception.

However, it does not mean that Homo sapiens is self-destructive in the third millennium, but now the productive function and the erotic pleasure are shared. The importance of both in the lives of human beings remains very high, but many do not see a particular problem in sharing the pleasure and reproduction of themselves. Food beating, life expectancy, and life well-built, all that was inaccessible to our ancestors, increased the demands for erotic pleasure and fertility. Adults appetites did not destroy the desire to have children. Conversely, although some Moralists predict the speedy end of the world and the extinction of the white race due to the decline in fertility, the role of youth in society has never been as high as it is now. Young people care and protect against all kinds of dangers.

Infant mortality rate There has been a significant decline, and it has become seen as something out of a range. Pedophilia is perceived as the most serious crime against humanity, as evidenced by In particular, the scandal surrounding the Dutra case in Belgium. U.S. law provides for The most severe punishment for any violence against minors.

Now, in order to make descendants and love them, you don't have to marry, and this has changed things in principle. Single parents, same-sex couples defend their right to have children. Moreover, there have been ways of conserving sperms and artificial fertilization, which has made it possible that A few decades ago, it seemed quite fantastic. Now a woman can. Pregnancy without sexual intercourse; the possibility of having a child has come from those. Who's out of childbearing age. Vegetable fertilization is increasingly used. ♪ In the United States, there were 64,000 such cases in 1996 and by 2001 the number had increased to 110,000.

Clinics specializing in artificial fertilization have been introduced and multiplied, as the case has made considerable profits: patient cost per patient. An attempt to fertilize reaches $25,000. However, with age, chances of success falling.

For 35-year-old women, 35 per cent are likely to be pregnant as a result of artificial fertilization, 20 per cent between 35 and 40 years, and 10 per cent 495 between 40 and 42. Other legal means of child marriage, such as the use of The surrogate mother's services, and in time, there might be a possibility of cloning... Ethical and moral rules are making their hurdles, but they're over time. Changed according to rethinking public relations. Some people dream of the time when the last biological barrier falls and the child will be able to extinguish not only a woman. ♪ ♪