12 bars to vagina portrait

12 bars to vagina portrait

Women ' s anatomy

Knowledge of the characteristics of women ' s anatomy and physiology will help to understand the vagina holders and their partners and partners how to make sex safe, preserve health after a boom, achieve orgasm and sleep well. We're studying the feminine shelf, the vagina device and its size, the machines for female initiation and the reasons for orgasm.

It's not a flower that needs to be fought.

An unexpected surprise can be presented by a thin slimy store located around the vagina entrance circumference - a mould or a hymen. Problems usually arise when the mould is not as represented by the partner.

Many think that the first sex should lead to the destruction of the mould (deflation) and must be accompanied by pain and bleeding. But that's not true. Yes, every woman shows up with a virgin's foot, but her shape, thickness and strength are very different. The left may be shaped by a thin half-hull warehouse or a thin ring, in which case it is easily stretched and freely passes fingers, toys or sexual penis into the vagina. The owner of this hymen won't feel pain, she won't have blood, even if the vaginal sexual act was the first time in a girl's life. The blood and pain will be if the mould is wide (up to 1 - 1.5 cm), there will be a circular (in circle) and one small hole for menstrual blood flow. The term " feminine mould " has nothing to do with virginity as such: its presence does not speak of " innocence " , however, and its absence. Besides vaginal sex, there are other forms of sexual intimacy, such as anal and oral sex, where vagina remains intact.

The negative situation is a very dense mould and infiltration difficulties: when any attempt to introduce anything into the vagina causes severe pain and spasm of muscles, which further complicates penetration. In such a situation, the long-term prelude, which will be strongly stimulated by the holder of a strong hymen; the gradual introduction of a finger in the vagina; the use of small and thin sex grotesques for spraying; and a large number of lubricants. Brutal action and pressure, on the other hand, are counterproof.

If it doesn't work, it should be addressed to a doctor to surgically destroy the virgin mould.

Is entry prohibited? It's a vagina.

Vaginam It is clear to call the non-voluntary spasm of the muscles, which is wiping the entrance into the vagina, which makes penetration impossible or difficult. Every six women suffer from vagina. Some spasm muscles of the intermediary have one thought of sex, others have a real risk of penetration. Some easily enter one partner and close the door tightly to others.

Vaginal women unite one: subconscious rejection and rejection of sex as such and psychological trauma. Most of this trauma from childhood, caused by the excessive custody of the mother and her unceased intervention in the intimate life of her daughter. Secondary vaginalism may be related to rape, heavy births, genital operations.

I wonder if the woman who suffers from the vagina often doesn't understand what happens to her. She's passionate about sex, but as soon as she gets in, the entrance into the vagina is so tight that the partner can't get in.

The tension of the muscles connecting to the vagina is increasing in threatening situations. Therefore, in the case of vaginas, trustworthy and delicate relationships between partners that relax the body of laces are essential. The absence of fear of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases is important, that is, the use of reliable contraceptive methods.

In light cases, vaginaism can be a useful intimacy of the Kegel technique with vaginal trainers. She teaches the muscles of the pelvis, including their relaxation. This is a way to overcome vaginaism.

In the vagina, it's hard to find help from a sexist.

Dry is a sign of under-initiation.

The humidity of the slim vagina is considered to be a certain erection of men. The lubrication of the vagina is a liquid that acts on a slim vagina of blood tidal (also erection). The entry into the vagina is moistulated by the sliding secret of bartoline gland in the small lips. The Registrar facilitates infiltration into the vagina, and the lubricant provides a light slip on the walls of the vagina.

The extraction of vaginas depends on the level of sexual initiation, so the most frequent cause of vagina dryness can be considered as insufficient sexual initiation and lack of prelude to vaginal sex. Uncertainty in a sexual partner, his bruteness and indecision, fear of sexual infections and unwanted pregnancies, unpleasant odours, the possibility of a sudden appearance of strangers, all of which complicate the situation and prevents relaxing and peaking.

