Everyone who burns about their short dick!

Everyone who burns about their short dick!

Short membership


Don't fuck your brains and asses! Your members will not grow up, and your wives are likely to be dissatisfied!

Take and hold women with humanity, friendship, money, prospects and reliability.

If you're not allowed to satisfy your wife in bed, then you'll be able to satisfy her in all other spheres of life, and you'll fucking leave the other men. Knowing that your wife is giving you and her life, giving birth to your children, carrying your name and kissing you in the morning, much calmer than living with no sex, no wife, no children, and suffering that a member is small.

Accept the rule: " A woman is gone, and I, a woman without an orgasm, and I am not an orgasm. "

It's gonna teach you to deliver the kaif first to her, then to yourself, and your head will turn to fantasy and sex. Better the orgasms of the partner from the fan in your hands than your short palm, alone in the toilet.

Yes, yes! Buy your wife an artificial member of the right size and fuck her with that dick, and don't put your eyes down and hysterical that your writing is the most written in the world! If you're a man, you're gonna have to decide the question seriously and honestly, to leave a woman that she loves for lack of a penis is the last thing.

A man with a short-ass woman walks out first, fast and reckless. Because women love males and power is a big dick. You can only stop her by giving her everything but sex. Sex she'll find herself or with your help. Choose your wife at once, and don't pull the rubber with the law. While the “long members” are chosen, we can get the best females and leave our descendants.

I've chosen a wife older because these women are more experienced, easier and faster sharing life on a " not important " basis. A woman with experience, will find herself a good lover sooner, a little girl who's pregnant with your brains: "a lover on the side is dirty, it's bad, I can't." And in the end, he'll ask you to grow a dick, and if you don't, he'll kick you out with the money and time and the nerves. My mom's little girl's tremors, she's going to sleep like a cat in spring. My daughter's on a disco, and sheep without panties in her bedroom. I barely escaped. At first, I went after the figure for innocence. But the real thing is to have sex better than her daughter, Barby. But if my mother-in-law saw my “strum”, I think she'd be alive.

My wife is over me for eight years, never complained about her choice, I live with this woman and I will never regret it!

The older she is, the younger she gets. I'm in shock!

Big, fatest member of the benefit of the smallest and thin, because it gives orgasm one size.

I put it in a woman, moved in and out, she's got a clitter, her vagina wall pressure is coming, point G is massing...

She's in an orgasm!

It'll take a big dick, and it's a length. And we shorts have to turn around.

Kama-sutra is our book for centuries!

Dao's equipment is also recommended.

By the way, the Chinese Emperors were all with small members, so they figured out how to break the partner.

So, we take the Kama-Tru, the "Dao of Love" Tantra of Love, and we begin to explore ways of pushing (kills, horses, bulls, noses, etc.), the options of the movements, in circles, sides, sprinkles, strikes, verbals...

A primitive " from here " is not our option.

We are looking further at the signs of a woman ' s instigation and signs of her satisfaction, and there are stages and perceptions. We need to know that as a prayer, as a street transition rule.

We're looking at all sex games, all vibrators, forbidden topics and options for us, and we can't.

Learn to lick a woman so she can ask for mercy. I'll tell you right away, not every woman gets pleasure from oral loops, but everyone can feel good about it. Fucking a woman with vegetables is our theme. And creative and pleasant, and unusual, and we're all under control.

Finger sex, even if you have short fingers. Your job is to adapt them so that a woman dreams of having sex with you.

It's useful to know:

• Short-sized men are almost every second in government, business and sports. There's such a thing: if the man is successful in the social and in the money, it's either a little dick or a tendency bad.

• Alpineists are mostly men with very modest membership.

military - generals don't have shit to see. We're gonna cut you off on big cool cars, too!

:: Cosmonauts are all miniature copies of males. Deputies in the Gosmud are impotents and small-members,

Psychologists - mostly unsuccessful in sex and love, so they're going to psychology. There's a lot of catching up.

• Einstein, Freud, Lenin, Stalin, Hruchev, Hitler, Napoleon, almost all had impotence and micro-members.

Good luck to you, toast! Or fortunately, you'll turn it on yourself.