Opening the curtain of secrets. ♪ ♪

Opening the curtain of secrets. ♪ ♪

Increase in membership

Are we involuntary victims of sexual conspiracy? If not, because of the belief that a taboo exists for discussion male genitals?

Our culture has a strong duality in the matter of sex. Take it. fashion. It is considered quite normal and even elegant for a woman. a decorate showing her breasts if we're not annoyed by a narrow Bikini, who hides only the most intimate parts of the woman's body, why are we With such restraint, they are treated as male genital organs.

Why are we always avoiding this subject? Why is she a bit of ochutan? Like she doesn't exist? Answering Puerto Rican The man's body is always modestly covered. obligatory fig leaflet and male models filmed in the lower laundry for advertisements, forced to choose such a situation I don't know what to do. You're a bougor.

Do we really want everyone around to keep pretending that they don't know that a man has a penis?

Film and television screens in recent decades I tried my way, but this tolerance only applies to Women's body. You don't see an actress. I'd show my naked breasts or eggs in love scenes. But did you see a naked man like that?

Implications and reality of an increase in membership

Health science is currently under development A penis. People have historically had a predisposition to restraint in matters related to human sexuality and its in modern society. Millions of dollars rolling in I'd like you to know what I'm saying. To understand that, however, the subject of human sexuality plays a huge role in modern society.

Today, when it's human sexuality is open, it's time to formulate Basic principles of sexual health, strength and determination.

Disguise: penis increases are impossible

Fact: Member increase

The myth that an increase in the membership is not possible is gradually I don't know. Various technologies, biocontainers and exercises to increase a member spread around the world, gathers a mass of evidence It's true that an increase in membership is real. At least 1.3 million men They tried to train their penises. Many of these men communicate online forums where they discuss their achievements and results. That's it. One of them, a 20-year-old man: When I first started training My dick, I had a lot of doubts about success. Since then, my attitude toward penis exercises have changed dramatically. I was doing exercises. For two weeks, the results have already been achieved: length and breadth of engagement My penis increased half a centimetre. Size of my sexual penis sluggish condition also increased by 20 per cent. Apart from the exercise, I took it. bioaccumulation.

The most successful outcome known to date, observed in a man who had an initial membership of 11 See length and 8.5 cm in rounds. In two years, he increased his membership. up to 20 cm in length and up to 14 cm in rounds.

Fiction: penis is not a muscle.

Fact: The penis is approximately 50 per cent smooth muscle.

“There is no exercise to strengthen the member, as the member is It's not a muscle. Rachel Swift. Although this allegation is accepted by most people as The fact, however, is false. The penis is about half of the muscle. This myth is still alive because the muscles inside the penis don't look like traditional muscles like biceps.

  • There are three types of muscle:
  • Skeletal muscles are the muscles you train in the gym;
  • cardiacs are your heart;
  • The smooth muscles are inside your organs and blood vessels.

So the penis is basically made of smooth muscles. All these muscles. different, but their internal structure is similar. Each type muscles consist of proteins that are vitally needed for operation of the muscle system. Vig-Erix is as good as the flaw. Proteins of smooth muscles. The smooth muscles, like the skeletal, are starting to grow, When stressed, such as physical exercises. One. The study even showed that the introduction of skeletal muscle cells into soft muscles The muscles of the member contribute to the improvement of the firmness and strength of the erection, which is said to be How similar these two types of muscle. The truth is that The soft muscles are as important to your penis as the cardiacs for Your heart.

" The correct functioning of smooth muscles is necessary for normal operation Dr. Michael DiSanto of the University of Erection Pennsylvania. - The smooth muscle inside the penis is most of the time. in compressed condition and relaxed only when available " .

Implications: drugs, chemicals, treatment of erectile dysfunction

Fact: All chemical medicines (Viagra, Cialis) have only short-term effects.

Erectile dysfunction - inability to receive and retain erection. It's a final dead end for sexual relations. World around 200 million men suffering from erectile dysfunction, and The number of such men is steadily increasing. By 2025, as predicted Scientists, number of men suffering from the disease, It's close to 325 million. Many men are wrongly linked The problem with the erection with ageing. That's what happens because of what As men age, they are increasingly being imposed on different kinds Chemical pills that will help with the erectile dysfunctional. However, all these pills are often unnecessary and sometimes and lead to a number of additional health problems, for example Viagra's side effect is blindness. Instead of male pills I'm just supposed to keep my sexual penis in good physical shape.