Dry may also be the result of vagina infection and inflammation, the use of aggressive personal hygiene, sprinzes, vaginal treatment, the use of spermicides.

Vaginal lubrication is often disrupted by atrophy of slim vagina with hormonal deficiency, particularly in the absence of estrogens. This situation can be observed not only by women during the period of climax and menopause, but also by young people with endocrine disorders.

How to be? In most cases, the problem is solved: calm safety, trust, advance loops, use of reliable contraceptives to protect against pregnancy, use of condoms to protect against infections (if necessary). And don't forget the bluebirds.

If this doesn't work, you should go to a doctor, maybe help a gynaecologist and a sexologist.

Sex pain is not normal. Never.

The painful feelings that arise during sex are called dispareonia. Even if they're not strong, it's not the norm, it's a specific medical problem.

The pain can be felt in the entrance of the vagina, in the vagina itself, deep in the bottom of the stomach. It can be given to the lumbar, the intersection, the inner surface of the femur.

Without a doubt, sex should only be a pleasant feeling. The pain in a sexual act cannot be tolerated. It's a direct path to disparity. There's a pain, a recurrence, a doctor, a solution to the problem at the root.

The causes of pain are numerous, but most often related to vagina, vagina dryness, inflammatory processes and endometrics. The multiple repetition of the episodes of pain results in organisms remembering them and starting at the slightest sexual intimacy, even if the true causes of the pain are already addressed.

Sometimes pain occurs not in time but in sex, and most often because of sexual dissatisfaction. The absence of an orgasm leads to the stale of blood in the area of pelvis. It's enough to get a deflection, the bleeding's normal, and the pain's gone. Savings of uterus after sex are related to oxytocin emissions, which is the rule. But the strong repetitive spasm is an excuse for consultation by the gynaecologist.

Weak sewing: relaxation of the muscles of the pelvis.

There is a myth about the " growing " vagina, which is allegedly increasing in size due to a large number of female sexual partners. This is not true: when a woman ' s sexuality rises in size because of the flow of blood, and elasticity helps them " re-enter " to remain calm - just as men do, the erection does not " stretch " penis and does not turn it into a ragginger because of a large amount of sex.

The weakening of the muscles of the pelvis can indeed lead to an increase in the vagina ' s capacity, so that during the sexual act of the wall, the pelagic penis is well attached to the penis, and this prevents both partners from reaching the orgasm.

During the friction, in such cases, air may enter the floor. When it breaks out, the vagina publishes slutting and swelling sound. The backbone is a confined space in which internal bodies, including sex, are located. These bodies may make a slight shift towards each other, but never change their location. Outside their mobility limits the front abdomen. Underneath is the line formed by the muscles of the pelvis. If the front abdominal wall is tense, as is the case with delivery and excessive physical loads, the pressure inside the abdomen increases, and the organs shift downwards, as a result of uterus and vaginal failure and associated frequent vaginal infections, non-maintenance of urine in laugh, cough and sneezing, pain during sexual act.

Avoiding sexual organ omissions would help the exercise of Keguel and vaginal training. Training contributes to the reinforcement of the muscles of the pelvis and the increase in the power of the vaginal seizure.

Size disagreement: too little space.

The vagina of a statistical woman has a length of 9 to 10 cm. This is sufficient to make it " comfortable " with a standard sex penis of 15 to 16 cm. It is no surprise that approximately 85 per cent of women are very satisfied with the quality of sex with " mediums " . And now, 55 per cent of those averages dream of big parameters, and it's worth nothing. More middle-aged women have discomfort during sex.

The woman ' s pleasure does not depend on the length of the penis. It's more important than the feeling of vagina irritating its receptors. And since the receptors are mainly concentrated in 1 to 3 cm from the entrance to the vagina, it can be assumed that irritating anything further and deeper makes no sense.

Women ' s orgasm - is the result of comfort, sex readiness, self-confidence and partner, relaxation, man's ability to own his body and his knowledge of a woman's anatomy and desire to make a partner happy. There's nothing to do with the sizes!

