7 main reasons why the wife avoids sex

7 main reasons why the wife avoids sex

Why doesn't a wife want a husband?

When people marry, in most cases, they are confident that their family life will be the happiest and nothing will be able to confuse her. And often the first time that happens. The universe love and passion consume young people. They're fascinating, talking a lot, practically not leaving the marital bed. But after a while, my husband starts to notice some changes. Wife tends to relinquish intimacy by covering different, perceived, blunt causes. She has a headache, a critical day, just no desire. Of course, a loving spouse must take care of that fact. What changed?

I mean, everything was good before, and the system worked smoothly.

And my husband doesn't ask: "Why my wife doesn't want me, and what do I do with it? ”

He may have simply overlooked the fact that the physiology of men and women is very different. And it's completely psychologically dependent on a female representative who needs an extra moral attitude. While young people can grow from the middle of the world and have virtually uninterrupted orgasms in all cases. Regrettably, many men do not take account of such facts, but asking directly from the partner is not the case.

If you don't know what to do in this situation, let's figure out why the wife doesn't want to be close to her husband, and who might be responsible.

Tension and fatigue.

Most modern women are very saturated. In one day, a huge number of cases must be completed: Work at least eight hours. To solve pressing problems and get nervous. I'll drop by after work at the store for the food. Remove homework: cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. If there are children, teach them, school or kindergarten. To be cleaned up in the morning and before sleep: showers, maikes, body care takes a long time. Upgrading of the figure in the gym or the fitness, etc.

Not every fragile barber can handle this physical and moral burden. Therefore, if the wife refers to severe fatigue or headaches, it should not be sceptical. She's probably really exhausted and her only dream is crawling to bed and sleep forever. And there's no power to have sex, no desire.


It's worth noting how you treat your wife, what you say to her and what her reaction is. Maybe the husband has a banal depression that can cause many: Lack of attention and emotion on the part of the husband. Ignoring her requests or wishes. Regular listening to inappropriate words about appearance, figure, nature, intelligence or business. Comparison with other women (especially former) is not in her favour. And so on.

Against this background, a girl can only be sad, swallowing through tears and picking up complexes. There's no sexual desire on her side and no speech.

Hormonal malfunctions.

Lower libido is often associated with a hormonal malfunction that can occur as a result of:

Problems with women ' s health, ancestral activities, the climatic period associated with the elimination of reproductive functions.

The disruption of hormones in the system can affect both physical health and mental health. The woman gets nervous, irritating, she's getting dizzy, tired. A sexual act is capable of causing painful feelings during this period. It all puts a sex tape on, and the wife has to avoid being close.

I'm tired of being the same in bed.

It's often that a man displays himself as an alpha-samc during the cure. And in order to attract the chosen woman, I'm willing to play love games several times a day with all the elements of diversity. But after some time, passion is stunning, a bird gets online, and you can relax. Intimate life becomes monotonous and uniform, like a tie.

If you have a temperamental spouse, it certainly doesn't work. And she might think that it would be better not to have any sex than that. She's just bored in bed and she wants passion, romance, diversity. It's easier for a wife to go to bed and see dreams of erotic content. Or think about finding a temperate lover. Anyway, it is necessary to take effective measures and make interesting points in your bed filled with romance and passion.

Shame on your feelings.

In some cases, when people have been together for years, they are so accustomed to each other that they start treating a partner as a friend or a close relative, not as a lover. There's nothing surprising with this performance about why the wife doesn't want to have sex with her husband. It's just cooled with love feelings or transformed into comrades. As a rule, this is happening in a relationship, from which romance and gentle care go completely, not to mention the initiative and erotic fantasies. Only a permanent solution to material and domestic problems is replaced. Husband became unattractive.

When a guy and a girl just start dating, they try to be indifferent and take care of each other. At a time, the interest in their appearance in married men is greatly diminished. 'Cause they think that if a woman married, they have to love her husband no matter what. Especially when there's a phrase in society that a man should be a little more beautiful than a monkey. But, in fact, the beautiful genders love the eyes as much as the strong floor. In dreams, many ladies represent their Brad Pitt or Daniel Kozlovsky satellite, and they actually get who? Victor Sujorukov? If a man wants to make a sexual wish at his companion, he must constantly watch his appearance and develop spiritually to be an interesting cavalier.

