Man orgasm management

Man orgasm management

Extension of sexual acts

Sexual nature gave the man three flaws.Quick and quickly thereafter To lose the desire to play a love game.
It would be ideal for a woman to have these disadvantages, but they would be She does not have one, so it is necessary to try to find both partners. Out of position. For example, after an orgasm, a member men fall relatively slowly and are in some condition. The time to continue the sexual act so that his late partner would be too Satisfied.

However, the natural state of men immediately after the orgasm - fatigue, reluctance to continue the sexual act and even not to touch it. This obsession is natural and uncontrollable. The man wants to He was left alone at this moment. This kind of complexity created Nature needs to be corrected.

Method of correction is male self-control.

Some methods of control.

Many men ignore the essential pre-emptive factor The love game, hoping that the partner fully shares his hot Wishing, right now, to start a sexual act, such men in addition to everything. They're trying to control themselves.

The other part of men performs a love game with their own. the concept of it, neglecting the condition and preparation of the partner A sexual act based only on satisfaction. And this one. Some men ignore self-control.
There is another group of men who perform a love game within their own limits. Patience and obsolescence, then begins the communication, which through a few moments end with an orgasm, regardless of whether Has reached an orgasm partner or not.

These men have partial It's a self-control.
A smaller group of men are holding back orgasm until then, As long as the woman doesn't get satisfaction, or it won't come at the same time. This group has complete self-control. This group may be joined. those who, despite satisfaction and the orgasm achieved, continue to act with the help of a member or finger partner, not counting on your own condition.
There are at least two methods to ensure full satisfaction partners and completely depriving undesirable elements. These methods will lead to reliable form, sexuality and should be included among the first experiences A man who wants to improve his sex technology.
Every normal man who lives half life regular, can control his orgasms, except Traffic cases.
Many men have an orgasm coming in 2-3 minutes, and If they are married to women who need 30 minutes to receive satisfaction, the prelude becomes clear.
Factors affecting the acceleration and deceleration of the man ' s orgasm.
1. Smart activity.
2. Anger.
3. Axe.
4. Movement.
Servants and smell can also matter.
Despite the fact that men do not understand this, the promotion of sexual acts is a product

INTERGOVERNMENTAL ACTIVITIES♪ You can say that The desire is an expression of thought. These men know what to call. Erection only by imagining itself in a private situation. In the sex an act of brain reinforces what's happening from a partner's lounge. In consequence, brain activity if a man wants to control his orgasm. You should be focused on your own feelings, because that's what it is. concentration may inevitably be an orgasm stimulant. ♪ One of the forms of sexual act can be cited as a confirmation of this. called "good," which is a permanent form of communication. Privacy "All right" after the introduction of a member into the vagina partner, is stationary, Being mentally ecstasy and not bringing each other to an orgasm. Here. Factors desirable for love are also present: slow and long inflammation, sexual satisfaction of both partners and minimum physical effort.
LAND - the impression is certainly also a stimulus. if the sexual act is committed in the light, but in the dark it is The factor loses its meaning.
NEED - definitely attracts passion. A woman's hand, a lazy dick, By swinging and squeezing it, it could cause an orgasm for a man. A man's hand, Walking around a woman's cache, as well as temporary sexual contact organisms, increase orgasm incentives. Enclosures are A kiss that stimulates the more if the partner has hot lips and active in kissing. Next, different body movements introduced The vagina also speeds up orgasm, rock element, above I'm sure they need to increase control. A man's reward will be conscious of the That his partner was fully satisfied. It's consciousness. Men ' s sense of pride and peace, which is an important factor Happy marriage. You can and should buy some personal money for him. I don't know what I'm saying.
So the man controls his behavior, but then he finds that All his thoughts focus exclusively on their own feelings, But if he only enjoys his wife's reaction to his socks and To realize that this is more important than his own pleasure, if he is. Feels like his partner's awakening is exactly his will or He's gonna notice that he's gonna want to watch his tins. It's a little less exciting than a partner. I can see that right away. It feels like a hotly naked woman's body about it, though. attention should be shifted immediately to partner training. The sexual act and you will notice that your induction is subordinate to you, not to you. He follows you.
Surveillance control is simple. Even if the act continues After a man enjoys a view for a while. partner, he should look at other non-parties. objects.
NEED - Second important factor that may increase orgasm Men. If mental activity at the time of sexual proximity is delicately on the elements, the oath expressed in the bars, always aggressively and instantly.
The real danger is that investing too much the emotions at the beginning of the love game, the man is overcooked. When his partner starts to feel a sense of excitement. Therefore, a man must be sufficient at the time of the prelude relaxed. In fact, he must limit or stop on time. Noodles. I wonder if most women are rarely hand-happed. a member will cause an orgasm to a man and long suffering will cause him A fatigue and a sense of shame on the partner.
A woman ' s main instrument for instigating a man is a penis of language and lips.
A woman in marriage must express her sexual desire. Best The way they are manifested is by the hand of the penis. Laska should be I don't know, because a member's head is nerveless like a clitoris. Too rough friction can lead to a loss of sensitivity. Privacy A woman has to make sure she's a rhythmical glacier. The member touches the lower part of the head. She can concentrate the loop. in this part of the penis, wiping fingers in the field Parts, because that's what a man does with a clitoris. When awakening the member reaches sufficient strength, it covers his palm and begins Make rhythmic movements.
Men's hands are the strongest instrument of sex.By hand Extend the condition of an orgasm of a woman. A man who owns art Long-term loop, more suitable for Women than a man with a well-developed penny.

When a member enters the vagina, it is necessary to make a rhythmic movement by a member and continue until the orgasm. Orgasm. The middle man comes in 2-3 minutes. Knowing that it's intimate. Calling an orgasm, we could extend the act accordingly. reducing the speed of movement by a member and even at times reducing it It's all right. Problem of extending the sexual act to full The satisfaction of the partner can be solved in three ways:

1. A man must institute a woman's clitoris until the time before the orgasm, after which he enters a member into the vagina.
2. By slowing down the rhythm of a member ' s movement, a man must instigate a female clitre. So she doesn't have a sex break. ecstasy.
3. A man has to get himself after his orgasm continues his sexual act.

All married men know that there are moments when sexual desire Sometimes disappears. However, causes such as fatigue, nervous The state and mood here don't play any part. Just times. a man doesn't have sexual desire for his wife. But the man is very good. It's just that you're excited when a woman starts touching her dick. Men.
The impulse to the act is not from brain activity but from brain activity. pure physical reaction to the loop. When a woman is ready to accept a member and it's in place, the man will find that the length of the man's life is long. Active activity will increase and can support rhythmical activity Long journey. He can open a moment easily. Orgasm until the partner is fully satisfied. It happens, as if the man acted automatically and control was established. I don't know.
Any man knows that an orgasm can be achieved without introducing a member. The vagina, for example, moving a member in his area. Frequently the man himself begins a rhythmous movement of a member who is in the hands of a woman.
Speed beverages are non-permanent for sexual activity and behavior. Sometimes they heat passion, especially for women. Sometimes Reduce, depending on the amount of alcohol. But a man who I drank a decent amount of alcohol under favourable conditions. Finds he can't make a high-quality sexual act. The thing is, alcohol causes an overwhelming erection. a member, reducing his hardness, making him soft. Many women prefer this state of membership. It should be To note that alcohol use has a detrimental effect on Men's ability to have sex.