Meanwhile, there are 34 cm sexual members in Africa. In Russia, according to urologists, a 21-cm long organ is a big one, but it is enough to cause certain problems. Not every woman is willing to have sex with a possessor of this size: even if a careful act, there's a risk of getting hurt, in a clear sense. The holders of such energetic sizes need to be careful and cautious and to limit penetration through erection rings. They are often vibrant, which can give both partners more pleasure. For sex, when there is a difference in size, there are positions in which a woman can control the depth of penetration and stop a partner in the event of unpleasant feelings, mainly the different versions of the top-up woman pose.

A woman's smell is healthy and not healthy.

Hygiene issues are left over the discussion, so that's all clear. In other cases, the strong unpleasant smell is most often associated with vagina infections or bacterial vaginas. The latter, by the way, does not relate to infections and inflammatory diseases.

Vaginos - a condition in which the vagina microflora is violated, or more specifically, the ratio between the useful and the imputed inhabitants of the vagina. The characteristic sign of bacterial vagina is the so-called " red " odor from the vagina, which is exacerbated by sexual act and after contact with sperm.

The smell is responsible for special substances, amines emerging from the lives of poor microbes. It's not contagious to deal with it, but it's not easy to do without a gynaecologist. The unpleasant smell only removes antibiotics, after which it is necessary to restore a useful microflor.

It smells like kefier, but not seafood. The acidic odour of female genital organs is a product of acid-mild bacteria activities that dominate the rest of the microflora.

The oxygen bacteria shall decompose the glicogen in cells to dairy and axe acid. The acid environment deters the growth of diseased microbes and protects against infections. If the vagina doesn't smell acid, but it doesn't smell fish, it's also a reason to think: when the vaginal environment becomes caliber, sexually transmitted diseases are not excluded. In that case, it's better to use barrier contraception!

Zod and burn.

Impression from sex can ruin the burn and the soda of the genitalia. Don't panic about that.

In most cases, this is due to the fact that the woman is not sufficiently " warmed up " . A three-year-old penis about dry slim vagina is accompanied by blood flow and increased sensitivity of genital organs, so 10 to 20 minutes after the orgasm, as the blood flow is normalized, most of the unpleasant feelings will pass.

The burning and burning of a sex member in men and the entrance to the vagina and the vagina itself is often linked to allergies to spermicides, contraception that are used to protect against unwanted pregnancies. Spermicides contain components designed to kill spermatosis, but they may cause irritation of the tissues of sexual organs. There's also a problem, like allergic to latex, a material that makes condoms. The irritation may be caused by strawberries, painters used in the production of sexual toys. Women are rarely allergic to sperm sexual partner.

The sound and burning of the vagina is, first of all, the reason to abandon spermicides, condoms and strawberries with aromatic additives and painters. Intrauterine spiral (VMS), combined hormonal contraceptives (KOCs) or male vasectomy may be used to protect against pregnancy in such cases, if a man is not already (or at all) planning to have children.

The urine bubble spray after the breeze.

The temptation of the most stunning sex could die if there was a postcolite cystic, an inflammation of the bladder. The first signs of disease occur between 12 and 48 hours and place crosses in the next four to seven days.

In its essence, the postcolite cystite is no different from the normal bacterial cystite: the same frequent toilet, zloud, burning and pain that grows at the end of urination. The only difference is that post-coded cystite occurs after turbulent and long-term sex, and a simple cystic outside of it. Why is the cystic? The outer edge of the retrieval is located near the entrance to the vagina. During active friction, the urethra may be tightened even closer and placed inside the sex tracks. Then micro-organisms from the vagina are easily in the wind and in the bladder and cause the development of the cystic. The risk of cystic development increases if the urethra of a woman is initially located in the vagina entrance or if diseased microorganisms prevail in the vaginal microflor.