My wife found another sex partner.

As physiology is known, a woman flourishes as a sexy partner by 30 years, her libido increases, and the temper grows. On the other hand, men are starting to have sex. Therefore, if your wife once " disapproved " in the matrimonial bed, she can find a way out of the situation and eventually find a replacement in the form of a lover. She doesn't want to go back to her husband's bed. It's quite possible that other man's feelings have also emerged with sexual satisfaction. And then your marriage is about to fall apart.

Special cases.

In addition to the main reasons why a woman does not want a husband, there are special cases.

Pregnancy and childbirth, when a girl does not have sexual intercourse during pregnancy, this may not only be her reluctance or conprise, but rather the recommendations of doctors because of the danger of harming the intrauterine development of a child. Some men are trying to ignore the appointment data, considering it foolishness and comparing with other couples who, while waiting for the baby, did not refuse to do anything. As a result, conflict occurs in the young family, and a wife can cool with her husband. After birth, a period is required to restore a woman ' s body, and for each girl it is individualized and can be between one and a few months. Some women, due to hormonal strife, severe physical and moral pressures, and constant malnutrition, may refuse to have sex with their spouse even before the year. 'Cause there's no cure. And it's gonna happen until the organism's fully recovered, the hormones won't get up there, and the nervous system won't come to normal. A man must be patienced and wait for the moment to be desired without wrinkles and coercion. The absence of an orgasm of some beautiful women is a habit of simulating pleasure and orgasm during sexual acts. This is done more often to inspire a man with his passion. But the problem is, as long as the acting process is under way, the girl is distracted from the moment and can't focus on the real pleasure. And, of course, hiding it from a man. She's making things worse for herself. Partner's sure he's totally happy with his lady, and he's not trying to make sex life different. And the barrel is about to get tired of this kind of thing, but she doesn't have the strength to confess. So for the first time, stacking your teeth keeps the situation, and then it's completely out of intimacy because it doesn't make sense. But there is also a small percentage of practically frigid women who, by their physiology, do not have a special fitness or an orgasm. This point should be noted by the spouse at the very beginning of the relationship and not surprising in the future the absence of a proper loophole. In this case, assistance is needed from a professional sexist or even a psychotherapist.

Thus, the reasons for the denial of intimate proximity can be related to both physiology and the psycho-emotional sphere of the woman. The solution must therefore affect both sides.

How do we solve the problem?

Now that you're aware of all the reasons why a woman doesn't want a man, we need to figure out how to solve this problem and what to do if you don't want to lose her husband at all. Action to restore intimate proximity to the wife:

Talk about the reasons for the rejection. To that end, it would be necessary to choose the moment when the husband was rested, in a good spirit and in a spirit. You've known each other for a long time, and you've probably got the right words to talk. It's just that they don't sound guilty, and it doesn't sound like questioning. Your tone must be calm, with good communication. It's better to choose an unconscious romantic environment where you're just two, for example, at dinner or a joint walk. Ask what you can do to change the situation and suggest that you're ready for everything for your wife. She probably won't deny you the truth. Dispatch the downloaded schedule of spouses to provide the necessary assistance. It's not that hard to take on some domestic responsibilities, for example, to vacuum, make dinner or dinner, put things in the washing machine, and then clean up, etc. It will also be useful for you to periodically raise children and prepare their homework. And, of course, do all the men's work on the house, fix the pinks, hang a half, change the crane, etc. Of course, the husband will appreciate such advances and want to thank you for the awesome love games. Watch yourself. To get the attention of a woman, it's enough to comply with uncomplicated rules. First of all, being always cool is clean, razor, delicious smelly, hairdressed and nails. Second, it's nice to dress. Even by replacing the usual pit ladders with laps and a push shirt on a decent home suit, you can see how the attitude of the chosen woman will change. Thirdly, not to stop improving the figure. You don't have to go to the gym or run the stadium. Simple exercises in the form of a traction on a tournament and squeezing from the floor can be carried out directly at home, with the beloved wife, giving her interest and desire from the moving muscles. Well, spiritual development will certainly not be hindered if you want the lover to remain not only a wanted lover but also a pleasant neighbour. Find more time to talk to the woman you love.

