Prohibition love

Prohibition love


What really shakes me in the Middle Ages is That many then thoughts and concepts were both totally normal and totally unpleasant, depending on the circumstances. For example, forbidden love: one of her variety, smoking love, Reading and doing everything as the most romantic. Of all possible, and adultery, its frequent investigation, has been resolutely and irrevocably rejected as a sin.

Curtual love

Curtual love is when a man, usually from the highest constituency and from the dowry, is admired by a woman of undeniable moral qualities - it may be. But not necessarily, someone else's wife is driving her and actively following her. She's, of course, insecure, and his. It's a pain in her eyes. He's sleepless, and only Her kiss or a gesture of sympatheticness can calm her down. His heart.

Her inaccessibility in no way prevents him from giving her gifts, singing songs and poems. He misses her, He's driving her. The fact that this passion cannot be brought to a logical end is an absolute torture for him. Fear doesn't give him Not a second of peace, and she can't afford to give up his care.

Love signs

Tractat of the twelfth century De amore, Andreas Capellanus helps us get an idea of what it's worth. Axes were available at those times and which one was allowed to receive from a man in love.

A lover from amateur is a good man to accept such things as handkerchief, hair rematch, gold or silver vein, The chest, the mirror, the belt, the wallet, the belt, the rod, Handcuffs, gloves, rings, lartz, images, manoeuvres, receptacles, a tray, a memorable badge and, in sum, all small a relationship appropriate to care for itself, for external good Eminence or resemblance of an amateur; all the amateur has the right to receive from amateur, I can't believe she's a cowboy.

A secret gift could be considered illegal. Public expressions of generosity and love were admired; They were accompanied by vicious speeches and the expression of the heartbeat. Taking precious items - for example The golden vein should have been very cautious because such expensive things just don't give. The rings were also considered a suitable gift, although today it was the ring that was adopted. From a married admirer, we seem too intimate.


The word “trubadur” comes from the word trouveur. from the north of France. That's what they call poet and musician, who didn't repeat the famous popular stories, and he found some very new ones no one heard before. It appears that the beginning of the movement was laid in the XI-century of the tubes of South France and Aquitania, which were added In his regular repertoire with songs about masculine acts and heroic battles, the subject of irresponsible love. Multiple heroic acts are very good, But what's the goal of the knight hero? Of course, impress a lady! Trubadura wanted to convince everyone that the ladies-- not movable property acquired by marriage but establishments It's admirable.

That's what the tube did. He didn't just find the right thing. The words, but also the happy lady, without which he claimed, I can't live or breathe. Without a sign of attention and mercy on the part of the object of love not to see him sleep, No fun in his heart, no smile on his lips or poems, to read them to people. To be happy, he's only one. It's just a hint of goodness. Smallest reward It was enough for him to get inspired and brush behind the strip, describing beauty and virtue, of his love, even if in reality There was no memory. When it was born, the phenomenon spread at the rate of forest fire.

And it's nothing that the musicians who invaded the ladies often protected the ladies themselves. Any plumbing, If you ask him to describe a woman who, in fact, pays his bills and guarantees him, finds a pleasant word. Belizean leather, noble chelo, beautiful lips. Beautiful. in general. Goodness and heart.

Matilda Saxonski

Matilda was born in 1156; she was a daughter. Alionore of Aquita, a fairly well-known person, and himself It was the Duchess of Saxon. To write about her. Beautiful words, she inspired many men, but especially the madly in love with Bertrane de Bourne, Lord. Otphora, who wrote with thy desire:

You strip her, and there's a growing temper and passion. From the blind beauty of her chest, night turns into a day. Slide with your eyes below, and the whole world will be lighting. How nice to touch these naked, beautiful subtle forms!

Alienora Aquita

Alienora, Mathilda ' s mother, has not left her daughter behind; her own fans have praised her heavens. Shit. It was born in 1122 or 1124 in Putai (France); The rest of the details are pretty sloppy. About the life of Alienora The Aquitian is in countless books and, yes, To tell her story, you really need a whole thing. The book, so you and I will focus on words, on which

She inspired men. Alienora, of course. She was beautiful, even when she was a kid, she was more than beautiful.

One of the most famous French tubes. I wrote about her:
I don't think I'm going to die if my beautiful invitation... He's taking me to a place where he rests so I can kiss, climb and fasten... to hug her white, flea, smooth body.

In fact, these words describe the level of proximity that goes far beyond the tone and passion. hopes for personal communication with a loved one Most tubes. In any case, all these breaths, signs of thinness, desire, love tombs and oath Very typical for a new look at the noble medieval women who were clearly enjoying and disgraceful. differed from the previous reversal.

In the fourteenth century, a special popularity became romantic literature. Roman Cretien de The Lancelot or the Knight of Telega. He's talking about a knight who was desperately stirred by the wife of the king. Arthur Guinevere; this is a classic story of Kurtuas love, up to the moment when Guinauer surrenders and enters an illegal relationship with the airer. We all are. We know how it ends. Not good for everyone. Arthur's losing. The wife and the man who was his right hand; Lancelot Lose the king and the lover; Guinevere is leaving for women. The monastery, straps into the nuns and stays without the husband, and no lover.


Other known medieval work, Roman Rose is a long story about how A young man trying to conquer The love of my lady and prove that she is worthy of her. It's a lot of, and it's eloquent sadness. Guillaume de Lorris. wrote between 1225 and 1230, but not finished; made another writer, Jean de Men, between now and then. 1269 and 1278 years. That's how Guillaume describes the story himself: If they ask me, man or woman, I wish. ♪ ♪ To name this novel, I'd say, "Roman about Rose," where I'm in. The whole point of the art of love.

