Harlots , part 2

Harlots , part 2

Prostitutes and law

In the Middle Ages, decrees were issued for protection Women ' s rights in public homes Not too much washing. Violators were assaulted Big fines. Bordela owners were allowed to offer the sexual services of their employees, which by itself It was horrible, but it was forbidden to hold single women. against their will; they could have received a fine of 100 shillings. No employment was allowed Married women and nuns.

The fine was It's only 12 pences, so it's business owners. Bordelia didn't contain such a ban too much. Not yet. Pregnant and women suffering from " incendiary disease " were offered. Just don't wait for the clue What does that mean?

It's interesting that brothels in England could have been in those days. Managing men or couples, but not women alone.

Those who were prostituted in their own home were fined by the court for misconduct. and sexual non-retention, but if a brothel prostitute After a difficult working day, she preferred to go back to her house, a brothel couldn't make her live. in an institution. And whoever did this paid a fine of twenty. Shillings.

Here's the excerpt from a Marjorie Gray case. from York, considered in 1483. Cherry Bugs. The note that 12 May... the entire parish of the Holy Martin at Mikaleguit appeared in front of Lord Mayor and complained about Marjorie Grey, otherwise called the Vishnaya Gubca, That this woman is foolishly controlling her body. And they often go to men with bad intentions - to dosage. Her neighbors.

Satisfactorily dispose of such cases It was complicated. Sometimes a woman of low moral standing could be brought to trial, prosecuted and fined, but often the authorities closed her eyes. The defendants were willing to take bribes. That's what we're looking for in the Report of Claims and Memory. London events (Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls of the City of London) since the fourteenth century.

Fast women were not only given bribes to protect their interests, but they were also caught: 1344. The jury then found that the parole court From Ferringdon-Vizaut District, he took bribes from violators under his court to protect them in their activities.

Reynoda from Mellie

In other countries, prostitution has been treated differently. French Pezenas, for example, has taken a more consistent approach. In the fifteenth century, the city owned a brothel, And the woman who runs the house, some Reynod from Mellie, I thought he was a tenant and, to say, an average.

She is. Organizing a brothel, taking some kind of work. The share of the profits, and the rest of it gave to the city. At first. Bordelia tenants were usually women, but by the end, In the fifteenth century, men replaced them in this position - unfortunately for those working in public houses. For example, Tulouse's sex worker was brought to the local royal court. Complaint of the scrupulous attitude of their new male boss. Women claimed that they were overloaded and that a new one The manager doesn't act like an ordinary pimp.

That fact tells us a lot about brothels. France of those long times.

First of all, prostitutes were organized so well as to be able to file a joint official complaint with the employer, It sounds very advanced for us today.

Second, In the sex industry of the medieval France an acceptable workload, and its continued exceedance was considered incorrect.

Women Such a complaint was expected to be serious and that No one's gonna laugh at them in court; they're obviously counting, That a complaint would achieve a certain result.

Church, even condemning sex with any woman except A legitimate wife, yet she recognized that single men I need to give you a way out of my hot nature, and I'm done. Prostitution as an inevitable evil. But in general, the churches didn't approve of her, they all censure her and their own. The sermons strongly recommended that men avoid such ties. As ironically, the clergy themselves have been involved in the sex industry, in a way that requires action. Like one of the brothels. In French Dijon, 20 per cent of the clients Church officials.

Some clergy have taken advantage of the opportunity to become owners brothels.

We have received documents clearly confirming that Bishop Winchester regularly received a rent from brothels. Sautouarca, London District, on the other side of Temza. Hi. Girls in sorrow were called " vinchester gooses " . An entrepreneurial bishop organized the case so that it would be Managers not only collected rents, but also examined weekly premises where they lived and worked. Prostitutes and personal interest in any of the money he owes.

" Municipality ' s regulation on the management of evil institutions in Sautouarca, operated by the Bishop Winchester. Rules for brothel workers and fines for their violation.


There were a lot of guests in the brothel. The Holocausts are themselves, but there were also wrong husbands, and the professionals didn't deny them service.

Until our days, there was a story about a doctor who was called to treat a woman working in a brothel, and that one, When I was there, I accidentally looked into a hole in the wall, and I was surprised to see my scientist in the next room. A married friend who was resting after sex in the arms of a young man. Beautiful. That friend was made a good reprimand and returned. to the family, making a promise to the wife never again to return to evil places and not to embarrass the wife and family. Your stupidity.

Many prostitutes are active Participated in the local community and included in social projects.

In Paris, sex workers united. and set up a massive collection of donations for Notre Dame. The funds collected were to go to the creation of a vibration in one of the clocks of the assembly. However, the Bishop refused to accept their money because they were earned sin.

In the document with the Orders of the Twenty-first Century in the fourteenth century, rules and regulations may be read for prostitutes and housekeepers. One of these are women who choose to work. In an evil place, but live at home: Women who come every day in a brothel where they can. See what they are, and women who live selling their own. The bodies are allowed to go home tonight if they pay their duties according to their old traditions. Recommendations were also made on working hours and expected fees.

Women working in brothels but living elsewhere, gave part of the earnings to the public house keeper, which provided them with the conditions necessary for their work.