When the spouses have a trusteeship, the physical traction will be permanent and uninterrupted. Ask me how the day went. Listen to the problems and pressing questions that concern the wife. Deliberate joint plans for the future. More often talk about erotic issues, consult intimate actions and find out each other's interests and fantasies. Flirt with her husband is going to make her sexual interest. Let your wife feel how much she loves and wishes. It can be achieved in a few steps. Step 1. You give her the compliments regularly, whispering to her ears. It's not hard to do.

And by the way, the more you admire your wife, the more she becomes. I mean, she'll have a real incentive to change and to be able to keep you interested. In addition to the compliments of the external data of the elected woman, don't forget to praise her talents on the farm and admire her as a jealous husband and a caring mother. Step 2. Unexpected pleasant surprises and lovely presenters will certainly increase the mood of your lady and will not remain without a reciprocity. It's possible they'll have an unforgettable night of love. So don't buy as much as you can imagine the loveliest colors, the beautiful jewels, or just the funny stuff and sweet gifts. And a spa-salon certificate is capable of driving any shit. Step 3. Don't forget to ask around the phone like your husband's business, and say that you're very bored and looking forward to meeting to hug and kiss your favorite woman. Step 4. I want your wife on a date. For example, in a cafe or restaurant, in a movie or theatre, in a museum or exhibition, walk around the park or along the lake, etc. When she comes out with you, she'll feel like an interesting, wanted woman, and she'll be very transformed. It's important for beautiful women to show themselves next to a loved man in a better way, so they're blushing and dressing up, and making inconceivable hair - that's exactly what they're doing in the cavalry. Remember that if such signs do not come from the husband, he may be replaced sooner or later. Some interesting man would appreciate your wife's dignity and be able to get out of the bedroom. Take care of the woman you love. The morning coffee to bed, the evening massage, the meal to work, the booby pillows to sleep, the malnourished tea during the cold, these unpleasant little things give the girls a pleasant response and the desire to be with their chosen one even closer. Change your intimate life and surprise your husband with new erotic methods and sex tapes. But for this experiment, it's a good time, too.

I don't think it's too much fatigue or a bad wife's mood to play with you. That's why we'd better get ready. Smash your woman with a warm bath, a massage and a lung dinner, and then get on with it. A few compliments and luxury whispers with soft touches will put it on the right hand. Growing kisses and hugs with the right stimulus of erogenic zones will burn real hot fire. Next thing you know, it's gonna be small. Remember, every situation has a way out. And you don't have to be disgusted if your wife's sexual interest is rare, and especially to find a replacement. You better use these councils, and the result won't make you wait long.

Opinion of sexologists and family psychologists.

It's not always the same thing that a couple can handle on their own. There are cases where the assistance of a psychologist or a sexologist is needed to determine why the wife does not want her husband. Such situations include:

Mental sexual injuries in the past have affected women ' s attitudes towards intimate proximity. Frigidity or otherwise. Too underestimated girl's self-esteem and mistrust of her attractiveness and desire. The protracted crisis in family relations, which the spouses cannot cope with. After the provision of professional assistance, specialists generally provide certain recommendations for the further development of the intimate life of the spouses:

Confidence with the regular proclamation of possible problems and the search for a joint solution. Cardinal change. For example, a second honeymoon leave or a new residence. Attention to your own mistakes. Not every man is able to correctly assess what he's doing wrong and often puts guilt on a partner. To that end, we need to focus on and analyse our actions and words and draw conclusions. It should be a constant work on itself, not a single action. Despite age, regularly monitor themselves and their health and maintain their system at a high level of activity.