Relationship to virginity

If a girl treated her innocence negligently and a day The wedding was steadily approaching, it didn't mean everything. lost. There are a number of ways to simulate. virginity was the only thing to know who to ask.

There's a very remarkable woman on the stage of the Middle Ages called Trotul. The most. There are many different situations that this lady could have given. advice. Seriously. Really beautiful.

Trotula de Rugero

Trotula de Rugero was the gynaecologist of the 11th century. Considered, If she didn't write herself, at least she did. from different sources, a women ' s medical tract; it focuses on gynaecology-related Complaints and other issues that would be uncomfortable with a man. It's called De Passionibus Mulierum. Curandarum

Many described The means and consumables are designed to make it easier than to cure the disease, but to Trotul women ' s work I've been taking her advice for a long time. Let's make some weird.

Reduction of vagaries Tlotula's prophecy has shown a great share of fantasy; she offers two solids. A way to make a man feel like he married. on a virgin, when it's not. The first was the narrowing of the vagina so it would seem intact. To do that, Trotula had a few prescriptions. A woman was first demanded by a steep range of old age and commitment and a good piece of lyn tissue. Dry vagina, I want it to look like a virgin.

Egg squirrels mixed with water that used to be cooked flea mints and other spicy grass of the same kind, and, uh, wetting. in this mixture a new lung tissue, two to three times a day In her vagina. If you have to urinate at night, do it again. Important: prior to the vagina procedure, the same warm water on the grass must be cleaned carefully.

Well, it's almost a clear prescription, except for the reference to “other grass of the same kind”. A woman who puts something up. to be loved or to wash intimidated by the grass, We need to know his composition. The actions of the Nagad could have been taken. It's far from the expected result, or it's fatal. The incorrect result was easily explained by the absence of The potential bride has adequate knowledge of herbs, which has not helped her at all. For a woman a simple condition or a woman I didn't have anyone to ask what kind of grass was needed for. The first recipe, Trotula had another excellent advice, more simple, with little or no resources and training. Which is especially good, we could do it. Quickly, it's very important if the marriages were suddenly moved to a later date.

Take the powder on the throne or the undressed dried cheek and put it in, it's a great vagina. Natron, or sodium carbonate, it's mineral salt, contained in lake plates (at the bottom of the lake). She was. accessible in town, but not in villages, especially where There's no lake. Although not every peasant kept sodium carbonate in her kitchen, it's always Could have been free to get a gardener.

Again. There are no specific instructions in the Trotula prescription. and it's not clear what part of the eggs need to be wrapped. Leaf? Stebel? Dry berries? There are many options. It's not surprising that such advice has often not worked. If a woman who needs to pretend to be a virgin can get a variety of exotic materials. She had another curious recipe. It's all scattered by half, but it's demanding. serious financial costs.

Another option: one ounce of ink nuts, roses, The bag, the traveller of the big, digger, bolus, quass and fuller clay. Spread all this in the rainwater and evaporate it. genitalia.

Even if the vagina doesn't narrow down to the right size, At least the bowls will give the sexy lips an attractive pink glitter, they'll bleach from the rose, and the occupier. and fuller glin will neutralize potential unpleasant impact of quas on slim. And innocence, probably. You're gonna have to just fake it.

How to arrange the bleeding

If the methods described above were not helpful at all, or if the vagina was under control, a woman could try. next of Trotul's approved methods. He was in. to ensure the bleeding everyone expects From a virgin to her first sexual act.

Trotul She recommended that the brides of the night be attached to the sexual lip. until the day of marriage. In a separate paragraph, she advises to ensure that the diapers do not crawl too deep inside, But that's how to do it, I don't understand. Should I wear something like a leash? Anyway, blood from the diapers through something. time. ♪ ♪

...returns into a small thickness... and the influence of blood from the vagina deceives a man. The bride's innocence is proven, all happy and happy. Though you'd like to explain the existence of a can with diapers. In the bedroom the next morning, it's probably not gonna be that bad. Just... And to get the vagina out of the vagina with its own diaper. Harder. Trotula in her recipe doesn't say anything about whether to pull the plugs out before the situation, but you gotta think, It is recommended that this be done. In all likelihood, if it's a blade At some point, he'll get off the lady and suck on the penis, If you don't mind, there'll be a lot of uncomfortable questions. But much more worrying is another Trotula recipe that almost guarantees hemorrhage. it is to be made of granular glass and painter Cone and put it in the vagina before the sexiest act.

