5 scientific facts on the size of a sexual member

5 scientific facts on the size of a sexual member

Meaning of length of member

The time of hunters and collectors has long passed, and it is no longer necessary to demonstrate the sexual organ as a sign of masculinity. Nevertheless, the length of the penis remains important for men. It's so big that they tend to exaggerate her in the polls. Maybe there's a reason?

We've got six facts on the length of penis based on fresh scientific research.

Fact 1. Men deep down tend to underestimate their size.

By comparing the size of penis, men are often mistaken. Errors in evaluations are for several reasons. First, objective obstacles, such as abdomen and hair, which hide their own sexual organ, often prevent self-assessment. Secondly, it is not easy to compare the part of the body that is almost always hidden under clothing: a normal person only has a quick look at a neighbour, in a locker or in a bathhouse. Under these circumstances, it's hard to measure accurately. Additional factors are also influenced: a different attitude, or someone washed under a cold shower, and someone under a hot one, which affected the size of the sexual organ at that time. Finally, there's a subjective moment: as we know, the neighbor's grass is always greener and longer.

Fact 2. More cock doesn't mean more pleasure.

There are many ways to get a partner to an orgasm, but most of them have no penis, even in theory. The chief culprit in the feminine organism is the clitor. He, like a man's body, has a lot of nerve endings, which makes him very sensitive and with certain actions, usually back-up, makes people happy. Unlike the penis, the outer part of which is about half its length, the clitori is more of an internal body, and only its head is outside. It's a very sensitive body: even stimulation of tissues close to the clitoris, including vagina walls, can lead to an orgasm. So, by the way, some girls are being urinated.

So, the clitoris have been forged in different ways, the penis is in the vagina, the sexual organs of the partners are saturated with blood, and the couple experience orgasm, but what role does the size of the penis play? From a physiological point of view, there is little, in general, influence on pleasure. The body of sufficient length will reach the cervix of the uterus which some professionals consider to be an erogenic zone, but this will only cause discomfort for a part of women. Looking at the diameter of the penis, the extra expansion of the vagina will not change anything, because it itself is insensitive. The only, in some ways, a larger member can better stimulate the clitre through the vagina walls. A large penis may give a woman a greater pleasure if she expects additional feelings from large sizes. It's like a placebo effect: physiologically large, size doesn't play, but the girl's convinced there's a difference, so she's enjoying more. If the girl is not sufficiently excited, a member of any size will cause unpleasant feelings and may even damage the partner's organs. So emotional proximity to a partner is more important than a couple of centimeters.

Fact 3. Women don't care what size their lover has.

Women ' s representations and expectations about size are even more of a concern for men than their own experiences. According to the study, women ' s preferences in penis are more dependent on the type of relationship. For example, if the goal is to find a partner for one night, women will choose a man whose size is slightly higher than average.

For such relationships, women are important in masculinity, which is associated with a large sex member. On the other hand, in long-term relationships, a woman will be more comfortable and psychologically, and physically with a man whose penis is medium or slightly lower than average. In addition, most of the women said that, in any case, it was more important for them to have developed knowledge - they would prefer external attractiveness. In another study, the results showed that women were not as important as the length as the breadth of the penis. Of the 50 women surveyed, 45 chose the width as a higher indicator, and only 5 were long. However, many noted that sex was much more pleasant than sex without obligations. In other words, the size of dignity is not as important as the emotional connection with the partner.

Fact 4. The size of the penis does not depend on other somatic indicators.

The idea that the size of a man ' s sexual organ is tied to a length of his foot, fingers or something is very common. But researchers say it's just a myth. Scientists from Britain analysed data from 15,000 men and concluded that neither the leg size, the length of the fingers, the body weight index, the age or the size of the testicles affected the membership. The only relationship that researchers confirm is the correlation between penis length and growth. But it's not strong enough to talk about legality, and even if one man is above another's head, their sexual organs may be one size.

It does not affect the length of the member and race. More specifically, scientists now have no proof that such a pattern exists. The point is that for the right conclusions, many different nationalities and the same composition need to be compared, which requires great efforts that no one has yet attached. Thus, so far all differences are better explained by individual characteristics.

Fact 5. A man who knows what's normal size.

Men may think that a penis of a dozen centimeters long is, if not the norm, at least what needs to be sought. This leads to the " perfect " male representation of a male penis far more than " medium " . Researchers found that 45 per cent of men in their large sample wanted a penis longer. Another study showed that 68.3 per cent of heterosexual men wanted more penis.

After many years of clinical practice, Dr. Zilbergeld, a psychologist known as a male sexuality myth fighter, concluded: " It will not be exaggerated to say that penises in a man's world of fantasy have only three dimensions: big, giant and so big that they can barely walk through the door. "

Between 2000 and 2002, Italian urologists interviewed 67 patients of the Andrological Hospital who were not satisfied with the size of the member and wanted to increase it. Men asked what size they thought should be a sexual organ. Ten people had no “normal” length. Estimates of the remaining averaged two to three centimetres above all the statistical indicators for different years. After the doctors told patients about this rule, 48 men changed their minds to do the surgery.

Scientists have determined that the average length of the non-regulated member varies between 7 and 10 centimetres and the length of the eroged is between 12 and 16 centimetres. Indeed, small professionals consider a body that is in an unintentioned state less than four centimeters and less than 7.5 centimeters of erection.

All measurements, by the way, are carried out on men over 21 years of age: the length of the body can still change.