Rules of sex

Rules of sex

Sex rules in the Middle Ages

Like writing about sex.

There was no shortage of medieval readers on sexual topics. In romantic stories, lire Poems, like Romana Rosa, and Lancelot legends. And Guinevere has had transparent hints on the erotic.

Stories of forbidden Kurtuas love have been found on the pages of literary works that all silent; what a lover might like; a lack of credibility. (Le Roman de la Rose) Lorris all characters have painted different features of nature.

There's a lust, and there's an old lady, jealousy and, of course, love. The physical characteristics of the characters were appropriate. perceived dignity or shortcomings.

The language of these works is full of fantastic medieval euphemisms for all sex-related things. And they are. I didn't meet you in the books. Love had its own. Your own language.

Your words. Your words. Some have remained, especially with regard to the distinctive body of the man between the legs.

♪ Punch the ring. It's not just a knight life.
♪ Towards the pink. You know where to go. It's from Romana Rosa.
♪ Smoke your hair. It's about women's hair, and it's a man polishing them. It's a little strange, to say, as far as it can be judged by the work of the fabulous. Arts, mid-century hair on the body.
♪ Break the rose. To be the first woman. That's clear. Synonym Medical term " deflation " . Also from Romana Rosa.
♪ Open the petals. The roses have petals, and that's what it says. Roman about Rose.
- Bele chose. From the Rascaza of Bat Trucks, something is literally priceless.
- Bullshit. There's Chaser showing a lot less invention.
♪ I put a green dress on her. It's about grass stains on women's clothes on their back. For the first time, the phrase is met in 1351, In the records of the Nottingham Court in the rape case. The phrase for Induentes eam robam viridem Latin is literally translated as a green dress. You think that means The gift of a loved woman from a very generous man? No.
- Meh. Women's pubic hair. Meeting at the Novel of Grizzelda from Decameron Boccacho.
- Shkura. Women's pubic hair. Boccacho again.
♪ Secret dick. Men ' s or women ' s genitals; term He's in court records.
- Pudenda. Other women ' s sexes (extended in southern countries). Meeting at Trotul's. and many other sources.

Sexual images

In the case of sex, visual representations work better, and mid-century people thought so. In the art of that time, you can be seen as quite standard images and plots (where a man and a woman are. in bed in the process of sority or squeezing to each other in a poetry stand, as well as puzzled (with naked women in bed with dragons), or And it's strange, full of hidden meaning.

How to show sex without sex?

Very simple. For These are common and often used in mid-year manuscripts. Illustrations with a port or bed image There's often a curtain or a baldahine open down the center and directed towards the star. The curtains over the bed were used. popularity in those times, and pictures of them in the open or with two equal parts taken to the edges, symbolized the sexual lips of the bellah prostitute, which They'll be opened in the same way soon. It looks sexy, but it's just curtains. And in case someone like that doesn't seem sexy, right in the middle of a suspended curtain. often portrayed a pole supporting the Baldahin, or A candle of powerful size. It doesn't mean too much about a certain act that will happen. It's very soon.

It's just worth drawing attention to these images. One manuscript, it's hard to stop and not see them in others.

Sex with mythic animals

Even more staggering scenes from medieval manuscripts, where a lady with a crown on his head She hugs the dragon, and her sad husband is either I'm at the door or I'm looking through the window. That's a lot of images, and they're adorable. Eo's not jealous. reference to zoophilia, not allegoria, and not illustration of myth.

Greek mythology lovers are used to seeing images of women with different animals; Actually, it's Zeus-- he's known to be very fond of accepting an animal and seducing girls. Such a thing I helped the Greek god hide his way from his wife.

Zeus could have appeared in front of a special chief in the form of, say, a bull or any other animal. Medieval samples Not such; they are the most commonly seen not by a blasphemy who took another form, but by the devil, usually in the form of a long-standing black figure with sharp teeth and horns or a dragon. Yes, a real dragon. It is assumed that

The story happened in reality. Clear truth. For example, the image of the dragon is often used to illustrate the act of fertilization of the Olympics, the mother of Alexander. Great, while his real father, Philip II, is looking in the bedroom through the window. If you're interested, you can find illustrations in the Network. at The Conception of Alexander the Great Alexandre Great or Les faize d’Alexandre Alexandra Great.