Studies show that certain exercises and applications natural bioaccumulation for a sexual member may increase the fortress The penis is the same as the pills.

Misconception: increasing the size of a sexual member is a fast and easy process.

Fact: In order to increase the size of a sexual member, time is required.

While some rumours say that there is an increase in sex Impossible, others say it's fast and easy. process. All these thoughts come to man with different electronics. A spam and an advertisement to increase penis. In many ways, this is a false one. information and cause many people Skeptically to increase the size of a sex member: -

" Add 5 cm in only 2 weeks! "

Although an addition of 5 cm is possible, but not exactly for two weeks A deadline. 5 cm a year, that sounds more real. No exercise or biofill They're giving results overnight. And it doesn't matter what organ or set of muscles you are. You're training whether your penis, the press or even your brain. Process The time and determination of all countries requires self-improvement. If you are If you have both, you will be successful. Which is why The Vig-Erix reception is for six months. The first results are possible only by the end of three weeks of the drug.

Disclosure: The result does not appear

Fact: The increase in membership remains constant and is not disappearing.

The worst physical exercise is that you can. spending three years on the perfect figure, and then they'll get back to it. Previous forms, not practicing a year. Fortunately, this is different. bioaccumulation exercises and course for Vig-Erix, increase. If you stop doing drugs, The results don't go anywhere. Many men have acquired dimensions Ten years later.

The permanence of the size of a sex member is probably related to the fact that The erection itself is a light form of sexual exercise A member. Member, along with smooth muscle fibers inside him, training every time you have an erection. Every time, When you have sex, masturbate or nightly erection, Your dick is training. These daily erections will definitely not be able increase the size of your sexual penis, but they will certainly help. Maintain the results you have already achieved.

Disguise: exercises for a member are harmful

Fact: exercises for a member are useful.

A lot of men misread that sexual exercises a member is a dangerous exercise. Most of this is because A lot of men don't know and understand how to train properly. Member, which is why they overload it. It's easy to avoid, If you follow some instructions you'll find on the pages This website. The most common misconception among men training Your dick is as follows: if you do 10 minutes a day and If you're doing good results, you can do 60 minutes a day. To achieve even greater size. No exercise for a member work, and too much pressure can lead to erectile dysfunctional. Fortunately, the penis is a steadfast organ and all the signs. The erectile dysfunction almost always disappears after several Days.

Knowledge is power, and the more men know about their body and their state. their sexual functions, the more certain they will be achievements. A man who suspects he has a little dick, and without access to reliable scientific data, To convince yourself of your inferiority. But if the same man finds out, That his 12.5 cm is a normal size, which would allow He's completely overrated.

The concern about the size of the penis lies at the heart of many reasons. Sexual disorder. Fear of hurting Puerto Rican feelings like fundamentalist and emerging sectors of society, that the question of the size of a male member and its impact on the sexual activity is still covered by a tight fog.

It's important to know cancer ethology in time. I recognize him and start a fight with him. It's also important for men to know everything about it. and their functioning in order to obtain a maximum sex pleasure and maximum satisfaction partner. We hope that the information gathered will help men. Avoid anxiety, give hope to those who are unsatisfactory the functioning of their genital organs, make them better Your health.

All men have different levels of sexual organs. Some are happy with size. The sexy member, the others are not very, the third are unhappy. Lack of information on the size of the sexual member and how to increase The penis gives rise to many judgments.

Increase the dick? Better erection? Increase the content?

That's what men always care about.

We'll look at them in order. Here are the methods used Efficient in the increase of the penis, the growing trend, the firm erection. Okay. sex and longevity issues are addressed.

Methods of increasing the penis.

Increased membership is a desirable procedure for a large number of people Men of different ages. Not everyone can do that. To allow the operation to be paid, so he's looking for a more cost-effective way. solve the problem. In fact, an increase in membership is quite real. procedure, even without costly operations.


