Sexual status

Sexual status

Status of mid-year women

Unlike what is now adopted, social status Medieval women were primarily determined not by age, non-education, not occupation, not careers Achievements, sexual status.

Women ' s status was highly dependent on her rights. and responsibilities in society.

A woman ' s unmarried person was usually dependent on her father and was a marriage product, that will make another family rich later, nothing more. She could have had some kind of education and useful skills, but generally, it was felt that such a woman was She has not yet taken her place in society.

A married woman was respected as a wife and the mother, as a housemaid and a person who, in some cases, is involved in the husband ' s affairs, for example, in trade. She was someone's wife, and everything. She did, good and bad, and it was a reputation. Her husband.

A virgin. (sighs)
Wife (involved, sex allowed)
Widow (was married in the past, not allowed to have sex )
A blodder. That's what I'm saying.

According to medieval images, a woman who is not classified in either category or has been in special circumstances or has entered a slippery path And the bitter fate of her is predetermined. Married Women who did not remain loyal to their husbands ended very badly because adultery was considered a particularly serious crime.

And the line between Kurtuas love and the affair was thin.


As for the sex itself in the Middle Ages, if a woman Young and unmarried, which means she's certainly not a virgin and has sex.

At all. She's still standing. No one's ever entered her rose, her ring. I'm just waiting for my spear. Girls were not only considered a valuable product; by legend, their purity lured unicorns. Units are mythical creatures, but other than them, virgins have been very successful in attracting real creatures, You know, you know, you know, people who want to think a horn instead of a brain.

In a medieval society, two virgins met. types.

Both spokespersons were very guarded. virginity, but for different reasons. Girls of the will

These are girls and young women who are still women. Not married, but sooner or later, they'll be married. and mothers. For such a person, if she wanted to marry for a good man, financially advantageous. Keeping virginity was critical.

The higher the girl was, the higher. She was left unsupervised and the more likely her husband and sexual partner would be chosen long ago. before marriage.

Many of these brides have similar marriages. The agreement was alarming. If a girl married a man who did High status in society, before marriage, so to speak, prior to the signing of the agreement on the transfer of " movable property " , its virginity could be verified. Women ' s doctors or representatives were usually involved. local religious community; however, unrecognized women This procedure was rarely followed.

If the potential bride failed the test, shame her family and a huge scandal. Local society was guaranteed.

Rape of virgins in the Middle Ages was punished Extremely harsh, as a result of which I lost my chance at a good marriage.

Holy Agnes Rome

In all the dangers of the Middle Ages We need special protection, and we need Saint Agnes... There were girls of all ages. There was a saint in different countries. known under different names - Agnes Rome, Holy Inessa, Ines del Campo; usually I.D. her on the icons. And the pictures aren't hard because she's almost always playing with the lamb. Although agnus is Latin and translated Agnessa is Greek and means " clean " , " wholesale " , " Holy " .

Saint Agnes was born in Rome in 291. She's early. For years, I have decided to dedicate the life of religion and to resist any attempt to bribe and reproduce it. Agnes I didn't want to get married at all; she called the girl. His only wife Jesus. The information concerning her martyrdom is contradictory, but most Sources agree that a girl has refused. vouch for the son of the Roman prefect, for which she was decapitated 21 January 304 At that point, she was 12-13 years old.

Today, the skull of a martyr is stored in a side chapel of the Church of Saint Agnes in Agony on Pyazza Navon in Rome and available for pilgrims. It's a monument to anyone who prays to preserve their virginity is the exact opposite of what Agnes parents demanded. The biggest problem of medieval virgins It was that then men wanted to do something. sex with her, and not special attention to her age, activity, and even on its vows, For the rest of the day. A clear illustration of that might be serve as one of the stories in the chronics of Apostolian brothers Parma.

Widow's daughter

At the beginning of the thirteenth century, the daughter of a widow from Parma was unhappy. To be home when the strange nuns came in.