A mid-year-old woman could've pretended that she didn't. I don't think I've ever had sex (if you mean sex with a person) and to insist that I just saw fantastic. A dream or something under the spell or something Demons attacked her.

Jeanne Potier of Cambria

In 1491, Jeanne used quite innovatively. An approach to justifying her sexual activity, she argued that she was not really working. sex and it is a demon and makes her love against her will. Jeanne, by the way, was a nun. in Cambria (North-West England graphic) The demon was incubated and, well, very good in the street. a very beautiful young man. The Monachine was very serious that He made her join him four hundred and forty four. Once, and then I forced him to meet his other sisters from the monastery, after which he was chasing them for a while. We're going to have gardens, making them climb trees to avoid temptation.

Uncomfortable women

It is clear that women who have been considered to be cheesy and disbanded are often drawing, literally and visually, in the most inappropriate colors. For example, in Le Roman de la Rose, French version The Romana of Rose, which was in the fourteenth century, is portrayed on the pages of pages by nuns that gather in a penis basket growing on penis trees; this is a clear attempt to show how horny nuns can be. One. Illustrations of male clergy Looking at what's going on, the other one pulls his dick, and the third nun helps each other.

Women are also represented in the other handwriting, the Western Canon Law Monument. Graziana (1340-1345) with excellent comments Bartholomew from Breşia (Italy). You can find one. Internet illustration requested by Layon Bibliothèque municipale manuscript 5128 folio 100r;

There's a naked woman in the drawing. huge wing penis; painter not too transparent It's a hint of a woman who obviously has great pleasure. If the illustrations don't seem eloquent enough, you should look at the accessories and decorations - some sex was even more open. Originally. pilgrims - cheap, tiny - sold in holy places. And their subjects were sacred: death Thomas Beckett, the image of the Agnes of God, the figures of saints or They're urinated, let's say, St. Catherine, who's gathered. wheel.

The gradually popular culture of that time turned the pilgrim sign, an innocent material reminder about some holy event, a series of pussy pussy. of a secular nature, which was considered to be the upper wit and, at the same time, the entire viciousness of the fourteenth century. The stories were such that while crying: vultures and penises worshipping other penis; flying penis; penis with bells and crowned vaginas seated Up on penises with legs.

The demand for these works of art was amazing, and the master still makes them. Reproduction; only need to know where to find them. They're budo-- Raised the imagination of a medieval woman her thoughts of sex.

Knowing that men are just people and no perpetuation will prevent them from going to women as much as possible. Close, the medieval church decided that, since it's sex. I can't get away with it, so it's got to happen on her terms. Good advice in the sermons wasn't enough. The churches should've taken everything to a new level.

The church with great indifference recognized that a woman It is part of God ' s plan and will not be fruited and multiplied. And the birth of a child in the parish required certain religious rites, (return of women) in society and in the crown of the church after the birth of the child) and at the involved monetary stances that could never be called I don't think so. But enjoying sexual relationships for Women were considered inadmissible. Sex is her. I had to take care of the kind.

Since sex was not completely prohibited Perhaps the Church has imposed clear restrictions on when and where they should be. Before that, the spouses were co-built. I'll tell you where it's gonna work and when I want it to be that, from the point of view of the churches, it's not going anywhere. Continuation is business, and, like any good business, it needs to be regulated. So the church clearly described a number of situations where A woman is strictly forbidden to have sex even With a legitimate husband.

When sex is prohibited

Sex in the Middle Ages was banned on Wednesdays and Fridays. No obvious reasons. Maybe the church decided that sex would prevent spouses. To spend Friday night at the church. On Saturday, any activity in the bedroom was sharp, too. It is prohibited that, if you agree, it is unfortunate that before Sunday, many would prefer to take the opportunity to sleep later. Retention On Sundays, the law was considered to be inconclusive. Burhard Voormsky, Bishop of City The Worms in the Holy Roman Empire says that punishment for Sunday sex is 40 days on bread and water. This one. People must speak exclusively to God, Not with the spouses.