How do you prevent cystic after sex? Urologists recommend that the bath be washed and taken immediately after the soya, although there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of this prevention method. According to the doctors, urination is dripping most of the microbes, which reduces the risk of postcoital cystic development.

Maybe it's good to stop penetration if both partners are willing to explore other ways of having sex.

“Rear wounds”

Only injuries, accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the skin or sliding of the genital organs, are accepted as " wounds " on the sex field.

Most often, the loss is caused by active friction against the background of vagina dryness, and it is accompanied by tissue drains and even cracks in the inlet of the vagina. Repeat sex and hygienic procedures cause burn and pain. Traumas facilitate the development of infections, so if the zud, the burning and the pain in the vagina have not passed over a week - running to a doctor for sex examination. It is possible to avoid all of this indifference by means of a long-standing prelude and a large number of good delicts so as not to sleep on dry.

Failure to respect the size of men ' s " dignity " and too rigid sex can lead to serious injuries to external and domestic sexual organs. The front wall of the vagina and its vaginas are most affected. The cracks and gaps in this area are accompanied by severe pain, bleeding and urination. Similar problems arise when using sex toys that do not match the physiological size of the vagina.

Big penis sizes can hurt the uterus and even the cop. Sexual giants are therefore recommended to use erection rings to prevent injuries, restricting entry into the vagina. If during sex there is a pain in the vagina, down the stomach, in the lumbar, bleeding or other unusual releases, the sexual act must be interrupted immediately and the doctor-gynaecologist must be examined.

Don't panic when there's a small amount of blood in the absence of pain. Most of this bleeding is related to injuries of inflammable cervical tissue if a woman has a cervicyte or cervical erosion. This is not a threat to life, but it calls for a visit and treatment.

Capital grip

It's rare, but it's possible that the partners are being interrogated.

The penetration of the penis is due to the strongest spasma of the muscles limiting the entrance to the vagina. It happens in a sudden spider of overly emotional women. As a result, a man is attached to a partner, and any attempt to extract a penis causes severe pain to both partners. It's a comic situation, but it's not for those who got into it.

In order to ease the fatal grip and free the penis, a woman must push as usual when the bowels are broken. The man should put his finger in the back of the partner, pull him towards the copier, while trying to get out of the vagina. If the situation is not resolved, an ambulance must be called. The long-term reflexing of a penis has the potential to measure his tissue. We hope you never need this instruction.

Vaginal orgasm that's not available.

Despite the history of G, A, U, most women are unable to experience orgasm with only a vaginal stimulus. It's strange, but many men are very surprised. Some are convinced that three-minute frictions are sufficient to satisfy the partner, and the lack of an orgasm is associated with her sexual coldness. There are also those who make a quick finding of their insolvency as a sexual partner.

In fact, the sliding vagina is virtually unresponsive, more precisely, its receptor apparatus is represented by islands of erogenous zones. The impact of the penis on these areas alone is not sufficient to achieve orgasm. Additional incentives are needed.

The most sensitive sex area is the clitoris. From the point of view of anatomy, the clitoris is a woman's analog of a sexual member. Like the penis, he has a head, but the number of nerve endings is twice as high as the man's body, and the function is only sexual pleasure.

The visible eye of the clitor head, contrary to the common perceptions, is just a part of the clitoral iceberg. It has two legs which cover the entrance to the vagina and are responsible for the pleasant feeling during the vaginal sexual act. To date, scientists have agreed that a so-called " vaginal " orgasm is not a vaginal, yet the same clinical, just a clitorizer is out of the inside. Still, the clitoris head is a red button to activate an orgasm chain. If it is close to the entrance of the vagina, it is possible to rely on the indirect stimulus of the clitoris during the friction, but most women need direct influence by their hands or toys: 67% of women prefer sex with the clitori stimulant, and half of them are unable to achieve orgasm without it (only 18% need no further incentive).

Orgasm gains not only the annoyance of the clitoris, but also the stimulation of breasts, nipples, skin in the neck, ears, never know where erogen areas can be found in a thorough study!