Functional figures

Functional figures

Figures of unusual sex

- 52 per cent of men, at least once in their lives, simulated orgasms so as not to upset the partner.

- Five years, that's how much a couple has been released to productive and quality. having sex, with peaks of mutual sex First year of life together.

Since the sixth year, sex has gone unnoticedly to the last places. Hit Parade, giving a place to eat together: vagina on the couch and other family joys.

- 23 hours. About so much time, a mid-statistical man spends sex. Of course, a year.

28 per cent of men and 13 per cent of women participated in group sex once. And That's what makes you think, which one of the groups lies more?

- For rabbits, the glory of sexual workers has long been established, But it turns out they have decent competitors - lemmings. Only Two weeks after the birth, the female lemming is ready for conception again. They say that there are record shifts among the lemmings: eight markers for 167. Days. But the male must have had to be tight.

- Half an hour and a half - it's a long time for the bars to have sex. What? It's great, women of barsukov, you beat the men, you prefer to be betrayed. love comforts in the dark.

- Canguru's male doesn't have enough to have sex five times a day.

♪ Couple of sorrows can evaporate for eight hours without interruption.

♪ The Tasmanian devil, an animal living in Australia, justifies its own. Even in terms of sexual preference. Before we begin Animal evaporation directly involves a long " loving game " , which is accompanied by a fairly violent and child-bearing practice.

♪ In Colombia, in the city of Kali, a woman can only have sex with her. My husband, when this is the first time, the mother of the bride. must be there to witness what happened.

♪ A virgin is not allowed to marry on Guam. So there. There is a special profession, a deflator. He's a specialist. The country, and for the price, provides girls with a service of destitution.

♪ In Libya, men are officially allowed to have sex with animals. There is an important limitation: animals must be female. The death penalty is imposed for connection with Sami animals

♪ Some African tribes have customs before they marry, The chosen person must prove his perseverance to the parents of his fiancée. The groom comes to his father, he sees him, touches the muscle, ass, He looks in his mouth. Then the sentence is 17 times. Exactly. So many times, the guy will deliver the bride's mother's satisfaction!

♪ African pygmies practice the following customs: bride They take the fiancé into the house, after which she runs out of there and tries To hide in the woods. Friends of the future spouse find her, take her home. The mother of the chosen one and make love to her for five days! But it's on. That's not all. For three days all tribal men The groom's mother-in-laws can make love to a girl, and After that, she stayed with her husband forever.