8 books for those who want to know about sex.

8 books for those who want to know about sex.

Books on sex

From new ways to enjoy psychological intimacy.

"Bible for the future. Guide for sex without borders, Bethany Vernon.

If sex for you is 10 to 30 minutes in traditional fields, a bit of "heating" orgasms and rare orgasms, "Bibalia for the Beara" will give you a whole new world of pleasure. You'll find out that you can abandon the notion of sex as a short pursuit of orgasm and turn it into a sacred act that gives rise to unevenly greater pleasure and satisfaction. The author describes the characteristics of the anatomy and the stimulus of certain points between men and women, deals in detail with the subject of anal sex and preparations for it. It's about sex games and techs: bakaries, erotic flogging, temperature use and a lot of other things.

If you're willing to abandon traditional beliefs and shame, accept your body and experiment with it, the Bible for the Beaver will provide you with good guidance on pleasure. Very often rapid sex leads to the holy union being an obsessive, mechanical act that leaves one or both partners to feel emotionally empty, physically thirsty and unsatisfactory... By simply improving sexual skills, lovers will learn to create rituals that can take place within hours, if not days.

"Sex Bible. Updated edition, Paul Joanidis.

If you feel a bit tense about reading about sex, you can boldly choose this book, the tension will go away from the first chapters. The whole book is filled with lung humor, so it's impossible to read without a smile. Attempts to define sex often resemble attempts to introduce vaginal diaphragm: every time you think you've done it, a damn thing jumps you like a ninja.

It's a real encyclopedia that looks at any aspect, even if it involves sex. There's information about even kissing and undressing, sexual relations with colleagues, military sex, menstruation sex, not to mention the expected themes of orgasm, sexual fantasies, contraception and sex.

So even if you think you're a tempted man, you'll probably find something new in the book.

Intimate gymnastics for women, Catherine Smirnov.

Many women go to Fitness or sports, develop the muscles of the whole body, but forget about the intimacy muscles, and others are sedentary, which is even worse for women ' s health and the tone of the muscles of the intermediary.

In Catherine Smirnovoy ' s book, after a brief theory (what and why to develop and how it will affect health and pleasure in sex), a list of exercises is given for different levels of training. The pictures show that they are carried out by a woman dressed and that the focus is marked by arrows, but the descriptions are sufficiently detailed, and it is understandable that and how to hide.

"Blunt on the shore. Sexual culture in Russia, Igor Kon.

In this book, you won't find advice and practice, but it can seriously attract those interested in Russian history and the origins of our relationship to sex. If you're looking for an easy joke book, I advise you to avoid this work. There are funny things here, but they're not too much.

Igor Kohn describes the history of Russian sexuality from time of paganism and until our days, tells us what sex on Rusie has been, how the attitude towards sex and body in the Soviet Union has changed, and after its dissolution, what changes we expect in the future.

Yes! Secrets of love for two, Mantec Chia, Rachel Carlton Abrams, Douglas Abrams Arava.

So far, many believe that male ejaculation is necessarily accompanied by an orgasm and that multiple orgasms are women. Manteca Chia's book refutes this opinion. The Danish teacher and master of the cigoon have been teaching the Western world of the Daosh practices of love, which reveal the sexuality of both sexes and provide amazing insights.

Eyaculator orgasm looks like a fascinating flight, but after you've had a long and equated acrobatic scrub on the top of multiple orgasms, an ordinary ejaculator plant will disappoint you with its simplicity and unconsciousness. The author tells and proves, in the example of Western research and eastern practice, that multiple orgasms in men are not myth, that this is accessible to all and useful for health. Also in the book, there are pleasure techs for both partners, a chapter for homosexuals, a story on how to keep the partner in touch for years and how to deal with problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation.

"Sexuality, Love and Hestalt, Bridget Martel.

This book deals with psychological problems that prevent sexual life. Bridget Martel, a French therapist with a lot of individual and group experience, describes the problems that are often encountered by her clients: lack of orgasm for women, premature ejaculation for men, loss of sexual desire in couples and many other difficulties that have been successfully managed by hestalt therapy. There are no complex terms, complicated explanations and theories. It's simple and clear, with real examples and very interesting. Maybe you'll find out your situation in the history of one of Bridget's patients and see where you're going. Besides, it helps to understand that any of your sex problems are solved.

This book is for you first of all those who have begun their secular life with trauma, who have been depressed by the upbringing, who have lost their sexual interest, or have been treated as a duty... but also for those who are eager to experience their sexuality...

"What a woman wants. Sex Science Master, Emily Nagoski.

The author of the book covers all aspects of women ' s sexuality: from anatomy to a social and cultural context. You will find out how arousing occurs, what factors affect pleasure, how to achieve orgasm, and why it cannot be done.

Masters and Johnson on love and sex, William Masters, Virginia Johnson.

A sex guide covering different aspects: sexual anatomy, sexuality at different ages, from childhood to old age, sexual techniques and behaviour, hetero- and homosexuality, sexual fantasies and many others. There is no specific technique to increase pleasure and to obtain an orgasm, but there are many other information that may be useful for expanding the horizon. The book will be best suited to adolescents and those who have little interest in sex and want to expand their knowledge in this area.