18 effective methods of delay

18 effective methods of delay

Ways to avoid rapid seedling

28 causes of rapid seeding in men and ways of preventing the problem.

Most of the reasons for appearance are two types:

violation of body physiology; psychological problem.

A lot of people don't know what doctor to call when they're fast seeding.

In these matters, the urologist or the sexopathologist should be competent.

18 ways to solve the problem.

1. Choose a passive position.

We're talking about the position here when you're underneath it and you're on your back. Use her, she's one of the safest. Now, your pelvis organs and press are not tense, the body is more relaxed and there is no danger of crossing the critical line.

28 reasons for rapid seeding in men:
  • Reflexes developed to be released quickly after a rapid youth self-sustaining;
  • Acrossing expectations syndrome from itself;
  • In the past, failures have created a multitude, uncertainty and fiasco in the present;
  • Only the first sexual intercourse ( young people);
  • communicable diseases of the organ itself;
  • defects and defects in the pelagic area (pigs in spine, lumbar or injury);
  • super sensitive;
  • nervous and stress disorders in daily life;
  • hormonal disorders, lack of testosterone;
  • poisoning toxins, antidepressants;
  • because of a large amount of alcohol;
  • Frequent absence of partners and instability of sexual relations;
  • Problems with the " bad cost " cause reflexes to shoot quickly while the aggregates are ready;
  • The choice of not the best place is also one of the reasons why a man has rapid seeds;
  • You don't have much time, she or you need to rush somewhere soon;
  • The fear of ruining everything, being ridiculous;
  • At the time of proximity, the girl screams and makes sound, and men are very susceptible to the partner's feet;
  • It's too short abduct;
  • Refrigeration from women, tension in relations;
  • mental beliefs about the proximity of a species are immoral and dirty;
  • Fear of taking something venereal and serious from a girl;
  • The fear of being fiasco too fast (the more you fear it, the more likely it will be);
  • The fear that a girl would suddenly fly away from you;
  • The weakness of the muscles of berry and pelvis;
  • The inability to slow down and take the pause when the speed is too intense;
  • Implications of different poses;
  • Air shortages and high intensities and frequency of inhalation in proximity;
  • Your attention and focus are entirely on men's organs and the energy that has accumulated there.
  • 2. Do one exercise in the bathroom.

    Learn, go to the bathroom a little, stop and re-operate the stream of the belt. Do it twice every day in the bathroom. In bed with your loved one, when the organism approachs the finish as a locomotive, you have to squeeze and push the same muscle that you squeezed in the toilet.

    3. Relax the body and dangerous muscle groups.

    The relaxed body is important for long proximity. The longer your body is relaxed, the longer it can last. So you'll know everything about how to control the seed. Which parts of the body cannot be tensed:

    Watch the lack of tension in these parts of the body while you're close to the girl.

    4. Do the Ledochka exercise.

    The inflated and powerful muscles of the pelvis and berry are a secret of drip and a key to success. Train them. The following exercise is useful:

    Live on your stomach, hands forward. You start pulling and pulling your hands forward and your feet back. Keep the body in such a stunned position (the hands are stretched forward and lifted and the legs back) about 3-4 seconds and then down. You repeat the exercise around 4 minutes. For starters, you can limit yourself to four minutes, and then you can add time every day.

    This is an opportune treatment of rapid seeding by people, where the cost of your efforts and patience can achieve good results in bed.

    5. Focus on breathing and do it right.

    Frequent errors and arrows:

    breathing too intensive; breathing up the top of the lung. Right.

    Inhalation and exhalation takes place twice as deep as normal and not fast. Breathe your stomach. Know how to extend the seed and delay this fiasco.

    6. Make the right solo session.

    Those guys who don't have a girlfriend need to know about the right satisfaction of themselves. What is the essence of the solitary solo of the session:

    There's no way to press the gas pedal and approach the finishing line in the first minutes. We learn how to make a fall and stop when we approach the point of non-return, we wait and tolerate. So we don't lose much energy, because we kept seeds for at least the first 20 minutes, and after 20, the discharge should be; Reprogram the body's reflexes.

    7. Do the next exercise for the berries.

    Since the weak muscles of the berries are one of the most frequent causes of early seeding, it is important to make a variety of exercises to strengthen them. What's the point:

    You can either lie down or get on the edge of the couch with your elbows and put your feet on the floor. In the first case, it's gonna be a little harder, but it doesn't mean it's not good. Now you're starting to simulate the back-to-receivable pelvis, similar to friction during proximity. If you're doing this on the couch, try to push the pelvis up and focus on it. Then you drop the pelvis again and repeat your movements. If you do this, you're going to have to elbow the edge of the couch, it's easier, and you can increase speed and frequency. It's gonna feel light tension in the smell muscles, and it's okay. It's okay if you want to laugh at the exercise. Someone's gonna get a little awkward. Keep moving despite the feeling. This practice will also be useful for those who need exercises to increase the profile.

