The nature of sexual intercourse

The nature of sexual intercourse


There's a signal showing readiness Women to sexual activity.

This is about the allocation of secession, which comes from a woman when she wakes up and comes directly from the vagina, His lower areas. Before that signal is detected, loving and caring The partner should not move from prelude to sexual activity.

These awards. pale, transparent and vagrant. If a woman reaches to a certain degree of instigation, it is legal and the necessary stage is clearly felt on the vagina and when entering it. This lubrication is separated from the 2nd beltomite irons inside Small lips, a little below the vagina entrance. Inside the vagina also is discharged directly from the uterus, which makes the necessary lubrication when Introducing a male member. A male member is also disbursed.

Bartite irons are located in the lower part of the vagina and distributed Concentrates in the same place, a man can easily lubricate his finger and adjacent areas in the avoidance of landing and loss. Bye. The proceedings are still on the rise, and the end is on the rise and on time. When she starts to stop, the vagina gets dry. with an amazing speed. Continuing male manipulation may involve a painful feeling and annoyance.

Lubrication should not be confused with constant allocations or humidity women ' s internal and external sexual bodies and slug, which is a legal and necessary condition for healthy sex organs. These constant allocations are significantly less than with lubricant in the wake of a woman, they're lighter and lighter. More ingenious. They can't be confused with a lubricant that usually expires on 15 Until the woman gets satisfied.
However, it is often the case that a woman of nature is fully satisfied I need help. Wife is ready at any time, except Days of sickness, to carry out her marital duties. Conversely, the husband Trying to satisfy her wife when she wants to.

Usually these couples. Happy in marriage. Such a woman goes for more. If she doesn't. Even the inclination of a patient husband, she'll try to hide. Your reluctance. She's even starting to fake herself. But the result is to be such that, despite the diversity of the prelude, the woman is particularly small Temperative, almost uninvited, and husband will not find The end of lubricants and clitoris. The sex area remains almost dry. In the case of further irritation of organs, pain may arise and erosion. Of course it'd be better to postpone your intimate relationship to the best. Time, but the husband needs to be satisfied today. The exit remains one: The husband washing a vase or cream finger and lubricating the sexual organs My wife, in order to continue to communicate with her painlessly. But if The wife is intimidated, so it's not necessary.
When a lubricant comes, a woman can be considered ready for sexual activity.

How does she respond?
The reaction of a temperamental woman.

Exactly. Women show themselves in such a way that men are difficult to contain Orgasm. In fact, the power of passion of such a woman 5 to 30 minutes to meet her. Despite self-control Men always have instinctive desire to have sex. I don't know. A strong temperament woman doesn't need clitor irritation. During the sexual act, she's getting a lot of pleasure. Initiation of external sexual organs. Strong temperament woman I'm experiencing continuous orgasm, almost from when The man has brought his cock to the end of the commotion. She's experiencing a continuous test. satisfaction - ecstasy, which gradually covers all of her nerves system expressing pleasure, peace or inability To resist the satisfaction. Under the influence of any of these reactions There is an immediate life of the male sexual organ, outside of Depending on whether an orgasm was experienced by a man. However, rare A woman has all these reactions together. Even most likely women One or two reactions.
Puncture usually requires a lot of friction. A strong temperament woman is harder to dig than a woman of another type.

ZAMITION - comes at the following time, in this case. The end of the sexual act is defined, and more and more remains pleasure until nature itself compels it to end. pleasure and relaxation.

MARKS - may suspend the act when the flow of tears suddenly irritates, Her body is amazing. In this case, she needs a few minutes. Recreation, because relatively within a short time, it can It's just that you don't have to make it feel. In this case, it should not To bring yourself to a state where the ratings follow. tears. After a little break, the sexual act should end with Her. Uncontained tears are a very temperate woman during sexual acts, is the natural reaction of the body to the feelings of pleasure. But for a partner who's not used to being very violent, all of it seems very It's amazing. You can understand how shocked he is when a woman It's starting to suddenly scream with the risk of overflying the neighbors. He does. literally takes a heart in five. That's what he's testing when he's not. An interruption in the breathing, scratching, burning woman suddenly deep It sighs and becomes weakened literally to unconscious state. The partner may have the impression that she's dying.

For An inexperienced man can be a shock. Most passionate women in the orgasm produce soundings that remind me. crying for a baby, giving them the impression they're hurting. Some of them They make inconceivable resurrections and other sounds. There are some of them. which are fully satisfied without making any sound and need constant and continuous rhythm speed. Hold them. Don't do that. This reduces women ' s perceptions. They are. Sometimes they scream, they call their mother and other sounds, and they call them an offensive. Orgasm. And yet all women can consciously ask for a partner. to contain yourself. There are categories of women who raise their feet up to their chest, then by making their introduction forward, as if they tried to absorb the cock completely.

Others prefer slow pace, with deep penetration of a member vagina. Some women need rabid speed, others love when partner quickly reaches orgasm because the member loses quickly. Their firmness and sense of flexibility and a slight weakness cause them The most excited. The size of the membership for all women is irrelevant.Women It is only in the interest of the partner to satisfy her sexuality. feelings, not how he does it. Not at the level of her solicitation. influences the size of the vagina. The broad vagina is not a sign of That women had many men. For most women, men ' s physical structure is important. There are women who prefer men of well-designed and weak men. scheduling. And both are very good at the type. The men they prefer.

At least half of women are sensitive to clitoris only. Ooh. their vagina is not sensitive, and it's just a sense of pressure of a member and Conscious that he is in the vagina, delivers them some pleasure and morality rather than physical. While the movement of a member along the vagina may cause passion Women orgasm, for women with weak temperament, this is not entirely true. Enough. Nevertheless, consciousness that a member is in the vagina, Maybe close to two orgasms. Moderately passionate women and women with weak temperament do not publish No sound during the act, their act passes and accompanys. Accelerated rhythm of movements that become more disruptive with Coming up orgasm.

This moment is sometimes accompanied by a woman ' s desire Speed up the rhythm of motion. It's marked by a woman's desire for Long-term kiss, which is prolonged to climatic The moment is interrupted by the ridiculous opening of "oh," which is published at the time. Most pleasure. At this point, a woman of this type shows up. tending to push the body as much pressure on the clitoris.