Secondary prostitution

With prostitution in the Middle Ages, it's complicated. On the one hand, the woman who became a prostitute and sold her body, sinned at several levels. morals, and on the other, sometimes in the opinion of society, it was It's not that bad.

Pierre Vidal from the town of Axle-Term in the medieval France once. discussed this issue with a scholar.
Yesterday... I was getting from Tarascon to Axle-Term with a couple of mules wrapped with grains. And I got some strange pop, we got on our way. As a cologne after Lassur village, the conversation came about prostitutes. Pope says, - If you find a prostitute, you'll be at a price, so sleep over. You're not going to fall into a mortal sin. ♪ I told him all this: - No, I don't think I'll get in.

The discussion is not based on the lack of morality of the fallen woman, but on the fact that the transaction is not based is financial; the prostitute is in fact engaged in paid services. But if the conditions are acceptable why such an agreement should be considered in God's eyes? What's different from hiring women for any other service? There is no difference between a woman hired to wash, sew or A beer and a woman hired for sex. Here's the thing. One of the parties is not agreeing, then that's it. becomes a sin.

Grazida Lise of Montayu

When she was asked about her voluntary sex. relations with the past priest, The woman replied:

Then... I liked it, and the cure liked my body, too. and get back socks. And that's why I didn't know the sin and neither did he. But now I don't like him anymore. So get ahead of us. With him, I'd count it for sin!

One day, in a medieval France, we found a solution to the problem. For once and for all To get rid of the blunt women, Louis IX took a bold step. In 1254, he issued a law that ordered the expulsion All prostitutes from the country. They were also supposed to be deprived of property, money and even clothing. As you can see, the plan. was initially doomed to failure. When the mass of people in another country naked and without means of subsistence, looking for alternative sources of income, it's just Can't lead to a disaster. ♪ ♪

By the early 1400s, the total population of Paris was about 75,000. Three thousand were prostitutes, I'm the one everyone knew. 100 years later, in 1500, in Rome There were 7,000 and in Venice more than 11.5 thousand per population of 150,000. By comparison, Dijon worked at the time. A pitiful hundred blods.

Causes of prostitution

Money. The main reason was money. Most women went to prostitution because of poverty and lack of other means of subsistence. Others failed It's good to get married because of past dissolved behavior or because of slander, which puts the chances of marriage to zero. A woman with doubtful reputation was very difficult. To be a maid. And the bad glory made her a target. for rape, because she was still considered a flaw. The goods. Some prostitutes became owners brothels; they no longer provided sexual services They hired other women themselves. Someone worked. at home. Someone's been pimping and curing. to your servant or even your own daughters.

Marjorie Tabbe of Iver

From time to time, archidiah courts visited remote rural areas; e.g. Buckingham of the fifteenth century We find a woman who apparently didn't work for a prostitute, but played a role as a story between her own. daughter and anyone who was willing to pay for sex with her.

1496. Iver. Marjorie Tabbe case, pimping Your own daughter with different men. She was in front of me. court, overruled and released.

Probably Marjorie's daughter, who's actually Prostitution, trial and trial were not required.

Forced prostitution

In the view of a modern man, the life of a medieval prostitute seems terrible. Poor women have lived this way of life, free of choice; they were often beaten and maimed customers are the ones who keep brothels. Others worked. Maids and forced them into prostitution Masters.

Nicolas de Preze of Southampton This situation has been experienced by, for example, a nameless woman. from Southampton, whose history is referred to in urban areas Archives dated 1482:

Procedural paper that Nicholas de Preze, Chebatar, and his wife committed an offence and contributed to the illegal The intimate relationship between the captain of the Hungarian gallery and the maid, Living with the above-mentioned Nicholas and his wife who colluded.

It looks like Nicholas and his unnamed wife are not. Nor have they been fined, nor have they been fined; there is no evidence of their punishment, but the case has been recorded in urban documentation. The name of the maid, too. doesn't indicate it doesn't matter. No mention. and whether the case was the only or the same girl On a regular basis, there was a lease. But there's something in court. Considered it important to mention that the gallery was Hungarian, and the man that de Preze entertained is her captain.

Isabel Lane and Margaret Hatswick from London.

