The mystery of the first night

The mystery of the first night

First wedding night

Even if we'd brought very detailed advice here, how we should be. To spend the first wedding night, I don't think they did any good. Talking to Those who have already married, who have experienced this first wedding night, You're convinced that young people are so excited about all the councils. They forget. Maybe they're doing the right thing because it's okay to do anything. Councils require some control, and love against control. But that does not relieve us of the need for some advice.

Well, for example, remind young husbands once again that girls are more young. shy, ashamed of them, and for them the change itself. life and future proximity are very powerful emotional Loads and demands special tact and attention from husbands. Of course. A man must wear it. Not just the first wedding night, by the way. One thousand, and one hundred thousand, one, to undress in a hurry, at the same time. Latin

Our next advice is not difficult, it concerns purely hygienic. Unfortunately, however, many young people do not think of it, To commit serious health violations to their lovers. Speech the need to take care of the body ' s health, including sexuality organs. Not just before the first race, you have to do it, right? Persons who have implemented personal hygiene measures for all years But it's more important than a hundred times to do this. wedding night.

In the event of a rupture of the mould, an open wound surface shall be formed, which is easily initiated even by a relatively small number microorganisms. It also means that the vagina is still in the cavity. There was a certain protective environment. ♪ ♪

Almost any man from any source, but he already knows that He's got to feel if the diaper is retained. And unfortunately, some My new husbands, instead of loving a young wife and her own. I'll give myself to love, and I'll be waiting for him to meet him. Member's a reward or not. And if not... But there is no obstacle There's no evidence. In the first place, the virgin mole. Birth may be underdeveloped; secondly, the hole in it is also from Births may be large enough not to hinder entry Thirdly, there may be half a dozen others situations.

And that's why it's best not to go to the GPS with a girl, in the order. I don't know who you doubt. And if he went to the USG, all suspicions and mistrust. We should leave him behind at times, but not at all. the first communication of an additional function - be the measure of the chastity future wife. ♪ ♪ ♪ Success is critical to male self-confirmation First wedding night of sexual activity.

This should be taken into account. some coming points, e.g., common In some parts of the population, the perception of the harm caused by all His system, but above all his sexual system. Because of the time Youth hypersexuality is a form of self-sustaining spread, and many young husbands have the first wedding night The question is, "How much did I get to do with being an american?"

The early ejaculation on the first wedding night is quite a bit. often. And it's easy for a woman. But a woman should also be. To refrain from commenting or, worse still, from reproaching. From the first wedding night to the golden marriage, maybe. Before the diamond wedding, the wife should never judge sex. The husband ' s ability is negative, regardless of whether she gets it. or not. Didn't get satisfaction today? Got it. Tomorrow, in a week or a month. But if, by seducing my husband, In other words, I am happy with him even a little bit of success, too. It's not gonna make you wait. And if you're reprimanded, it could be an accidental failure. develop a strong sexual weakness.

When a virgin mould breaks, there's occasional pain and a turnout bleeding. Of course, this pain is far from as strong as many. I think the bleeding is rare, but both, Not even sharply pronounced, distracting the thoughts of a young wife from What's going on is a sharp decrease in the sense.

So after rupture to resume sexual intercourse this night is not recommended and the second The communication is desirable within a few days. One kind of failure in the first wedding night might be Men ' s inability to overcome the resistance of the mould, or Because it's too tight, or because it's weak. Erection, or because a woman is afraid of a sexual act and not just a woman. helps his husband, but he's actively avoiding it. Generally, all these reasons In time, they disappear, and if not from the first attempt and not the first marriage. The night, but normal sexuality is fixed. Only very few girls are able to experience the first wedding night. Orgasm during communication.

For a large part, women must pass months, sometimes years, before they get close to their husband. Try orgasm. Of course, it doesn't mean all these months or years they are. should avoid sexual intercourse - in which case they do not risk at all To learn to learn the happiness of sexual love. However, a young husband should To remember that and not to demand a violent expression of passion in the first days After marriage. And, of course, he can't throw his wife away. coldness, especially in the case of women with whom it was formerly with I knew him.

Finally. Although everyone is aware by the time of marriage, "where" comes children, solid knowledge of pregnancy prevention. young people are very often missing. Not always. It's not like you've been in the first wedding night. It's working. a very ambiguous situation. On the one hand, alcohol intoxication, physical and neurotic fatigue, transport may be withheld more likely than in other days to lead a child To be born with some congenital ugliness or anomalies.

But with The other is not ethical, but, for example, condom wear The beds are new, especially the use of any contraception. The means used by the woman herself. Out?

You can't give a clear answer, but perhaps the best. suitable in a situation, if the concept wants to be delayed, it can be considered interrupted sexual intercourse.