11 facts that you didn't know about a male sexual member.

11 facts that you didn't know about a male sexual member.

What don't we know about the dick?

The topic has long been studied by all at teenage age and can be closed. There are, however, facts about which there are few people who really know. Like you knew what.

The first erection often occurs when a person comes to light.

Unbelievable, but it is. At least, according to medical News Today, newborns often come out of mother's womb with erection. Even before the birth, ultrasonic scanning can show the fruit with active initiation.

However, according to a study carried out in 1991, the fetal erection occurs most frequently during a rapid sleep (REM). And she's jealous, men!

The erection is impossible.

As Mr. Mokocoma Mohonoana once said, " Even the world ' s greatest actor will not be able to counteract the erection " . It really is. As if a man didn't try, but if his chief sex assistant doesn't want it, there's no sexual act. Whatever you try.

Of course, we don't mean stimulants like viagra. It's a different story. As hard as you try, you can't grow up.

Your penis is twice as long as you think.

And this message can comfort many men, usually the penis is much longer than it looks. In fact, about half of his length is inside a man's body.

Of course, a lot of people would prefer it to be visible, but it's impossible, because this device is connected to a part of your anatomy, so for your sedation, you think that a hidden part of the penis plays the role of roots - so to say, for sustainability.

Between the size of the penis and the shoes, there's no connection...

According to a study published in BJU International, there is no correlation between the shoes and the penis length. These results, by the way, completely disprove the earlier study, which was conducted in 1993, and which referred to the close connection between the first (member) and the second (short size).

...but there's a connection to the index finger!

The International Register of Impotence Studies (yes, etc.) has published the results of extensive work on other correlations. And this time, the scholars concluded that " the sex ratios are significantly related to age, height and length of the index finger " . Like, the longer the finger, the longer it is. But again, there's no connection between the member and the size of the stairs.

Little? It's only half his size! Visible. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS.

A few erections overnight is normal.

Most men have three to five erections every night, mostly during a fast sleep. In addition, at night, there is a so-called " apprenticeship " . Scientists still don't know why it's happening. One of the theories is that this can help prevent humidity - the erection is slowing urination (the full bladder stimulates brain nerves, which are responsible for erection, among others).

By the way, women are also experiencing something similar at night - there's a night-time clinical swelling to prevent urination.

Night erection is a great way to diagnose.

Erection at night, in fact, a great invention of evolution! Because it can serve as a diagnostic tool. Let us explain: if a man has difficulties with erection during the day or night, for example, during a date, but at night, the penis, which is known as all red and in full alert, indicates that a man has a psychological problem but no physical problem.

Here's a beer, if it affects the sexual organ, it's the worst.

The last erection occurs even after death.

It doesn't happen to everyone, but still. Most often, this occurs in men who died from hanging - scientists think it might be connected to some kind of hinge pressure and a brain work. An erection following death was also reported as a result of a gunshot wound to the head, damage to basic blood vessels and poisoning.

It can be broken...

You know, there's no bones in the male sexual organ, which is quite unusual for mammals. Still, the penis can be broken. This is most common in intense sex. Or when a man falls out of bed with erection.

For the sake of fairness, the so-called sex penis is in fact a rupture of the fibrous caveal flesh (but becomes direct when blood is saturated). The fracture moment is accompanied by a thrilling sound, a severe pain, a drain and, no wonder, a weakness.

...and fix it.

Fortunately, fractures are very rare, and if such a casusa provides the necessary medical care in time, the penis will be able to restore a full function. It's important to ask for help as soon as possible. Note: In a study dealing with 42 cases of sex fractures, the most dangerous and traumatic position was identified as a woman on top. A sloppy dick can be repaired.

It's not straightforward.

During the erection, the penis may, say, deviate in any direction. Go, left or right, up or down, there's no right or wrong position. The only thing you can say is, he never stands straight.

Anyway, if you've ever been concerned about his situation, it's totally for nothing, he's fine.

Longer doesn't mean better.

A study of 274 men showed that there was no link between the length of the penis and its “productivity”. And a long one can behave, and a small member can show wonders of sex. It depends primarily on the head.

Not long ago, the world's first penis transplant. Sexual transplant operations had been carried out earlier, but it had only been successful. She was surgeoned by UAR, and the patient was a guy who had been amputated three years ago because of complications, and they were born after a traditional cutting ritual in Africa (cstatus, only in UAR, some 250 young men are being stripped of their organs every year because of the consequences of malcision).