Sex, cocaine and marijuana

Sex, cocaine and marijuana

Sexual drugs

Zigmund Freud, one of many highly educated people who used cocaine at the end of the nineteenth century when it had not yet been banned, He believed that this drug had an exciting effect. In that far away It was hard to imagine an older scientist in the French, sniffing cocaine in your office, filled with oak furniture, and then with interest in the obsessed matter of the trouser.

But in our brutal and cruel century, addiction to cocaine and other things. drugs create more dire images.

Smoking cocaine variety - crack - causes so strong and rapid Accustomed to drug dose often purchased by sex in different ways. Anger, which in turn contributes to a winning march Cyphilis and gonorrhoea by town and weight. AIDS consumption drugs that remove all sexual prohibitions often involve the most dangerous forms of sex, such as anal, vaginal and Oral without protection and group sex. Intravenous Drug use has been one of the main ways in which HIV infection is in blood, and thus the link between drugs and sex became even more direct and lethal. Data Atlanta Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases, Rangers - This is the second risk group of AIDS after homosexuals.

Despite all myths about the advent of certain drugs substances (especially cocaine), in fact they do not justify Their hopes. First, small doses, cocaine and marijuana acting like love. As one researcher noticed, small cocaine doses stimulate libido and improve sex by slowing ejaculation. But... When you're used for a long time, everything goes wrong. After all, almost everything. Chronic addicts who consume cocaine in high doses receive Sexual disorders, as Arnold M. Woston claims, Executive Director of the Whoston Institute in New York.

Marijuana: Spermatosis killer

There are many allegations of side effects of marijuana, but They're so different from each other that it's hard to take. any of them are serious. Some people say that it increases from duration or intensity; others say, that it has no influence at all or time. From time to time. In a survey of 250 college students, half of them said marijuana increased sexual desire and pleasure. Other interviews suggest that sexy The effect of the grass is primarily due to the fact that, after its consumption seems to be slower and thus slower It's a pleasure.

Its impact on multiplicity has more evidence. Several studies revealed that marijuana smoking can have a negative impact on men ' s seeds and cause Women ' s ovulation (eggshell). One study Found that young men who smoked marijuana at least 4 Once a week, the testosterone level fell for six months. Except 35 per cent lowered spermatoids ventpromatozoids gradpromatozoids and 10% were impotents.
Of course, these young people smoked a lot of weed. But better advice. couples with the possibility of pregnancy would be at all. Stop using marijuana. If you're going to start Baby, you should stop smoking pot two months before, How do you start trying to have a baby? sperm is required for about 70 days.

Cocaine, end of journey

Unlike marijuana, the influence of cocaine on sexuality is higher Clear, studied and frightening. What exactly happened to chronic Cocaine, was in all the depressing details uncovered in the course of Study by New York University. Questioned 50 People (most part of men) who mostly use cracks Between 14 and 44 months.
· Losing desire. Scientists report that long-term consumption sexual desire is significantly reduced. When they were interviewed the wife and cohabitant of drug addicts, they confirmed that virtually all Crack smokers are experiencing periods of losing interest in sex. Other Research into people who smelled between 1 and 4 grams Cocaine a month, found that they received sexual stimulation without sex. Major sexual disorders. But there seems to be a difference. Dosage: blood inhalation is less cocaine than when it comes to smoking. For crack smokers, the dose was also determined: If they snacked two to three glass tubes, they were sexually tested. The induction was capable of erection. If it's bigger, they're getting better. impotents. Women who smoked cracks were even less interested. sex than men. And since cocaine is used to, and it requires everything. Big dose, don't expect you to be dead. consumer and not to harm health.

Erection issues.

Of the 38 male patients, 24 said they couldn't achieve an erection, When you're exposed to crack. Other researchers They found the same thing. In one of them, 13 smokers out of 32 Recognized that sexual activity does not occur at all during periods Unlimited drug use, and 20 of 23 men said that cannot achieve erection in many cases. Because of their impotence, if They used to have sex, usually oral.
No satisfaction. Medical reports indicate that many men complain What the creek made of them impotents and they barely feel orgasm, When he comes. What's the point of getting an erection if you're incapable of. To be happy with that?
There's also one more point related to cocaine use, which should be borne in mind (in addition to being dangerous, illegal and leading to Accustomed): it also involves sperm failures. One The Yale University experiment, which studied 775 men, predominantly white between 31 and 35 years of age, it was found that cocaine may be associated with male infertility.

Men with insufficient content spermatozoids'efpestromatozoids'pharmatozoids number of those who used cocaine in the last two years, it's been much higher than among them. Those who had the ability to multiply were normal. And those who I've been using cocaine for over five years, sperms have often been nothing. Yearly (there were many spermatoes of spermatosis developmental and under-activity - parameters that are determine the viability of spermatozoids. comfort: those in I used cocaine in the past, but then stopped, quantum and No sperm was detected, which means we're going to revert. Other researchers found that in small doses cocaine triggered spikes testosterone. You can explain that his horrific properties. only in small doses. Because the testosterone is necessary. production of spermatodes but at an early stage of their development The level of the testosterone, on the contrary, is probably why cocaine. leads to infertility, as some scientists suggest.

How does cocaine work?

Cocaine is the stimulant of the central nervous system. stimulates a sympathetic nervous system that prepares the body to emergency situations by reducing receptacles, increasing heart rate, Pressure and temperature increases. You're feeling thickness, skill. The spirit. But when the sympathetic nervous system's working too hard. - or too often - the result can be catastrophic - from A heart attack before stroke.

But the main organ that is affected by cocaine is the brain. Cocaine frees neurotransmitters of the brain, such as dopamine and norepinefrine. Normal neurotransmitters are substances that helps the signal slip through the rupture or synapses between the nerves. cages. After the impulse has passed, neurotransmitters are cleared. But... cocaine prevents their elimination by making neurons continue to call Brain centres responsible for pleasure (lymber system) food or sex. It causes euphoria and it does. drugs are so tied.

However, very quickly drug addicts are used to drugs, and The high gets weaker and shorter. Initial duration Cocaine's about an hour, but in time, we've got some hardened drug addicts. It shall be reduced to 5 minutes, after which repetition is required. Total constant, obsessive signals to the brain centers, For the pleasure, the ability of a drug addict To be physically happy with anything else, including sex. As psychiatrists say, libido is being suppressed and sexy. abilities fall in the impotence of men and anorgasms (Inability to achieve an orgasm).