    By coaching the muscles of the berry, your partner will be less questioned about why a guy is making a salmon fast.

    8. People's methods.

    Here are a few grandparents on how to get rid of rapid seeding by people.

    The juice is from the root of the village. Squeeze the juice out of it and drink one table spoon three times a day. Pumpy seeds. Used for manpower and rich in zinc. They eat 25 pumpkin seeds every day. They take a fresh briefcase around 2 cheeks, and they're allowed to stay in the thermos with water 250 ml. They're drinking 1 sip. They also take the seeds of the coriandra in the water connection of one table spoon for one glass and drink about five minutes. They're drinking for three days.

    9. Medicative way.

    Vig-Erix. Semenax.

    10. Respect the principle of " let the lady forward "

    Apart from the use of quick-semitic pills and medications, you must also pre-condition in your head with the right psychological facilities. In keeping with this principle, you'll know all about how to treat a quick seed.

    The essence of this principle is that your lady should come to the finish line first. You won't let yourself finish the act until your girlfriend has had a lot of pleasure, and you're not going to end it. Get on with it. It usually takes about 20 minutes. If you hold these first 20 minutes, then you don't have to hold back, and it's gonna be hard to get to the finish! Remember that border in time.

    11. Follow the rule " Going and waiting "

    The point is, after the first fiction you stop and just wait, look at your feelings. If you feel that the point of the finish starts to approach quickly even in this case, then you remove your organ and wait again. You let go, you can make love, but you can still stick to the rules and repeat the pause as necessary. It's such a self-contained people's tool from rapid seeding from the councils of young people who start.

    12. Use the distraction technique.

    The method is to distract from different thoughts that are not related to bed. For example, it could be thought of your material position or your domestic problems. It's important that you don't override it, and you don't want to give it away.

    13. Don't look at her body.

    Specially impressive and delicate natures should not look too much at the great figure of the partner in the proximity. It's getting worse. Better look forward, close your eyes, or focus on breathing or use another technique, but not focus on her beautiful bends.

    14. More activity is needed for the pelvis.

    Especially for those who spend a lot of time behind the computer, there is a need for a gym for the tonus of the pelvis muscles. I will! A lot of guys are asking questions about how to hold seeds and what drugs will help. When, in fact, due attention must be paid to physical exercises and sports. Which is useful:

    runs; gymnastics; gymnastics; practicing crosses.

    15. Get over her with your delicate problem, clean up the tension.

    I once shared this problem with a new girl before I was close. And instead of ridicule or bad reaction, I heard a perfectly normal and stressful answer: "Nothing scary, I don't like it too long." That answer, she took out the unnecessary pressure and tension from my shoulders, I felt relieved, and our night went long and safe.

    16. Teach her to follow up on your requests.

    The next rule, on how to cure premature household seeds, is to open up for her girl and to specify moments for the passes. You don't have to keep everything in your room and shut up. The right course will be to say in advance when she should stop moving. I mean, it's okay to say, "Stoy, don't move." And you're both waiting. Sometimes you really have to die and wait for both. To die alone, it won't help. Sometimes the slightest move on her side can end your entire session.

    17. Don't forget the second attempt, because it's gonna be a lot longer.

    Yeah, there's a way that a spouse walks out and a sexual intimacy can't be stable. And there's nothing you can do that after abstinence during the siege, you came to the finish line very soon and suddenly. Now you're confused and you're thinking about what to do if the fast-track seed medications used in the big doses didn't delay the first shot. Just know that with a very long abstinence, it's okay. Now, if that's what happened, you don't dress in any way, but you just wait a little while, lying in bed together. Someone's got five minutes, a little longer. The point is, the second shot will be very short, and nothing will be done.

    18. Change your focus on other parts of the body.

    Open the lid of the boiling kettle, and let's go upstairs and take all your body, not to get through the kettle nose. And when we're talking about opening the kettle cap, it means shifting your focus to other parts of the body. And the plus thing is, the energy that's scattered in one place from the bottom will also move upwards, and it won't work. What do they do for that?

    Protection in any other part of the body above the stomach, not the sexual organ; A girl bite a ear ear (just ask her to do so); The girl makes the back massage; The girl touches your chest; licking a earbag with a girl.

    You can also come up with your ways of shifting focus. That's all. Now you know 18 effective methods on how to get rid of premature seeds when treating a urologist or other male expert.