In London of the fourteenth century this fee was 12 pence a week. We have one protocol. hearing of a complaint against a " determined woman " , who ran an evil institution and was ill-treated With prostitutes. She... she made me. They're in their free time... stick your hair.

There was a real scandal, because a prostitute. There's no way we could do this! The wool was considered to be the case of good women, daughters and wives. Make extra money money's an honest job, not a prostitute's option.

Distinguishing signs

Some elite prostitutes in the Middle Ages are very Well, they've earned and dressed richer than women in the social ladder. They didn't. The husbands who asked them to die, and they could have let them die. I don't know. from a decent society, which should have been dressed well, but modest. As a result, prostitutes seemed much better than decent. Women of higher status.

It was huge. Problems for the rest of society. For example, good order A man could have had a conversation with a prostitute by mistake. Something worse has actually happened to the unfortunate queen of France, Margarita Provansky, one day. In the church, she kissed as a sister in Christ, a woman who wasn't even a good man.

luxury laws

To limit the number of dresses that could have A fallen woman, the authorities have enacted many laws The luxury. Other laws aren't good, but they admit that Some stitch for prostitutes is necessary for work; There's a conflict of interest. It must be recognized that legislators have not reached a special level in this area. successes, but if a woman was caught for abuse, she was punished. For example, in 1162, the municipality of Arla Prohibited prostitutes to wear veils and even encouraged honest women if they were seen as violators, beat them. I don't know.

Medieval lady practically I've always been out of the house and often in a special place. head cleaning covering chin and neck is like this. it defended itself against the misery and emphasized its virtue; if one woman has publicly failed voual on the other's face, it was considered to be a very serious insult, equivalent to a slut in public.

These are some rules introduced by English law. The luxury. 1355 is a statute setting the rules for the wearing of prostitutes. 1399 (or 1388) - Rules for clothing People of different ranks and statuses. Listed on the " British Parliament " and " Nytonah Chronicle " . 1439-1440 - rules governing luxury for the clothing of prostitutes
And some of the rules in French luxury laws concerning the clothing of prostitutes; 1360 - Prostitutes are prohibited from wearing a dress. Pearls, buttons or silver buttons and opium from the squirrels. 1427 - Paris prohibits gold and silver buttons, Buckles, belts, pearls and mechants. Paris also prohibits excesses such as skills, coral tags and silver plugs.

Jeanette Le Petit of Paris

Penalties for violations of laws were often made for the confiscation of prohibited clothing items. In 1427 light The court of Paris made a statement by some Jeanette le Petit for too much. Beautiful clothes that made her go to a fair woman. She was stripped of the lion's sleeves, cut off the schluff, a dear silver belt donated to a local hospital. Less than thirty years later, the French city of Dijon allowed prostitutes to wear more beautiful clothes if They could afford it, and in Avignon they were allowed silk and meha. Good citizens, I understand. It's indecent.

England, for example, tried Prohibit any woman who could not have been named as a model of virtue, wearing beautiful dress accessories.

And specifically in London, prostitutes received in 1353. The following: At the insistence of the inhabitants of London, it is decided that no one A woman known as a prostitute should not wear any hood except a stripe, or a mechanic and a lion. clothing.

In other cities and at other times, people invented their unique ways to mark fallen women by restraints in clothing, which, however, also They've been ignored.

These are some of them with places. The salmon hood is London, 1353 (if the fallen woman wearing a hood, it was supposed to be lazy to make it clear. (a) Dedicate it to decent women) The yellow hood is London. hood 1353) Red knot on the shoulder - a number of French cities White clothes - Tuluza, Parma Yellow and blue plates - Leipzig, Germany Red hats - Bern, Zurich Prostitutes - Paris, 1250


Of all women, it is clear that the greatest effort was to avoid the pregnancy of a prostitute. They're definitely was part of a high-risk group and was very interested in contraception that helped them not to lose. work. Given the number of prostitutes, no idea. It seemed too ungrateful. Bloods. Have at the disposal of all the traditional options for preventing pregnancy set out in previous chapters; However, some people have expressed their views their contraceptive measures or the reasons why prostitutes aren't pregnant.

St Augustine didn't make a secret of what he was treating the blods not particularly friendly; he could have done a lot of things. To say what kind of trouble prostitutes have with them and the prostitutes themselves. They were extremely apprehensive to him not only because of the way of life and the nature of work, but also because they were likely to be actively used contraceptives. Augustine was very confident because prostitutes were very rarely mothers. He wrote about it in his work Contra Secundinum. manichaeum.

But Augustine. It's not the only one who looked at women, with many sexual contacts and rare births. Similar ideas were also attended by other thinkers, particularly the Giloma Medieval Philosopher. The Konshsky, who thought he knew exactly how and why. What's going on?

Prostitutes have filth for frequent sexual acts. and hairs that cut the seed path; that's why she, It's like a smeared fat marble, and it's all that tries to penetrate. Albert Welshka also addressed this issue in his work. Women's Secrets.

He had his own theory about why sexuality does not result in pregnancy if Too often. He thought it was a mix-up in a female match. large male seeds from large the number of different men, leads... ♪ ...to strangulation and destruction.

That's what prevented the conception. Of course, it's quite likely that prostitutes aren't pregnant because, like other women, After the sex, they jumped vigorously, sneezed, urinated and drank grass, but Albert Great was sure. In my guess.