In the year of fifty-two weeks, that is, it's been two hundred and eight days since husbands and wives had to say "no" sex. In the Church ' s view, all holy holidays are special days in which to give due consideration Respect for the " champion of the celebration " , that is, to remain fully dressed and to preserve purity in the soul and thoughts; to take additional sixty days. But there were other official weekends when people had time and opportunity. to betray the sin of cherish, and it was necessary somehow intelligent. Stop.

As a result, all the forty days of the Grand Post have been ordered to be a good reflection on the higher, no activity in the bedroom after darkness. It was the same for the twenty days of Advent. I see that This category also included the twenty days of the 50 and the whole Troica week. And don't forget the Easter Week, which, by the way, can last up to ten days in certain years.

Special cases where chastity should be stored Add another eight to these days. Women I never had sex with my husband. eight days before he passes the evharista mysteries (appropriations). It's only to be hoped that the husband Wasn't too religious, and he didn't do much, Because the number of days a woman could either get pregnant or just have sex for pleasure, It smells like snow in July. Another taboo is sex in time. Menstruation, which takes an average of 40 to 60 days per year depending on the age of women and the quality of food.

And no sex during pregnancy, that is minus another nine months in a given year. Of course, you couldn't have sex while a woman breastfeeds a child. Risk that milk ends, It is also unacceptable that the next child cannot be started while the child already born depends entirely on the mother. In poor families, breastfeeding was longer than in the rich. It was right to do it for a minimum of one and a half years, but the poor could have had a deadline of two years.

Sex was prohibited in church walls, daylight and with a completely naked woman; at the same time as the only permitted position love comforts were considered missionary.

I have to say, the prohibition of sex in the light of the day has been in itself. practical meaning. While the sun goes down the sky, the woman I should've done the housework. cleaning, sewing, dressing, etc., or behind its walls: care for gardens and gardens, behind livestock and birds, don't get too much.

Because the windows in the houses were very small and the internal lighting was usually boring and very expensive, It was necessary to do the most work in the daytime. Train them for the class, after which, perhaps, There will be new mouths, it was thought to be a waste of precious time, where it would be better to make it home. economics.

Denial of sex during pregnancy is easier to understand, Even though it's not a fair rule. Suddenly, sex during pregnancy was that a woman couldn't get any more pregnant, Even though it's quite likely that it's because of sex that time. and forbid. After the fruit was moved and the pregnancy was confirmed, the intimate relationship was based The penalty is 20 days on bread and water. Kind of light compared to many others, it's hardly good. The health of the future mother was affected. If pregnant A woman was tortured in the morning toxicose, so boring. could have greatly exacerbated her suffering.

Sex during menstruation

From the point of view of the church, menstruation was definitely considered Inappropriate time to get naked in front of my husband. and have sex, but for that sin, it's supposed to be. comparatively uncomplicated repentance - 10 days On bread and water. Very early records from Lindisfarn indicate that they were then punished by 40 days. The post, but by the late Middle Ages, was usually limited to 10 days.

The Church Book, written by the Honourable in about 700 years, not only prevented a man from getting close to a menstruating woman who was It's called sick, but it also ordered 40 days on water and bread in the event of a violation to be more severe than in many other sources. Trouble felt that the Bible was clearly expressed in this regard In Levite:

If anyone lays with his wife during the bleeding and opens her torch, then he revealed the end of her, and she opened the window. They will both be exterminated from their people. But the shame of such sex is that the authors They insist on his shame. Incorrect, maybe But it's not embarrassing.

Then science insisted that sexual activity in menstruation leads to the birth of a child with ugliness and many Terrible diseases are leprosy, epilepsy, or something. worse. It was thought that after such an act, a baby might even be To be born... redheaded.

How to have sex

The only correct and approved church was the missionary post. Those who didn't know that Doing or whatever it is, the manuscripts have served with illustrative material. The most intelligent of all books containing such drawings is the most famous medieval medicine The study of healthy lifestyles, Tacuinum Sanitatus. He was. Extremely distributed in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Several copies have been retained until our days. There's plenty in the book. Color illustrations of size almost all over the page food and nature, positive affecting human health. They're dating, for example, North Wind, Rvota, Dancing and, of course, old Good Koitus.