Mechanical retraction device. Researchers San Giovanni Ballista, Turin, Italia, It is assumed that the use of the Extender is good alternative surgery, i.e. treatment results Impressive, most patients are happy. 21 patients with strong motivation of the average age at 47 Research, and 16 of them used extender for 12 years For months. To achieve satisfactory results, men were It is proposed to carry it from 4 to 6 hours per day for 6 months. Study It has shown that the clender has been able to achieve a permanently significant elongation of a member both in relaxed and in molten condition. Extender is expected to be the first line of treatment for Men wishing to increase their child-bearing authority

Methodologies - Member planting, programme - increase, various exercises

We have collected the most common and effective methods of study. increase penis. Both historical and new developments based on ancient decisions. Experience shows that the use of methodologies Effectively and with the use of other means, results.

Vacuum pumps to increase membership.

Used to create a vacuum in a closed space, thereby ensuring an additional flow of blood into a sexual member. Main The idea of using vacuum pomps is to create a "vacuum" in closed space where a sexual member is placed, ensuring that the most, the extra blood flow to the penis. In medicine. The process's called hypemy.

For example, in some European countries, sex lipstick is a recognized means of stimulation in erectical dysfunctions and I'm a doctor. Such a pump may be acquired in any case Specialised pharmacy.

Creme, mask, helium, to increase penis.

There are several kinds of creams to increase sex membership short-term membership increase for long-term and auxiliary cream used for the retracting method of a member or for using ecturbine.

Application of bio-additions to increase membership

To understand the principle of the use of sex-related drugs Vig-Erix, Majik Staff, Wiig-Erix Plus, we need to figure out how A sexy male member is built. Found The capacity of the penis tissues of which cavery bodies are made, Respond to the use of stimulus and reinforcing grass, traditional Chinese herbal mixtures and nutrient supplements. Body tissues penis has a much greater potential and can have much. More blood, thus ensuring the highest efficiency sexual function, provided their incentive is provided assistance in the right mix of ingredients in a certain proportion.

If these conditions are met, the blood flow to the sex is ensured. organs, high sex tones and sexual power. Increases like Number and diameter. This leads to an even larger bundle. penis. Ultimately, it is these links that add to The length and mass of the penis, both alone and during the erection.

The multi-year use of preparations to increase the membership showed I'm sure that, in contrast to many ways, it really increases. penis. Preparates are long-term, first Possible results for a 3-week increase application. It's not magical means. Medical research and sexual formation. 75% men They were able to help solve sexual problems. Even with medication, it's fantastic. ♪ the modern world, along with the methods before us, innovative means. It's mostly different drugs. increase in membership, as well as the development of high technology for increase.

Procedure for increasing membership in the urological clinic

A comprehensive approach to increase sex, such as Application of Vig-Erix and Vig-Erix Plus bioaccumulation Matrix-Urologist, they're really fantastic! You can. Request for registration in Moscow by telephone +7 (495) 222-67-03 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at IC Bionis, at Altoufjevo, Ula, Novgorodsky, 25 at your convenient time! Procedure is run by skilled urologists.

In 2-3 hours, two Vig-Erix capsules or Vig-Erix Plus, you can also get them to clinics.

The Matrix-Urologist procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes and costs 500 roubles. A course of 10-15 procedures is required.

Normal size of penis

To seriously think of an increase in membership, we'll figure out "normal." "Penice, sexual penis. So far many have been conducted studies on the size of a penis. One of them. Dr. Richard Edwards (Dr. Richard Edwards) held the largest. Canada in 1998, in which 3,100 men responded to 43 every question.

Nearly 90 per cent of men have a half member in a calm state with a length of 8 to 12 cm.

The size of the non-renewed member may vary depending on temperature, mood and other factors, therefore the size of a calm state is slightly inaccurate.

But the size of a quiet member can be judged by the size of the state erections

In a calm state, a small, not particularly fat, penis will be the same in a state of erection.

In many books, it says, "in the erection of a little sexy. The penis is bigger than the big one, and that's right, because it's about Percentage increase but small penis size and The erection will remain small compared to the larger Member.

The size of the erection(s) may include one of the following groups: large, medium or small.

Most men have a misperception about the size and average of penis.

Some are sure the penis is big, even though it's true. middle-aged penis. This is also evidenced by what we have done. A survey in which most men call a middle-aged member Big.

