5 sexual positions in 2019

5 sexual positions in 2019

Best sex poles 2019

As in every year, 2019 was full of new health areas. There's one thing, however, that's older than any entertainment - a good ritual: sex. And it's not for nothing, either. Sex reduces stress, helps you sleep, burns calories, and of course makes you happy.

However, some sex poses more than others for the past 12 months. We've assembled the top five, so you can make sure your 2019's off the track.

Lazy Sunday
For this position, you lie side by side and face each other, then you move very close and put your partner's foot on your foot so they can penetrate you. “You can both control some movements, but this facility reduces your partner's ability to swing too fast."

Two lazy dogs
Another position is to relax in slow mode: in this dog style, you're lying on your stomach, and your partner's turning on your back. “They may hold their hands in the pash-up position or rest on the elbows, whichever is most convenient,” You can disengage and let your partner take responsibility for speed, or you can give them a break and move the hips around while they're still stationary.

The woman on top dominates.
2019 was a year of women, and this step brings this energy into the bedroom. " Inside a normal woman in the upper position, when you sit on your partner, kneeled in your knees, give equal weight to the forearms, kneeling at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees, building on the bed between your partner ' s thighs and chest, " said earlier Health Jacques Oliver, a psychosexist in End the Problem. This should allow you to maintain a constant rhythm, moving inside and out, up and down, not by statute, and without losing some serious orgasms.
When he starts to feel the same old one, that tiny twig can make a huge difference. While your partner is in a big position with a spoon, throw your upper leg back on your feet. " This will change the angle of penetration and release the space for more torment and prayer from hand and toys. " Plus, your legs are gonna sort of wrap them up, reducing their range, so they're getting shorter and faster.

Up and over
The blade never comes out of fashion, but when it starts to feel too old, this tiny building can be of great importance. As long as your partner is in a big spoon, put the top leg back on your feet. " This will change the angle of penetration and release the space for more washing and washing with hands and toys " , said earlier the Health located in Toronto, Doctor of Sciences, Astroglide Resident Sexologist. Besides, your leg's kind of limiting them by reducing their movements, so their impact gets shorter and faster.

Removing this kind of sex from the bedroom was a great trend of sexuality this year. This position falls to both. Sit on the kitchen island or on the table, hung your feet off the edge. Your partner has to stand face to you and stand between your legs, grab your hips and slip inside you. " You can go back, but you have a wide-ranging legs to give the partner deep access " , said earlier to Maxi Reeseel, an online sex sales expert, TooTimid. Or go as far back as you can get on the elbow and enjoy the view... and how amazing it is.