One of them, Gerardo Cegarelli, had serious plans to become a saint man; according to the records, one day he was I stopped sleeping with a widow. When he saw her virgin daughter, he said that God had just spoken to him. and instructed him to verify his abstinence by covering all The night next to a naked young girl. The words of the guest were never convinced by the mother, but Gerardo was not embarrassed. He is. quoted the biblical poem from Evangelia from Matfei, stating that " there are scops who made themselves coppers. For the kingdom of Heaven,* and that her daughters are therefore not at risk of losing their virginity. She believed him.

Girls of their own choice

The second variety was so-called A virgin of his choice. These adult women have deliberately decided to keep chastity, usually promising. God keep doing that in the foreseeable future. In some cases, their decision was admirable, But others aren't very good.

One of the last virgins like this is Christine. From the Marquiat.

Theodore from Huntingdon, She's Christine from Marciathe. Kristina, an English-born girl, was born in the English town of Huntingdon around 1096 - 1098. She was named Theodore at birth.

Parents, Beatrix and Auti, rich buyers, were not different. religion from the majority of the towns. But Theodore has spoken to Christ since he was a kid, as if he was real. The man she could see and hear. At the age of adolescence, she visited Saint Alban's Abbottom. in Hartfordshire, where it's so overwhelmed, I don't know what the chastity gave me.

One day, theodore was visiting the aunt when the bishop came to visit her; he fell madly in love with the girl and tried to make her. Your hostage. Having learned of his intentions, Theodore graciously told him he was going to lock the door so he could lock the door. ensure their privacy. Bishop said yes, but the girl. She jumped out of the room and closed him up alone. It's too much to say that it didn't lead to anything good. The angry thing he was rejected, the bishop set up for Theodore marriage to a young palace named Beord.

Theodor's parents are happy to agree, but the girl herself refused to marry. Father and mother. I'm sick of rage. They tried everything: they tried to influence her daughter with charms, to drink her, tore her hair, beatings and threats, but nothing gave the desired result: Theodore was standing on its own. Then in a desperate attempt Still, having a good marriage for his daughter, parents agreed with Beorred; they decided to install him into her. The bedroom at night, to rape her and at least that I was forced to marry.

They were so disappointed. ♪ ♪

When Theodore's parents entered the room the next morning to see how it went, they're the deepest. They saw the daughter talking all night. A disappointed young man in the history of chastity marriages and other good women. No wonder Beorred's friends were ruthlessly harassing him because he couldn't get a girl. The parents of Theodor decided not to stop and let the prospective groom in the bed of the daughter. For the second time, hoping for a better result.

Now Theodore hiding behind the goblin, and Beord failed to find it; Well, if you agree, it's something that says his mental abilities, and it also suggests that the guy might have been. Not as strong as he seemed at first. In the end, Theodore escaped from the house by screwing up men's clothes and hid at one nun. Flamstead. That was when she changed her name and the rest of her life devoted her service to God, becoming the head of the Nanhi community. She died a virgin around 1155. Christine I won, my parents lost.

Christina was not the only one in his struggle for innocence to take advantage of the asylum offered. Church or monastery. The most wonderful thing is that women, Choosing a chastity life in the name of saintness could have been It's like getting married, enjoying all the privileges. Increased status, while avoiding exposure to husbands who did not make sense. Although society as a whole considered the decision to give the chastity a delightful, intolerable newborn husband who suddenly discovered that his wife was Dreams about God much more than romantic interludes with him, it hardly seemed good. Which is particularly regrettable, even if the poor man complained about his wife. To your priest, I'd just hear what should be Thank you, since he was happy to tie life to that. A wonderful and extraordinary woman.

It was, by the way, a great loophole for women who were forced to marry and who understood that It was a by-product of a convenienced marriage union, concluded for the purpose of expanding or improving the social status of the family. Written testimony of women The rest of the marriage is not so much, but they are. These women remained virgin despite the efforts of disappointed spouses.