10 facts about the penis.

10 facts about the penis.

Impact of the Sex Member

At a young age, men often think about their penis. But why a long erection is dangerous, why in the evolution the penis bone has disappeared and where the male G is located, a few know. Let's find out. When it comes to penis, it's the first thing to think about his size. More than 50 per cent of men consider their penis too small, and 85 per cent of women are satisfied with the sex of their partner. The size of man's dignity has been debated long, but it's not the most interesting thing to say about him. We invite you to look at the extraordinary facts about the male sexual organ.

1. A bone penis.

The term " pinis " came from Latin and means a tail. This reproductive body has not only mammals but worms and insects. Some mammals, like monkeys and dogs, have a penis with a bone, it facilitates rapid coitus. This is important for high-competitive animals, where many males have to fight for fertile selfs. Direct ancestors of a man, as explained by evolutionary biologists, had a bone in a penis.

2. Why men don't have bones.

During the development of Homo Sapiens, the penis bone has degraded. There's a few hypotheses about her disappearance. For example, the bone could create difficulties for erection. On the other hand, the ability of a sex member to erection without the help of the bone was evidence of the health of a man and his good inheritance, which attracted women.

A strong erection usually involves good health. If she is weak, it may indicate different diseases, such as heart failure.

3. Penis is growing up with demand.

The penis begins to grow in an adolescence and reaches its 19-year value. If, over time, it's all smaller and less active, the tissues are fading. Regular sexuality or masturbation helps to preserve the natural size of the penis.

4. Natural lube.

Before the sperm drops on the penis, there's a little sticky and colorless secret. With sexual initiation, irons form a prey like a woman's vagina. And the secret of the vagina is natural lubricant. Some research found that there were no spermatodes in it, others found them.

5. Speed ejaculation.

Penis throws sperm at a speed of 17 kilometres per hour. It's a comparison with a failed bicycle ride or a time lag on big distances. But some men have an ejaculation rate of 50 kilometres per hour. Speed is very important for fertilization, because of her spermatosis, she's entering the vagina with the maximum possible pressure.

6. 50 litres of sperm.

Scientists found that men who ejaculate every second day from youth to old age spend a total of 50 litres of sperm in their life.

It's not just women's pleasure center. Men have an elegant hot spot approximately 5 to 7 centimetres of anus on the inner wall of the bowel near the probe. The prostate tissue is prone to a large number of sensitive nerves and therefore responds to stimulus. However, not all men are aroused from friction of prostate.

A strong erection and strong muscles: Tyzzi Mo Ka Van of Hong Kong, master, set a world record on raising penis weights. He was able to raise almost 120 kilograms with only one sex member.

7. The erection is limited.

The normal penetration of a penis is between 9 and 15 minutes, and you don't have to believe porn movies. Then the erection weakens, the short phase of rest comes, the penis returns to full alert.

8. A long erection is dangerous for penis.

It can be said if the penis remains strong for at least two hours. At the same time, a man sometimes feels sick.

There are two reasons for this: either this spontaneous organ emits too much blood or the blood doesn't fall right. It's often drugs or drugs. The doctor should start treatment no later than six hours after the erection, or the tissue will die.

Here is a real illustration of this fact: a 66-year-old Colombian decided to extend the erection as much as possible and accepted many viagra pills. First, he and his wife were satisfied with the unabated penis fortress. But after a few hours, the painful erection didn't fall, the first bruises appeared. A day later, a man went to the hospital. Penis could never have been saved, had to amputate him.

9. The penis elongator is long, but weak.

It can actually increase penis to 3 centimeters. But the elongator alters the internal structure of the penis, causing an erection violation.

10. Why does the penis have stitches?

On the reverse side of the penis from the extreme flesh to the intertwined seam, it is the legacy of the period of embryonic development. Up to 7 weeks of pregnancy, the genitals of all embryos are women. Eight weeks, male embryo begins to produce male hormones. Little open-blooded lips are closing. This line of contact or sludge is a penis stitch.