10 issues of women ' s sexuality

10 issues of women ' s sexuality

Women's sex problems.

A modern woman has no knowledge of her sexuality. Many clients, coming to me, don't know where they have a clitoris. They don't know what an orgasm is. They say they don't have erogenic zones at all. They think that sexual fantasy is a sign of mental insanity.

Every woman who didn't work with a sexologist has four or five of the problems described. These problems are not a verdict. They are all successfully addressed by special techniques and psychotechnicians. Why suffer, find a specialist you'll be comfortable with, and remove all the obstacles that prevent you from living a happy and safe sexual life.

Problems in achieving orgasm at the physiological level.

They may indicate that the receptor apparatus is not sufficiently developed. It can be developed to the level that orgasm will become highly amplitude (covering the whole body), prolonged and plural.

Psychological problems in achieving orgasm. They can testify to a weakness of involvement with a partner. Maybe once his husband was handsome, and today he had a beer belly. The effect of the relationship was once new - today " all cracks " are well understood. There was a romantic once, today. Once the relationship was easy, today they are hard on grief and discord. And he's not getting involved with his husband, but he's got a job colleague.

This place can be fixed, it'll be as long as it's on the first date.

Sexuality is generally reduced.

The ability to be passionate, sensual, temperamental woman is reduced. There is often a lack of energy, many jobs, many tasks, many problems, few sleeps, little rest, little attention to their desires and needs, little joy in life. Not to men and not to sex, you'd get to bed and sleep. It is possible to rectify this situation -- to set priorities, to set aside ambiguous goals and targets, to devote time and attention to itself, including their sexual desires and needs.

I'll re-establish the sexual cord.

Sexy inspiration reduced.

The sensitivity to sexual stimulus has been reduced, and the man is, and the ethic is not getting out. He flattened and kissed, sexually stimulated, visual, sound, tactile, emotional, and no psycho-emotional and telematic reaction. The reason may be stressful, fatigue, overpression, depression, reduced mood, untouched feelings - if these phenomena are prolonged, sensitivity is diminishing. You can learn how to regulate your psycho-emotional state, learn to be in touch with your feelings, and sensitivity will improve.

Fighting for men.

It may be the result of some traumatic event that left traces of anger, grief and fear. This may be a psycho-trauma associated with adult experience, with first sexual experience, with first love, with first feminization and sexuality. You can find this psychotravm and cure it. To keep you from living and enjoying love and sexual relations.

Damage to women ' s identity: the perception of women has been violated.

Real feminization is now lost. She was replaced by plastic surgeon champions on women's faces, eternal youth cult, craftsmanships and man-to-shoot training. But true feminization is a contact with its deep sexuality, in which pleasure, joy, beauty and freedom are moulded. And it has nothing to do with age, berries or skill to raise money and make a blow. Genuine virginity is contact with life itself. Unfortunately, culture and family education have destroyed this contact. But it can be restored. Early female identity can be healed.

Psycho-emotional restrictions, negative installations, prejudices.

We are all custodians of a culture in which the natural sexuality of women is consumed or conquered, or in the past. Our moms, grandparents, were unlikely to be able to tell us that sex is good. On the contrary, all sexuality was criticized and sex was generally taboo. Well, it was time. And now, unfortunately, it's a little different, for example, I'm buying sex science books only at my sex grad, because the court banned key sexologists from selling their books in public places (i.e. bookstores). It turns out that cheap bulb chat in the valet stores, and the fine books about women's orgasms and women's sexuality are sold from hand to hand to the professional community. Absurd. But this absurd is a reflection of our modern sexual culture. Therefore, negative attitudes and sexual biases are inevitable. But you can get rid of them.

Shyness and compression.

That's understandable. There was no sexual education at school or in the family, and sexuality was always taught by the street. And parents often tried to protect their daughter from this street education, gymnasium, music school and rice circles, and ended up a gap where knowledge of sexuality and sexuality was to be found. What's better than street knowledge or a gap? Street knowledge and related sexual experience could lead to a negligible genital syndrome, which results in a lack of orgasm and a lack of shyness and compression, which also results in an orgasm absence. What do we do? The shyness can be transformed into dissolvement, and the compression can be crushed.

A narrow range of sexual acceptability.

Good sex is a spontaneous creativity game that doesn't tolerate a hard chess board: well, bad, you can't, you can't, acceptable, unacceptable, purely dirty. Where did we get this chess board that killed spontaneity, natural and free expression of sensation and emotionality? From here on: culture (no sex in the Soviet Socialist Republic) or " sin vessel " , family (who was allowed to bring a boy out of the class next night?), school (who taught us? The range of sexual acceptability can be extended to the boundaries that you are comfortable with.

The spread of love and sex.

Unfortunately, this problem is just some kind of woman's sexuality. Ideally, a woman has sex with someone she loves and loves someone who has sex with. In reality, she loves one, has sex with another, marrys the third, and gives birth to the fourth. Why is that?

Remember the books and the movies we grew up with: love bumps, brags, but love is platonic. For example, in the Al sails, love is very beautiful, but there is no hint of sexual contact. And if by accident, somewhere in the film, there was a small hug and naked bodies, the girl was told to go put a kettle or call Grandma and get her health. That's how it works: love to the right, sex to the left.