So far, a few copies of the wonderfully illustrated romance writings, where they say, It's like an unsuccessful lover trying to overcome obstacles to get to the object of his passion. He needs him. To pass through a series of personalized virtues and vices that try to help him or prevent him.

Initial, Clockwork. Walters Ex Libris. Manuscript W.277, folio 75r. And next door to France, Germany, about irresponsible. ♪ Love and its flour ♪ ♪ Minniegers, poets musicians ♪ The XIIth century. Gotfried's path to romantic authors Strasbourg's epic story of Tristan's love. And Isolda, which, by the way, ends in a certain I mean, good, because Tristan's irresponsible love lasts. Only until Isolda loses its determination and ability to speak, no, and an adulter happens.

Adulter's making Kurtus love a step further. to the logical end.

Spousal treason

In the mid-century, adultery was rarely the basis for divorce, even though we had court cases in which we were brought before us. One of the spouses went left and was caught. Wrong. The wife was most brutally beaten, if not worse. For a man, his wife's treason was an alarming sign, because if She's having sex with someone else, so he's probably himself. incapable of conjugal duty and satisfaction I don't want to admit it. Generally, The problem was solved by a brutal beating of the treason and a note to the husband in court.

Unbelievable wives were condemned by both husbands and other women, and they were sometimes brought to justice. Accuse someone. There was little change in the adultery; to obtain a result, It was necessary to gather evidence. Adulter cases It was almost always a woman's fault, even if The man who was involved in it was a bloudnic or just a man of questionable moral qualities.

Agnes Brinyalle, church parish Saint Michael Le Belfrey

Agnes Brignalle lived in the suburbs of York; in 1432, she was Married some John Herford. All right. She claimed. One rather long trial The case was based on doubts of reality. of this marriage and the accusation that Agnes committed adultery not only with John; the case says They didn't conclude a marriage contract. Which, accordingly, She's suspected of being a mess. There were many witnesses on each side, and at a certain stage in the game. the usual practice of clarifying, whose witnesses are more reliable. At first glance, it's typical. Medievals, but there are interesting details.

A gentleman named John Herford, he's John. Smith allegedly engaged in a marriage contract With Agnes and definitely not having sex with her once, brought a group of friends who swore he was all. It was a time away. Chief; that he gave an oath never to marry And that Agnes' witnesses are all like one adult and they can't. trust. The testimony of some of John's witnesses contradicted each other, so he went to the fair to buy. A horse, a horse, even though the horse was everywhere.

And Agnes' witnesses called the exact day, the time of the day. and the place of her marriage with John and described in detail Event, until someone was dressed, what kind of fish. They ate at the celebrity dinner and what wedding vows they gave The groom and the bride. But it's inconclusive. John chose tactics. to discredit witnesses Agnes, including her sister.

Isabel Henrison from Butem

In the case, there is a particularly interesting turn when the court questions the testimony of Sister Agnes Isabel; She's called an unreliable witness because she's being accused. in love. Isabelle is described in the protocol as a woman over 30; she's Agnes' sister, and they live. One house.

The document states:
The witness replied that he often heard, as a number of men and women, the city of York and its inhabitants The suburbs claimed that John Willerdby, a married man, Been holding this Isabel in arms for years. matrimonial treason and that she gave birth to him three or four children.

What Isabelle does (or does not) Time has absolutely nothing to do with the proceedings, but the fact itself, That she is considered a woman with low ambitions and doubtful moral qualities, makes her testimony in her sister's case less credible. and true. Everything that one voice tells witnesses. Agnes, the smallest details of marriage, for example, clothing, weather and wedding menu, One witness from John, who doesn't even know how many children. Isabel.

What happened? Nobody knows. After these depositions, the court shifts to Isabel's inviolability.

In cases of adultery, the most common feature was clergy hunting wives. I don't know. As we already know, some people used their own. The position and seduction of their own maid, but others, More thoughtful, preferred other wives who would never ask them to marry.

Catherine Walrond and Elizabeth Godday from Ouddesdon. Thanks to the continued archives of the visiting church Buckingham's archive courts, we meet Elizabeth. And Katherine, smeared by the local capellane.

In the minutes of the end of the fifteenth century, we read:
Visit, 1495. Ouddesdon. Elizabeth Godday called Catherine. Walrond is a slut, saying that she seduces Sir Thomas Culey, a hoodie, and forced him to commit a sin of adultery. Catherine's trial denied this accusation. She managed to justify herself. and was released.

The priests accused of adultery have generally claimed that they are innocent and that no one has been inclined, citing I'm sorry, but it's my saint. But as we already know, they are They were rarely innocent victims of seduction; they were usually seductors. Sometimes priests even They've managed to convince their victims that their personal sanctity is completely purging the sin of adultery or that, because sex is not self-evident, family status women don't matter.


A woman could have been accused of her being It's a man, not in a good, romantic or cortois style, and using the most authentic witchcraft and spells. We know. only about the stories where a married woman made The affair was on the side and punished. In exceptionally rare cases, my wife didn't have a secret affair, a washed up in all the graves, whipping on his husband and his own reputation, one of which we know. from a curious trial in a Joan case Beverly.

Joan Beverly from London.

In 1481, the London Church Court examined a complaint against some Joan, which is definitely... probably... She didn't get enough love from her husband and went looking for missing people outside the house.

Church of God's Coffee. Joan Beverly, or Lessell or Kaucross, a witch; she got two accomplices and talked. To help her make Robert Stanton and another noble man from Grace Inn love her and no one else. I've been in love with her, and they say they fought for her, So one almost killed another, and her husband is afraid to stay. With her because of these two people. She's a regular whore and a seditary and wants Weed men.