  • Best biodiesel to increase membership:
  • Bioconducts to raise a member are a way for rich and lazy people? Or Still the best way to increase the penis? On this question, perhaps. Everyone has to find their answer. There are many so far. I don't know. Starting with herbal pills, end up with complicated chemicals. Bioconducts are effective, but requires a substantial investment of money, as it should be accepted For a relatively long time. Bioconducts to increase membership , mainly stimulate blood flow to penis and thus, create a basis for an increase in membership.
  • Bioconducts to increase the sexual membership of VigRX, VigRX Plus. The most The famous and popular biobath is Vig-Erix and Vig-Erix Plus. Vigrex is a tool with a wide area of application, but A narrow specialization. Simply put, Vig-Erix is used for Increasing male membership and promoting male sex. Biologically active supplementation is made from natural Homopathic substances and virtually no anti-indications. But there. Not less, before use is strongly recommended consult with a specialist. Vig-Erix is produced in Canada

It's easy to underestimate the size of his sex penis compared with that. by members of others because of the approach taken downwards as well as Because of the accumulation of fat at the base of a sexual member. Survey, Sexologists showed that a lot of men had sex. believed that their sexual members were inappropriate, in fact Sex members of medium size. Another study found that Training for the correct measurement of a sex member may be useful.

Women who were more attractive were particularly concerned Big size of penis. Among women who described themselves as more attractive than on average, 64 per cent is strong or moderate Concerned about the breadth of the penis, and 54 per cent worried about it. length. Women who assessed their appearance as medium by 20 interest was lower than the size.


Erection has many names, but most of them don't. reflects the substance of the disease. Many men are not impotents: There are only problems of erection - an erection that is easy eliminate. The word "implicity" means full. The impossibility of erection. Period or second term Impotence suggests that the erection breach started recently, before it started. the erection was quite satisfactory. The term dysfunctions give the impression that there are serious problems.

Magic Stuff, Santi, Vig-Erix, Vig-Erix Plus, Tongkat Ali Platinum natural means capable of acting as synthetic analogs to increase the propensity and increase the erection completely without harm organism!

The erection, unfortunately, is known to many men. ♪ Between the ages of 25 and 60, they suffer more than 150 million people. Increased penetration and search for reliable and safe medicines - One of the major challenges facing modern men.

Erections are the result of hormonal and hormonal problems Vegetative systems, metabolism of fat and sugar, stress, mental, Alcohol and other diseases. What can be real without harm? health promotion? The answer is, try Magic Stuff. Santi, Vig-Erix, Vig-Erix Plus, Tongkat Ali Platinum, it's gonna be Best proof of the right decision!

Provide spontaneous and adequate erections. Intensification of sexual penis intimacy or sexual exposure irritants refer to adequate erections. Spontaneous erections occur Involuntarily outside the erotic environment (in time of sleep, after sleep) in the morning and often not accompanied by sexual initiation penis.

The existence of normal spontaneous erections usually excludes serious male biases.

How do I raise the profile?

Is there any way to help yourself without resorting to pills if there is a need to increase the reach?

Many men ' s tendencies are known to arise with age. But a shameful breakthrough in bed can happen in youth as well. Excessive exhaustion, acute nervous disorders, deficiency vitamins, some mineral salts and natural biological active substances... Men's tendencies can kill and attraction. Alcohol, and even sleep deprivation.

Lower propensity or impotence may also occur in the background the deterioration of the blood supply of the heart muscle, as the erection is direct Depends on the flow of arterial blood to a sexual member. So everything It's good for the heart, good for the taste. Fighting hypodynamics, By refusing smoking and other harmful habits, man is not only prevents myocard's heart attack, but also prolongs its sex life, enhances erection and prolongs growth and increases penis.

How do you improve men ' s sex and sex?

It is not so difficult to get an erection to commit a sexual act. For There are a lot of chemicals that are potentially harmful to Health. And that's how to improve the trend for a long time, and at the same time to strengthen A woman's desire doesn't hurt her health? You're going to have to increase. before seeding, have the opportunity to commit several sexual acts I don't want to get tired after sex, and I'll give a woman an opportunity. Try a faster and brighter orgasm, strengthen her desire?