11 problems of women

11 problems of women

That women consider sex problems.

At least once in her life, every woman has ever met. several of the problems described below. We're offering you some. The best advice is how to get rid of these sinisters, and how to deal with them. They're going to see a doctor.

Bad mood

Handra, not a fatigue, indifference to everything. What's going on, it's not happy, it's the most common symptoms. Depression. Regrettably, we don't pay attention to that, and We're writing off to normal fatigue. However, depression may be a more complex disease. It could be anaemia, or Thyroid dysfunction may also be hormonal problems. I recall that the problems with thyroids are more common for women than for women. Men. So the bad mood is also a reason to visit. Doctors.

Not just a bad mood.

Premensive Syndrome (PIC) in this regard is often joked and joked by men They're black, but women know that there's no reason to joke. Of course, every woman has different degrees of severity, depending on whether personal features of the body. But it usually goes with that kind of thing. symptoms of irritability, delay of moisture in the organism. That's why. A terrible mood plus dissatisfaction with your appearance because of your strength Some part of the body is growing temporarily, and it doesn't improve. Women's emotional state.

But we'll fix it. You just have to take vitamins and minerals, It's the best magic. Magny improves the hormone of dopamine's joy, Which makes it easier for ICP symptoms. Also improves calcium skills, potassium and vitamin C, regulating metabolism, positively affecting teeth and My heart. So eat lemons, grapefruit, nuts (in particular) almonds, apples, beans and green vegetables. More magic helps to remove liquid from the system.

Unsuccessful epilation

I don't think there's a woman who's never met. Take the razor or wax. Not rarely domestic The hair removal ends bad. With such consequences Growing hair, irritation, infections, maiden voyage. See to the dermatologists. Most often it happens in summer, that's when This procedure becomes daily. Same procedure in the beauty parlor I've got a lot more impact, not everyone's pocket. Therefore, specialists Please be very careful during this procedure and Of course after her. The smallest skin cuts can get different. infection. Here are some simple recommendations:

After the removal of the hair, it is not worth swimming in basins or in open waters about two days after the procedure.

The hair in the submarine invasion can be removed without using soap. and water. They have such a structure and direction of growth that the procedure You can be safe. There's no way in the wounds of soap or soap. Vlaga, they are responsible for the education of the so-called " maiden treason " or hydradenite.

Boli in the lap.

Every man doesn't depend on the woman you or the man. once in my life, but my back hurt. Although according to statistics, women This kind of awkward is getting worse.

These are the consequences of pregnancy and hormonal characteristics of the body, and Also the size of the brass. Women also have bones weaker than men, And the skeleton starts to lose its density early.

There are ways to prevent premature osteoporosis for this. It'll help with the usual gym. We've got to do a drill. The press and back, because they're the ones who support the spine well. I'll give you an example of the simplest exercise. On the elbow, raise your back, press your abdomen, floor. The hull and the hips shall be lifted, and the leg point shall be knees and legs Loki. Count to 20 and relax. Do this exercise. Three times in the morning and tonight.


Frequently, women are trying to fight for themselves, using different wet cream and hygienic means. But... It doesn't have long-term effects, because the bacteria is still Stay where you are. The best thing to do is go to A doctor who will write antibiotics to destroy the infection. Yeah. For now, to make these unpleasant symptoms easier, you can just often change underwear. Bacteria calling a milkmaker-- Candid. Synthetic and moisture. That's why it's best to wear underwear from cotton, free cover.

Still a hammer with her symptoms, very much like that. Like a vagina. There's also a burn and a scent. But it's not the cause of infection, it's the violation. bacterial balance of sexual organs. This imbalance can happen. It's from the wrong laundry again, from love to hygiene. or the frequent use of shower soap. We need to use this. Special means for personal hygiene.

Vaginos are treated with pills, but more often for gel.

Vitamin D status

Recently, oncologists and dermatologists have been negative, treated tan in solarium or just under the sun. According to the doctors, this one. procedure causes skin problems, even triggers cancer. Many women began to refuse tan and beach, including. Or Use special cream from the sun. They don't even know that That's the most important source of vitamin D!

Naturally, everything's fine, so I'll take the solar baths. It's not worth it, because you can. also harm your health. Vitamin D needs bones and health nails and hair. The lack of this vitamin can trigger an early warning. Osteoporosis, and sometimes even parachute to women.

In order to be useful to the bone system and not to earn cancer, light up at least 20 minutes a day.


Another problem, and not just a family one, is the absence Women's sexual harassment. For many couples, problems Intimacy is damaging. But you should know that long-term abstinence There's nothing good for a woman. Regular sexuality is a way to protect against depression, a good immunity and a healthy heart.

So where's the wish going? What are the reasons for the reduced libido? Here. We'll try to answer your questions. The most elementary reason is... Menopause or premenapus period.

In general, other problems arise at this very time. Cheers. So when you visit the doctor, you're being normalized. hormonal state, talk about the " intimacy problem " , Doctor. I'll give you the right medication.

Weak bowel

Discuit intestine, wear, characteristic symptoms of annoying Kitchenik (KRS) who suffer the majority of women and men All the world. Of course, because of every sense of discomfort to a doctor, You run, but you can help yourself in a home environment.

How are the hysterologists advised to get rid of it? The trouble with the bowels should not be on dairy products. A lot of people are mistakenly suggesting that this will help alleviate the situation. How I'm sure it's quite the opposite of the diarrhoea in the cells. Milk sprinklers don't work. So, for two years, I can't get milk for days. And if you do, If you wake up, there's an estimate and a creativity, just make things worse.


Often, this problem is simple enough to eat something. Comparable and trying to eliminate it with activated coal. As it turns out, it's more serious. So how are you going? may refer to ordinary SRC, and in other cases to " hidden killer "- Egg cancer. In cases where the shock is disturbing you for two and for more than a week, and getting rid of it doesn't help any pills. I need you to see the gynaecologist.

Permanent fatigue

Women with a complaint about unsuccessful fatigue are sent for analysis. blood, to determine the level of iron in the organism. If it's not enough recommended food supplements or iron-containing products for treatment of anaemia. If the iron's normal, the doctor just advises. Have a good rest.

In reality, the analysis was normal, It can talk about the reverse anaemia, diagnosis. And it's called... Hemochromatosis. It's genetic, with the organism on the other side. absorbs the iron and accumulates it in all organs, with work organs are in violation. Because with blood tests, it's not a disease. You'll find out when this disease is still detected, it's harming. It's a significant organism. But if there's any suspicion, It's not difficult to detect this disease, and at the time of the appointment, treatment.

Early ageing

Gray hair and wrinkles, natural processes. It has proved that we can speed up or slow this process.

It's very much leather ageing, smoking. More modern Scientists found that sweetness contributes to ageing. Less learned Carbon contained in some products raises sugar in some products organism, this leads to free radicals, and They're just destroying our body's cells, helping to get old. tissues and organs. So if you don't want to turn into an old lady early, Eat more chocolate and baking. Better replace them with nuts and fruit.