Silence that she means to you.

Silence that she means to you.


How long has it been since you were sick of milk?

Month Two, three. Ask yourself a question, and how much you can hurt her. For you. I'll say it's infinite. Statistics show even scary numbers. So what's the disease? What she depends on and what you have to do to make sure She's not sick. And men, you can get her sick too.

Silence is just a common public name. Candidosis, because there are symptoms of sexual organs some white spots. Vulvaginal kandidos - inflammatory The vagina and vulva disease caused by Candida mushrooms. Here. official name of the disease. As for men, they're dating. It's rare, but it doesn't look good. Original-genital Contacts contribute to infection, as many people are carriers Candida in the mouth. In cases of frequent morbidity among women, Immunity is very weak and local, namely, weak against Candida. Mother-to-child transmission of Candida More than 70 per cent of cases occur. With regard to the spicy milk If she's not properly cured, she'll be in chronic illness, and You'll be sick all the time. Female chronically ill Diseases of the stomach-kid tract (disbacteriosis) and various diseases are detected Gynaecological diseases. Chronic hammer can lead to infertility.

Simptoms of silent women: burning and potion in the field of foreign sex organs; white drops from vagina; sex pain; pain Going to the bathroom.

These symptoms can be traced together and individually. You can also see vagina inflammation.

Men's boiler symptoms: zude in the head of penis and extreme dams; colouring of the head of the penis and the extreme dam; white calcium penis head; sex pain; toilet pain.

With regard to treatment, it is possible to break it to the outside and internal, i.e. pills or candles.

More recently than in the past 20 years, the number of cases 7 times. The result is that no one knows more. with anti-sanitary norms and with the environment. With regard to Russia, there are statistics on the number of patients with this kind of patient. diagnosed at 75%. During pregnancy, the frequency of the disease 40 to 46 per cent. Accordingly, the number of miscarriages increases by one and a half times.

This sickness is a serious problem for the whole society, thinking she's you. It'll be a party. Here's my advice, there are many ways and people. Means of milk treatment and prevention. Anyway, it's worth it. Think about it.

Is there a man's milkman?

Silence, or kanidosis, men also meet but have their own. specialty. The most commonly observed surface-to-endideosis of the sexes Member (i.e. Balanite). When the disease is light, it's painted, slight eternity and accumulation of white creativity masses under internal a sheet of extreme flesh.

In more severe cases, erosion, films,bright redStains and bubbles. The process may extend to arable areas and Even the skin of morons. Sometimes there's a kandidose diet. urine channel) and prostate.

  • The causes of the dairy are several:
  • Reception of antibiotics without associated anti-biotic drugs or for a long period;
  • sugar diabetes;
  • anaemia;
  • Reducing immunity;
  • stress and psychological overloading.

Male candidosis of urea is often different That's what women do. Women play a major role in disease endogenous (internal) factors - for example stress, pregnancy, in the endocrine system, with Candida mushrooms,

who are present in an inactive state, acquired pathogenic (breathing) properties. Women often have reasons There are discordonal disorders, pregnancy. By treating only partners and continuing to do so sex during treatment, couples risk getting the most " effectPing-Pongaas mentioned above.

Men suffer from candidose much less women, as mushrooms It's just the urinary urine. Family physiological mushrooms The candidah is very poorly " living " on male genitals. That's why. Male lightning is a rather disturbing symptom, indicating that the immune protection of the organism has been reduced or that other sexually transmitted infections. That's why it doesn't matter. Self-response, and complete diagnosis and examination I'm a doctor. And men have sex penis most commonly After having sex with a woman who suffers from this infection. That's why the doctor treats you both.

Men's hammer symptoms

The active milk of men is characterized by the following manifestations:

- Sexual illness;

- Painting in the field of a sexual member;

- the glasses of the extreme flesh and head of the member;

- Strong, unpleasant, acidic smell;

- It's possible to have a white raid on the head of a sexual member.

Men ' s milk leaks

Usually, the hammer starts with men with a candy-death. Hi. The incubation period is 10 - 20 days, with the brightest symptom the beginning of the disease is the emergence of dense slimy white ears from The presence of some kind of thread. It could be discomfort. urination. When you're candidious, you're gonna die on the head of a sexual member and inner leaflets of extreme flesh are often characteristic Creative stains are a sign of Balanopot. It's important to start treatment. for the first symptoms of the silencer, as the lack of timely treatment can further promote infection and, chronic and serious disease chronic prostatitis, Vesiculitis; and distribution of candy to the bladder and kidneys. High Candidate infection penetrates various organs and bodies alters their functioning. Lack of treatment These diseases can lead to infertility.

Chronic shape of milk can lead to frequent recidivism. Most of them are causedof any kindsecondary infections.

Men's milking or men's milking.

In general, at the initial stage of men ' s candidose treatment Local treatment is used. Cream prefects shall be placed on the head A penis, twice a day, within a week. Anyway, kind Only a doctor can prescribe the drug and its length. To be self-administered in this case, not only foresight, but also dangerous. In chronic forms of disease, anti-Bribco is designated Inside medication. Also, depending on the stage of the disease, anti-bacterial therapy and drugs may be provided recovery of organism microflora.

In the course of the treatment of dairy, men are encouraged to observe a certain diet, excluding sweet, sharp, gradient and buckle The dishes. No alcoholic drinks. Effective and efficient It is recommended that sexual life be avoided in effective treatment throughout the course. Immunity can be promoted and enhanced Take immunizing drugs and vitamin complexes, Since relapse into the disease would be difficult to avoid weakened immunity.