Some judicial protocols give little details of young women forced to engage in prostitution. The records of London City Courts can read the sad history of a girl who clearly has There was no other option but to accept that An old woman is making her sexual relationship. With men; she probably promised that a girl would have to do a fair homework.

1439. The jury says there's a Margaret Hatswick... coming. The Church of St. Edmund on Lombard Street often led a girl named Isabel Lane with residents of the same street and others. by unknown men, resulting in the deprivation of Isabel virginity against her will in the house of the above-mentioned Margaret. and other places for a certain amount of money paid by the aforementioned Margaret; subsequently referred to by Margaret four I used to drive Isabel, against her will, into public homes. On the banks of the Temza in Surrey, for flogging with unknown Gentlemen. ♪

Els von Aistett and Barbara Tarshenfeindin of Nurdlingen

Poor case Cookies called Els. In the fifteenth century, young German Els von Istett lived in a brothel and worked there as a cook. She was forced to sleep with clients against her will, and as a result, She got pregnant.

The facility was run by Linhart Fryermot and Barbara. Tarsefindin, after learning about Els' pregnancy, Barbara, without waste of time, went to fix the situation. About Barbara's 20th week of pregnancy made a girl drink some kind of stuff, after which he had a miscarriage. It's like it's not enough, Barbara. Took Els back to work in a brothel for a few days. I swear to keep the secret. If it were. Just... Women talk between themselves, and prostitutes. Not an exception, so it's pretty soon that the rest of the women working for Barbara and Linhart are hot. We talked about what happened. And the customers started to whisper about Els being so lately. It's big and suddenly it's so small.

And then Barbel von Esslingen, who also worked In Barbara's brothel, she said she saw a male child lying on a bench in a room with her own eyes. Els, as long as Els was the one who got out of pain on the bed. After The way Barbelle told other women about it, Barbara, who cared about the reputation of the institution, had taken her out of the brothel. But it was late. Word Don't cry. In 1471, the municipality of Nördlingen started Investigation into rumours of inappropriate Barbara and Linhart.


Women on the path of prostitution almost had no chance of leaving him. Options like a blobber Your sin and become an honest wife and mother was very Not much, but in 1198, Innocenti III's optimistic dad. Decided to marry a whore to direct her. It's true, it's considered an act of mercy and charity. So they could get married if I'd have found my husband. Which was very unlikely.

The best way to change lifestyles and leave sinful activity behind is to To show and join a religious order. At that time, the church most approved it, for potential husbands and other similar temptations There was clearly little in the convent. And yet the monasteries and the religious orders of the fourteenth century, such as The Order of St. Catherine's St. Catherine's sisters in Montpellier, contained newborns, in the past, sinful Women, separate from more serious nuns, If it turns out that their good intentions aren't the end of the heart.

In the monastery of the Order of St. Catherine The confession was not too tense. procedure; it was conducted once a month, not every Sunday or every day. Being there is some sort of way A nursing home for women, too old, To make a living in prostitution, It's a good option, and the afternoon conversations of sisters about their turbulent past are probably worth it. Hear them out.

The degree of penetration in the Order varied on a rolling scale from " not too repented " . "Maybe it's a little bit of a leap."

Where you could find a prostitute.

In most medieval cities of this kind, women were allowed to live and work only in certain areas. parts of the city. It's better to get it clean. Prostitutes in one place rather than let them sit where Whatever. No one in the town wanted a neighbor who was caught up in the quest. Concerned citizens and so on Complained to the courts about suspicious activity in the neighbourhood, especially where single women lived, Widows or women with active social life, mainly with men. Neighborhoods have not facilitated these women. Life, with a lot of hunting, they were known and insulted. So where? Could you find sex workers in the Middle Ages?


Let's start with Paris 1226-1270. Ludovic IX provided for prostitutes are nine streets in Bobur quarter. Nine streets-- It's very specific, but they're depending on. From the total length, there could be a lot of brothels.


In Western Slovakia, in Bratislava, the brothel in the fifteenth century was very comfortable, close to southern urban areas The gate near the Hungarian and Austrian borders. The mountains called the place a fishing gate, although There's no sea near and there's no memory. They've been included to do something different. After 1432, the city put an end to it and kicked out the brothel business from the center. Later, in 1439, the fallen women moved further, beyond the city, to the eastern suburb.