Introduction of glazing in the most vulnerable part The woman's body will probably cause the desired bleeding. The problem is how to stop it. Trotula says that this method is used mainly by prostitutes who want to look virgin. in the eyes of the client, and he's pretty risky. Yeah. Right.

Threats to virginity

To remain a virgin, it wasn't enough. No sex. The young girl was worried about who she was. They'll pick up their husbands and if this man is old and unattractive or she can love him. She was trained. Households and household performance She was usually followed by a senior woman. age. She was also a virgin, and she was required to protect herself from rape, which sometimes occurred as a result of an accidental attack, but sometimes for the purpose of marriage. After a woman entered into intimate relationships with a man, most often I had to marry her. Usually, that's enough to Producing a stubborn bride to marriage (formerly rejected) or, in other cases, its parents who had previously considered a potential fiancé unsubstantiated The walkers refused to marry his daughter.

Sometimes it happened that a woman inspected herself. Kidnapping and rape to a wanted man. Parents There was no choice but to accept marriage. A spoiled daughter.

Senior A virgin can induce a sex teacher. Because. Your disgust. In the Middle Ages, it was felt that women It's a lot worse than men, so, I see, there's a lot of it. It's a matter of concern. Moreover, it was felt that To determine if a woman wants sex, her urine. According to " extremely useful " work on how urine looks and smells and how it tastes, it's called “Why is the vision of urine begins” is a woman passion, you can recognize her urine during this period. In particular, it states that: The woman's urine of bright and golden color shows her talent. or the desire of a male company. Pretty wide range of options, I have to admit. Okay. Is she talented or willing? Or both at the same time?

Solo sex

Fortunately, many medieval medical tracts Surprisedly, they offered assistance in the drowning of a shameful flesh that could cover a weak woman. For example, Paenitentiale Theodori Theodore; penitentiaries - Guide to penetration, written by Archbishop Theodor Kenterbury In 700 years, we see that if a man, say so, takes It's about his own hands, his sin is all small.


Epitomia for three weeks. With regard to women who have committed the same sin: If a woman... practices self-defense, she's shall deserve forgiveness for the same period of time.

As we can see, both sexes are treated equally. Anyway, the ladies who love touch Not only the priests, but other women.

And this is the first time you and I meet Hildegard.

Bingensky is a German who was given up to a shed at eight years of age. I think she's the one. The moment was a virgin.

Hildegarda Bingensky from Bokelheim Hildegard was born in 1098 in Germany and over time. became a scientist, healer, musician, artist, The poetess, the saint, the visionary and the guest of the monastery. Its main work, the Book of Simple Medical (usually referred to as " Fizika " ) and " Book on Complex Medicine " (which is often referred to as " Books " the arts of healing, " and treatment. They have already been widely distributed. in the XIIth century, and they continued to be rewritten and spread throughout the Middle Ages.

I'm sorry. To say, Hildegard had useful recommendations in his reserve. in all cases of life, including in case of a woman I've reached the strongest lust. If a woman suffers from bodily harm, she needs to be careful. A piece of man's root between the chest and the stick. ♪ ♪ Three days and three nights.

Then we have to split it into two parts. And for three days and three nights, we'll tie it to the grove on both sides... Then The right limb of roots should be shredded, added some camphorus and eaten. Once she eats this mixture, the dust will burn it. It's easy to distinguish the man's root from the female.

As the Esidor Sevilski Bgoloves Encyclopedist writes, the men ' s leaves are like bees and the women ' s leaves. Mandraulians remind salad, and this plant gives fruit, I don't know. It's obvious if you use a prescription. Hildegards with a mandragora's not the same type, they're no better off than that.

In the Middle Ages, if a woman has long been a virgin or recently lost, it was assumed The legal wife and mother of the future mother.