Oral sex is more harmful than alcohol and smoking!

Oral sex is more harmful than alcohol and smoking!

Oral sex

The experts from Britain concluded that the risk of cancer Gortany, growing up for those who have oral sex. By them. This type of sexual contact may be the reason for this type of sexual activity. Infection of the Human Papillam virus (HR). The same virus Women's cervical cancer.

Scientists are convinced that oral sex is the cause of the outbreak A malignant tumor is much more frequent than smoking or even drunk. ♪ About 1,700 people die of this.

As a result of research, men and women had Six or more partners with oral sex, risk Hortanium cancer increased 8.6 times. For comparison The risk of sickness increases three times with two drinkers once. The research compared 200 cancer cases for men and women, and 200 unaffected men and women, It was their sex life.

It turns out you don't have to have oral sex. Infect the UD virus. But if it's still happening, it's likely. the disease increases 32 times, and it touches the almonds and the rear. part of the language. The strangest thing is that those who are not infected with the HDR virus are at risk If they even drink or smoke, it's about to get sick. minimum.

So far, scientists believed that the main reason was leads to potato cancer, these are cigarettes and alcohol. But researcher Mor. Gillison from John Hopkins's hospital in Baltimore, he's sure he's the one. The virus is the main cause of the malignant tumor. Condom use in oral sex reduces the risk of infection virus. Researchers advise to protect their own partner.

About 4,600 British people are sick of potato cancer every year.

Julia Sharpe, a doctor from Cancer Research UK, said, " Since, The study wasn't very big, so it's too early. For It is necessary that these versions be further developed Research. The previous studies showed that after what the exact age, alcohol and smoking are the main cause of cancer. " With regard to the HCHR virus, After research, it became apparent that the vaccination against the case The virus helps to stop cervical cancer in 98 per cent of cases.

A team of specialists from Sweden conducted research that revealed the true impact of oral sex on women ' s health. The results shocked even the researchers themselves. Turns out oral sex isn't as safe as more than 90% of respondents think.

Oral sex causes severe hortany diseases, taste disorder, teeth, partial or total loss of sight. This is all, apart from a number of sexually transmitted sexually transmitted sexually transmitted sexually transmitted diseases in unprotected oral sex.

All of the above-mentioned diseases, excluding specific diseases from the venereal area, are caused by the bacteria of Papillamovirus. The virus progresses and causes the most common forms of cancer when it hits slide. According to researchers, oral sex most often leads to potato cancer and also contributes to the development and transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. For example, 340 volunteers with regular oral sex participated in the experiment, of which 42 per cent were suffering from potato cancer. Over the past few years, hortanium and mouthwash cancer has been very young, i.e. if 3-4 years ago predominantly among people aged 27, the age of disease has now fallen to 20-22 years.

The researchers of John Hopkins University ' s Oncological Center concluded that company infection, the Papillama virus (HPV), could cause throat cancer. The risk of cancer is higher than smoking and alcohol.

Oral sex, both minet and kunnilingus, is the most common type of company infection.

However, the Papiloma virus can also be transmitted with leather contact, saliva, urine and sperm, and cause cancer of the anal canal, vulva, cervical, vagina, penis.

A survey of over 1,600 Rot cancer Patients from Europe, Canada, Australia, Cuba and the Sudan and over 1,700 healthy people found that patients with mouth cancer containing the strains of the Papillam virus (HPV), known as HPV16, had three times more oral sex than healthy people.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the disease among young people. Scientists suggest that one of the factors is HPV, reports Daily Science.

Scientists have found that men and women, once infected by the Papillam virus, are 32 times more likely to have cancer than the unsick."