6 facts of life after the amputation of the penis

6 facts of life after the amputation of the penis

Life after amputation

There are a few things that no man would like to hear in his life, like, "was, you're ungrateful and you're fired," or "Your wife saw you!" or even "whose belly is it about beer, huh?

But none of this was close to what Alex Duke heard in 2009, but the horror he had from the news, and it's impossible to describe. The doctors conducted a survey and diagnosed the " sexual member " . The good news, they said, is that we found him early enough, so the chances of cure are high.

But there's bad news. To remove the tumor, we must remove your penis, that's what Alex heard.

He woke up with no cancer, no dick. We met with Alex to talk about this huge (reflecting a metaphorically) loss, and about what he learned about life, losing the main sign of manhood.

1. Change of personality.

When I got out of the hospital six years ago without a penis, I was hoping for the curative nature of time and the plastics of a psychic, in other words, I believed that I would ever be able to get back to my old life. But it never happened. For a few months after the operation, everyone was telling me I was a different person. Before mine, so to speak, the penisectomy I was chatty, I'm sure of myself and super-community. And after and still, I feel like a second class. You can find a million tips for men with super-mouth penis. But you won't find a word on how to deal with zero.

My self-esteem has come to affect the quality of my work, although what I do has nothing to do with my dick.

I just sit in the office... and I don't want to talk to anyone, because,

(a) I am not interested in any woman;

(b) Every man is a " bigger man " than I am.♪ Only by losing the penis realize that the normal male approach to life is to " everything will be fine if I have a penis " . And I have to worry about how people feel about me, get them to know. For example, one day, the doctor pointed me in his schedule as a woman, despite the cheek on my face and the total absence of a boob. And when he saw the testicles, I realized something was wrong. He even apologized for taking me for transgender.

2. Every day.

If you're a guy, you usually don't think about the meaning of your "severance" to your nonsexual life.

We'll take a bathroom visit, for example.

First of all, you have to learn to write again. There is no one-size-fits-all way, because each pinesectomy is unique, depending on how many and why it had to be cut off. So we have to experiment. The man ' s urinary is located at an angle, but in the absence of the Scheng itself, the urine does not flow with the usual string, but it is sprayed as a spray from the flakon. Pissouars are no longer an option for you. Getting on the seat is as bad as you don't flinch, it's going all the way. Finally, I've adapted some ways to find a relatively safe position on the semi-encompassed legs and to hide my forehead in the opposite wall.

But don't say it's the perfect solution. Once I went to the bathroom for too long, and the restaurant manager decided something was illegal. I explained it, and he believed me right away. It's weird, actually, nobody usually doubts the truth of your words when you say that.

The urination is not the only problem. Taking a shower is sometimes quite painful, especially if the water is too hot. For the first six months, I used a partially depressed condom in the shower to protect not from STDs, but from temperature changes. Even with the clothes, there have been difficulties -- the rest of the penis that I call "clothes" make me wear pants all the time because of the cursed sensitivity. No jeans and too tight laundry.

3. Sex.

You might find it strange that a guy with no penis can still have sex.

A half-centimetre penis is capable of getting up and ejaculating, but because of amputation, friction is too painful.♪ And since I'm married, sex plays an important role in my life. To reject him would be unfair to his wife, and since we are both monogamous, we decided not to use the services of others on this issue. This decision made us permanent buyers in a lesbian-oriented sex shop. When the salesman first saw us, she said it was uncommon to see a man in that place. But this salesman did more for me than all the doctors taken together. After discussing the configurations of the strapons and the required functionality, we focused on the model with the belt on the frontal lobe slightly below the belt. I could have run this thing as my own member, and I couldn't feel pain. It's a bit of a back, but it's not a special discomfort process, so you can say that we've found a better solution. In any case, it's better than pain in the line or broken marriage. In the long term.

4. Fantom pain.

Fantom pain is a condition when you continue to feel pain in amputated parts of the body like they're still there. It's a fairly common phenomenon among the Amputees, and I haven't been able to avoid that fate. Sometimes it's easy, such as trying to take a member in the hand to send a blur during a visit to the toilet, or light skiing in the middle of the fall. But most of all, I'm willing to swear that my dick is still in place during the severe pain. One guy with the amputated hand I talked to before the surgery told me about the sensitivity in the cut limbs, but it seemed questionable. I didn't believe him in the shower. After the operation, however, I had no doubt: it was clear that there was a pulse in a place that no longer existed. The pain was a lot of me, but as it happens, it's like she's gone in time. Heavy attacks still happen, but only a few times a year.

5. You need protection.

You know, you probably never thought about it, but a blow to a penis and a blow to a mouse is not the same thing, believe me. In a calm state, the penis is located on the upper part of the mosquito, and it's awkward--- he gives the ovaries some protection I don't have anymore. Some men use prosthesis in the same position, but it doesn't work for me because of the sensitivity of my semi-centimetres. The doctor recommended a bandage or athletics protection, such as a puppet, which is usually used by baseball players. She doesn't rub it and you don't have to wear it all the time like a prosthetic. So, I've got three choices, one worse than the other, to wear a damn cup and stand a potion under it, to glue a thread prosthetic or to put myself at considerable risk, to walk like that. I chose a cup, but it's harder to buy pants.

6. There's no way to get the penis back.

I'll tell you straight. If your penis is cut off, he's not coming back.


If you detected him by accident, let's say, while you're making the sushi naked, you've got about 24 hours to sew him back. But my kind of cancer prevents this positive outcome. If you have a tumor in your penis, at any time she can get out of control and hit other organs and tissues, so there's no other way but amputations.

Transplant isn't an option either. Even if someone gave me a guarantee that after a member's transplant doesn't come back, medicine is known only one successful transplant of a penis in history, and it's still in the pilot phase. Prosthetic will never give you old feelings, and the falloplastics are expensive, and it would be necessary to injure some other part of my body to get the necessary tissue and skin. And after all this, at best, some weird coma doesn't feel anything because of a lack of nerves and still at risk of cancer returns. So I had to make a choice between my dick and my life. It wasn't the best situation, but she made me realize that life was much more important, so here we go.