The coitus is painted in a colored illustration: a man With a woman in bed, there is a practically transparent blanket that allows the reader to see the legs of both partners required for successful, correct conception. The couple is shown in the pose we call missionary. No other sex visas were recommended; more all other positions were considered to be sinful for a number of valid reasons. Build like animals, From behind? No. A woman on top? Not either. The rest of it, too. No, no, no. Just missionary.

In fact, the prohibitions were based on submissions from then-- Medicine on human body and its reproductive system (then they were considered knowledge). If there's a woman I'll be on top, the male seed won't go in the right direction. and conception will be impossible, so the whole act will turn In a waste of time. Because of retro canino, i mean by dogs, She was also considered sin because she simulates the behaviour of the beasts, and the one who used it must show up, I want you to spend the next ten days on bread and water. Any position that reduces the chance of birth was considered sin. The famous Goddess Albert Great, who's a lot. wrote about birth from a medical point of view, On many other topics, however, it has given such guidance: They don't have to do sex on the side, because Then the seed is poured on one side of the uterus and is spent as a result empty, and conception becomes impossible.

And they're like:

They don't have to do it standing because then the seed goes down. upwards and then falls down. ♪ ♪

In the images of hell and purification, especially There have often been acts for which people should burn in hell, including sexual acts in a variety of ways. and positions. And to make it easier for readers to use illustrations for their sinful purposes, accompanied by amazing descriptions and euphemisms associated with themselves the act of the coitus and the bodies involved.

How to dress for sex.

Now, most people in the context of women in the Middle Ages are reminded first of the chastity belts. and corset. Sounds sexy, right? Erotic and even with a slight hint of fetishism. The problem is, no matter what. There was no memory in the early Middle Ages, they were invented only in the late age of Tudor and early days. Recreation.

The complexity of history as science is That the word often exists for a very long time, and the thing that The word is that at some point there is a major change and that stops being what was originally considered. So the medieval corset and the modern corset-- Two different subjects.

A little corset.

In the 14th-century reports before us in England and Europe corsetes are frequently mentioned. For example, we find them in the descriptions of Eduard Black Prince's wardrobe, indicating how many tissues were required, They were stolen and for whom they were stitched. However, the corset was so common and well-established in the outfit that never occurred to anyone. describe what he looks like.

These were clothes for special cases that they were wearing. Upper layer. Typically, the corset was rich and, judging The number of tissues required for their manufacture was not well attached to the body, and some had a scarf. Corsetas There were different types; some were wearing dances. That one. The fact that the corsets were sewn for little princes is fat. A hint that is probably sexy underneath. They didn't count underwear.

The corsets were stealing pearls and cutting gold. a thread, which indicates that they have been shown to be punished, I'd like you to be able to strike everyone with your wealth. Take it easy. money to decorate what no one sees would be meaningless. However, many of our moderns have learned from the book that mid-century princess are special They were wearing corsetes, and they think they're poor. They're wearing limited sex underwear, which means corset as we represent them. Today.

When the underwear we call the corset, it is the first time in history, They call beards and then bra. Not much later. This includes the word " corset " , which describes the subject matter of women. The clothes with the schnurch, the tightly retracting body and raising the chest are exactly what we know today.

Medieval medicine thought that most of the heat women's body lost through the head. and there is a risk that during a vigorous sexual act He'll leave too much. As a result, a woman will be Trouble and she'll get a lot of different malpractice. This one. The problem had to be solved somehow - in particular, any I don't know what to do with it.

A medieval woman needed some sex clothes. She could've gotten pretty naked. before the husband, but not completely. In particular, the head could never be naked. To preserve health, In the sheets with the husband, the head was to be opposed. Cheap. Voila. Turban. I even did. The hair grid, which, you agree, is bound to be ridiculous. If a woman has made any effort, even

symbolically, she could think of herself safe and have sex without a terrible health effect. That is why, in practically all illustrations in mid-century handwritings where a man and a woman are portrayed in bed, any decent lady appears in the headroom.