10 erroneous penis determination criteria

10 erroneous penis determination criteria

Sex penetration

The subject of sex is one of the most popular in our society, yet the most forbidden.

Despite the fact that not everyone can speak openly about sex and about the things that are related to it, many have a number of questions that are eager and reasonable answers. How to determine the size of the penis.

Thus, there are many myths and misconceptions about what is of particular interest to both sexes. This is the amount of man ' s dignity. Here are the 10 most common erroneous criteria we often misjudged about the size of a sexual member.

What kind of penis should be.

This must be one of the most common methods used by people to measure men ' s dignity.

1. It's not a secret that many people judge the size of a sexual member, just looking at the size of the shoes.

People come up with a lot of equations and calculations in an attempt to find a link between the man's leg size and the length of his penis. However, it is possible to divide, multiply, numerals and combinations to infinity. Professionals say that this will not lead you to an exact result, and the dependence of a penis on the length of the stairwell is just another myth that has been made by the custodians.

2. At the distance between the pointing finger and the big finger.

Sexologists say it's the most reliable way to measure the length of man's dignity. If the thumb is taken to the side as strong as possible, the brush of the hand forms a figure similar to the letter L. The distance from the thumb nail to the toenail of the index plate and it is accepted to be the same size of the male sexual member. This method of measurement was considered most popular and precise. However, as later found, this distance is the average length of man ' s dignity. The result of such measurements is therefore only approximate.

It has been shown that, like the size of the shoes, growth appears to have nothing to do with the length of the penis.

3. Professionals say it's wrong to think that high men have big penises and low ones are small. This is a common misconception that scientists have refuted for a long time. Stereotypes have also been broken by women who claim that the low level of opposite sex has a very small manhood.

4. The size of the thumb.

Another way to measure penis is the length of the thumb multiplied by 3. However, the practice has shown that this method of measurement is erroneous. It's not right to think that by measuring the length of the thumb and multiplying it by number three, you're going to get the penis length.

5. Depending on the race of a man.

There are stereotypes that the length of man ' s dignity depends on the race and nationality of a man. And there's a share of the truth in this allegation.

In general, Asians do not have a huge sexual membership, but Africans are, on the contrary, known as male holders of very masculinity. Caucasians have medium size. However, it would not be appropriate for all to be assessed on racial and national grounds. Like any rule, there are quite frequent exceptions to this sensitive issue.

6. From the wrist to the end of the middle finger.

Another common method of measuring length and, like all previous ones, is erroneous. I mean, according to the calculations, the porn stars should be like basketball players. On average, the distance from the wrist to the end of the toe is 27.94 cm. Thus, in keeping with this theory, it is possible to imagine a man whose dignity will simply prevent movement. Of course, this way of measuring the penis length is incorrect.

7. The voice with the chrypots.

The less the man's voice, the greater his dignity. Of course, a deep voice attracts representatives of the opposite sex. However, a beautiful low tab is not yet an indication that the same man is the holder of a major sexual organ.

Practice shows that sometimes a man with a high voice can brag about having a big penis. On the note to all the ladies, you don't have to expect that there's a great baritone in the pants of the master's pit.

8. Men's sexual orientation.

There are rumors that the size of the penis of homosexual men exceeds those who have a normal orientation. Why would such a theory arise?

Perhaps this is about the most prenatal hormone that affects the size and structure of the sexual organs and certain parts of the brain that in turn affect the sexual orientation of a person. However, research has shown that the amount of penis does not depend on male sexual preferences. Both homosexuals and heterosexual members of the strong sex may be possessed by a powerful sexist.

9. In the length of the slutty penis.

It seems that if the penis is not large enough in a calm state, it is not likely that it will also be very large. Conversely, if a man has a big sex penis, he'll grow to an inexorable size when he comes to erection.

But in fact, it's quite different. With sexual initiation, large-sized sex tends to increase not to a large extent, but to those who have a quietly small penis, when erections become males of a very large size.

And again, on the note by the representatives of the beautiful sex, don't jump to conclusions, looking at the masculine buzz.

10. By the ratio.

To date, this method of measurement is the most popular. Many argue that this is the only right method to obtain the right result. Korean scholars conducted a number of studies involving 144 men. After the drug, they measured the penis length. The results were compared with the length of the indexed and unnamed finger. Outcomes indicate that men with longer index fingers have penis shorter. The reason for this is, in the opinion of the specialists, that the figures are a good indicator that males are adequately prenatal and testosterone.

The study was conducted exclusively in Korean men and without their consent. The fact is that the measurements were made at the time they were prepared for a urological operation, at the time the patients were drugged.

How to measure the penis?

In conclusion, as long as there is no way to measure the most important body of a man, it must be remembered that no one can rely on 100 per cent confidence. And even if one of the above-mentioned measurement methods results in an exact result, it should be understood that this is not more than a simple coincidence. In fact, there's only one sure way to know what size your partner's penis is...