Hospital, Austria

They called Frauenhauses. and their workers - gutted Fräulein, which Of course you can't call a compliment. In 1472, the Municipality of the City of Bolzano decided to provide for prostitutes The place where they live and work for rent at £70 a year. Every two years the mayor brought Every owner of a public house is sworn, It's a very good decision. In each brothel, there were 12 to 13 women who received housing and food; What's interesting is the house of the executioner was usually around. Did he serve to intimidate the blouds so they could behave well, you can't tell.

Valencia, Spain

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, any traveler could find Prostitute in Valencia in a small quarter where the ladies are here. They lived. In 1502, State action Antoine de Lalene, who just drove through town and I certainly didn't stop counting people, I turned it. and described to Valencia:

...a small town surrounded by walls, with the only The gate and the gate. Inside, three or four streets, Houses with rich women in silk and damste (total of 200 to 300 persons) craft. The municipality has set a fee for their services in four. There are two lecards in this small enclave of prostitution that look at women on a weekly basis.

According to the description, those women were very high. Socio-economic status, otherwise they could hardly afford beautiful clothes from the silk and the dam. And, of course, a doctor was required to monitor the health of so many prostitutes, and not one. In addition Bordelia ' s clients have also often faced diseases that are transmitted STI and infections; and, in general, their condition health should have been controlled, too.

Shopron, Hungary

The Shopron is located on the border with Austria, so it was extremely convenient to catch the people on the merchant. The path between countries on both sides. Most brothels. They were built between 1330 and 1380; they were on Roz Street in the northern part of town. Later. A lot of new brothels in the water and along trade routes.

London, England

Boro-Hai Street in London served as a house for brothel, the priest, then the institution They moved through the river to the prostitute ' s area. Sautuarca. There's still some slices there today. They wear eloquent names, the data in those distant times. Coke Lane comes first. In the fifteenth century The Londoners once again filed a petition for a ban with the court To the streets. Prostitution has been allowed in many cities, but in English Sautouarca, it's on. Business restrictions were imposed, particularly in churches The holidays were a short day, and during the period The church services were closing. Prostitutes also It was forbidden to drag men into the docks. clothing or hood; they were told that the client should enter only at his own request. For violating this The rules were based on a major fine of twenty shillings.

By 1381, brothels were owned by Sir William Walworth, the late Lord Mayor of London, I've got a lot of flanked and angry Flemish prostitutes in town. Hotels like The Bell and The Swan was glossed as places where not only food can be eaten and drink. How lately a brothel opened up in Westminster Maidenshead. This place was very in love. Benedictian monks; in 1447, they were his most active members.

After all, King Henry VIII decided to end the lawlessness and disputation, And in 1546, Sautuark's brothel was closed. But call Prostitutes, pimps and brothels It wasn't that easy; they just split up differently. the city. Cox Lane, Pettikout Lane, Pupkurtle Lane and Groupcant Lane in Chipsayde are all these streets. exist in London this day and their names are transparent They're suggesting that once a resident here was given love for money.

For the modern ear of Groupkant Lane It sounds shocking, but in the Middle Ages, it's frank. The current word was considered a common term for female genital mutilation, and it was even used in a healthy society. It's not good. It's only now.


Ladies who paid for their company preferred to work in brothels or bans. Contrary to modern perceptions, at that time, people We used to think more often than we used to think; not just bananas. washed, but they also drank dishes and drank wine sitting in the bathtub, And to live music. The baths were big enough to accommodate the two, and they were clothed. That's what made you do a sin.

Many of these institutions were indeed. I mean, they went there to wash. It's almost like With modern massage salons, some work. and in accordance with the stated objectives, and some others offer customers quite peaks services.

There are many medieval paintings and illustrations of the second-type baths. or very naked women swimming with men for the game of liars.


Worldwide, prostitutes are limited to certain areas, But some blouds, I see, the rules have not been followed. and used public events, like fairs, looking for new clients. As you can see, good citizens have indignated it, so that women who dared to leave their places were often called upon by representatives power. This is, for example, a record of the Yarmarsky Court, which refers to the clouds of prostitutes in English. St. A.

1287. Ralph de Arredon, his partner and all the bailiffs. All these and other prostitutes are ordered to be apprehended, wherever they are located within the perimeter of the fair, to be brought before a court and to be safely protected. ♪ ♪